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I'm not on an RP server, but i'm bored so why not.
Character Name: Zuuora

Realm: Anvilmar

Level: 67 (I'm still leveling so this may be outdated soon)

Age: 18 and 1/2

Current Residence: Undercity

Short Backstory:
Zuuora was born into a wealthy family and led a productive childhood. She was expected to become a Sorceress, which influenced her to do the opposite. She joined Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner during the Scourge invasion at age 18, and was killed in the process. Later, one of Arthas's undead servants found her and turned her into one of the undead. She slaughtered her family, without realizing it. She didn't remember who she was or where she came from. Only that she was created to kill. She became high ranked in the army, and was sent to help in Archerus. When she broke free of the Scourge, she began to regain her memories. Zuuora went back to her home city only to discover she was no longer welcome. She was exiled from Silvermoon, and left to Undercity to aid Lady Sylvanas. To this day she continues to strengthen until she is of age to aid the forces of the Horde against its enemies.
Character's Name: Little Sophia
Realm: Darrowmere
Level: 20
Age: 16-18yrs
Current Residence: The Road
Short Back Story: Young gnome, small in size, though for her specie/race, a lil big, though pretty. Or she'd like to think so. Her boosm C. Her hair dyed pink, orginally brown. This young thing, the heart of a child, seen in the large eyes. Her mind wise, but not the most maturly behaved, she lacks intellectual know-how. But she's not dumb. She's wise, just not....socially knowlegable. She's more one to pick a flower, or look at a animal and wish she could be a huntress w/ a pet. Since EVERY SINGLE OTHER RACE CAN EXCEPT FOR GNOMES. Which she finds very unfair. The young girl had grown up w/in the forest, amongst the wolves, until she found herself lost amongst the so called "civilized world" of humans...however, she did find the Worgen friendly-if only due to the wolfishness. And she felt cute and small with them. She wears what she can get. A witch (female warlock) this little wise girl is. Since she cannot have a pet, she can at least command her own minions. This little teen dosn't act her age, sometimes she acts young, other times old-which gives some reason to laugh or giggle and not take her seriously. She also adores children-though most are bigger then herself. She also finds she's getting a little better with the cooking. Though not as good as others might be.

So now she's found herself amongst the humaniods, (gnomes, dwarves, drow/night elves, worgen/were-wolves) and usally keeps to herself, though she's not one to be purpously be unkind to someone.
Name: Paladin Blatant'Lee (Just for kicks)
Level: 75 (cause I'm close and don't really like leaving it unrounded.)
Age: 'bout 67

Residence: Tends to float between Thunderbluff and the Undercity.

Short backstory: Though he wasn't around to take part in the original ceremony, He became a bloodelf nevertheless, and he was one of the first to join the ranks of the Paladin order. Though he quickly fell behind due to a lack of Work ethic. That didn't stop him from testing the different pools. Falling between being one of the best healers seen in the order, or one of the most potent of Retribution. Now he spends most of his time with his younger brother Kiran, who over-achieved his way to perfection, using Blatant'lee as a stepping stone into greatness. The both of them making a very powerful duo against the forces of the scourge.

But now he simply wanders the walkways of Thunderbluff, or the countless corridors in the Undercity, bearing no love for the new orgimmar... or the new 'Warchief'... (Short, sweet, and a little bit messy. Eh.. whatchya gonna do?)
Character's Name: Sonia

Realm: Steamwheedle Cartel

Age: 87

Current Residence: Nomadic

Short Back Story:
When Sonia was still very young, she returned to her home to find her mother and elder sister murdered. The culprit quickly showed himself: Sonia's estranged father, Jerrik. After attempting to slay her as well, an encounter that left her a noticeable nick in her left ear, he decided to spare her life. Impressed with her reflexes and fearlessness, he threw his dagger at her feet, and gave her an ultimatum. Though his motives were unknown, he challenged her to kill him by her hundredth year, or he would unleash the full force of his order of assassins against her. He then left, with a glint of something.... unnatural... in his eye. After training for decades, she feels she is ready to fight him...
Name: Pressence

Realm: Dath'Remar

Age: 28

Residence: Uknown, even by him (a bear ate his map) its filled with the undead but not the plaguelands.

Short Back Story: Always dreaming of being a priest when young, he became a healer of Lights Hope Chapel. But when Darion Mograine came with the army of dead, the onslaught brought him to the brink of insanity, remebering how his family was slaughted by the dead when he was 13.

Running away from the chapel, he found new power in himself, the darkness of a Shadow priest. Yet he still clings to some of his holyness and sanity. Wandering around, running from any demons or undead he see's. He's easily distracted and timid, but e is capable of slaughtering things that stop his way.
Terogoth Trollibus

Way back before the Catacylsm, Terogoth was a Hunter who was an orphan left as a child on the docks of Booty Bay, who learned of the Vile and Harsh nature of the street and the goblin way of life. He became a mercenary who fought against everything from drug lords to goblin guards in Booty Bay. He was then recruited by Baron Revilgaz to help defend the town from the Bloodsail. Successfully defending the town from the bloodsail, Baron rewarded him greatly with gold but then said he must leave the town for his own good. Lost with reason to live, Terogoth roamed the southern half of the Eastern Kingdoms looking for Food and Shelter. Looking for Reason, he found himself at the Dark Portal and decided to help the Horde in there fight with the Demons in Outland. For Sometime he had a home at the Ecodome in Netherstorm, he heard news of the recent attacks of Orgrimmar from the Lich King, he knew it was his time to leave Netherstorm and help to Horde destroy the Lich King. Recruited by the one known as Marfa of the Vile Syndicate, they became a army of the Horde and destroyed the Lich King. In the Recent attacks of Deathwing and the War between the Horde and the Alliance grew stronger, Terogoth Trollibus found it his job to fix the damages Deathwing did to the World and the damages Garrosh does to the Horde.
Character's Name: Satachi Val'Minsk
Realm: The Venture Co
Level: 85
Age: 230
Current Residence: Silvermoon
Short Back Story: Not much is known about Satachi before Arthas invaded Quel'Thalas. Rumors said he was born into a family of mages but the most striking rumor is that he went against the Elders of his family. They say he killed them in a blind rage for they had done to his father. Shortly after Silvermoon was rebuilt Satachi returned home from the Undercity where he had trained as a Warlock. When the call to arms to Outland was raised Satachi asnwered it and soon became a veteran of countless battles. When the call to arms for Northrend was sounded Satachi was one of the first to answer. During his time there he became aided the Argent Crusade obtaining the rank of Crusader for his services. Now, with the Cataclysm, he returns home to once again serve the Horde. Most, however, beleive he fights for another reason. That reason is to bring honor and glory to his family name for he is the last of his family line.

Character's Name: Legendry Andel'ar

Realm: Bronzebeard

Age: 23

Current Residence: Silvermoon (main home) Winterspring (get away)

Short Back Story: Born in Silvermoon and raised when Arthas nearly destroyed his home and took 2 of his older brothers in to the Scourge. He then trained to be a hunter. He grew and explored many lands but Winterspring he thought was one of the must greatest looking areas he has ever seen. Then we took a journey to outlands and helped the hordes forces there. Then the dreaded lands of Northerends. There he found and freed his brothers from the Scourge's icy grip. After the defeat of the Lich King he finally got some peace and built his dream get away in Winterspring before the Cataclysm.
Characters Name: Thenar Amorse

Realm: Ravenholdt

Age: 37

Current Residence: Stormwind but often travels

Short Back Story: Born on the outskirts of Elwynn, Thenar lived a relatively peaceful life until war broke out. Thenar was drafted into the Alliance of Lordaeron army as a young man. Though he survived the conflict he was wounded quite badly and took months to fully recover. Despising the brutality of the military, Thenar took the first ship back home and left the army. It was there he met a strange man, who offered to teach him powerful skills in return for his service. Thenar agreed and over the years he became a cunning rogue. He now travels through the world, serving in places like Outland and Northrend on his own accord.
((this looks like fun :D))

Character name: Kenely Worthes (goes by Keekyo because she forgot her real name)

Realm: Shu'halo

Age: 20-ish (that's what she tells people, anyway)

Current Residence: she drifts from place to place

Short back story: Kenely (Keekyo) was actually raised by orcs in Nagrand (Outland). She travelled to Azeroth on a whim, only to get there in the middle of the scourge war. Raised as a death knight, she forgot almost everything about herself- she also lost her voice. Now that Arthas is dead and she has joined the Horde, she roams Azeroth helping wherever she can.

((sorry if my lore or something is bad, i don't know much about it :P))
name: Tobii the Shadow
age: 22 (when killed)
realm: Drenden
current residence: no home (travaler)
short back story: tobii was once a high priest in stormwind until his assasination by SI:7 for suspicious activity hes was risen by arthas and became part of the scourge until sylvanas saved his already torn soul and became forsaken
Character's Name: Paskal

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 1

Age: 22

Current Residence: Stormwind

Short Back Story:

Just been hired by Stormwind homeland security as a special operative after having trained for years with SI:7.
Has permission to use necessary force and deal accordingly with everyone and everything viewed as a threat to the kingdom.
Since his brother was accepted in the Kirin Tor, he is impressed by magic a lot as he suffers from an inferiority complex towards his brother.
He is humorous and kind, but can be impatient and do not overly concerns himself with tactics when jumping into battle.
Name: Voidknight Jenkins
Realm: Kael'thas (gay realm I know)
Level: 64
Residence: Acherus: The Ebon Hold
Back story: When The Lich Knig Arthas kidnapped paladins and soon started turning out death knights, a young night elf was picked to cause havoc and chaos on the scarlet crusade thus destroying them. After the battle of lights hope chapel, the death knights broke free and this death knight forged his destiny as a proud alliance member. You can normally see him in outland on server Kael'thas if you would like to duel him.

this is it about my death knight.
Name: Thraken Blackheart
Realm: Dawnbringer
Level: 70
Age: 31 at time of death
Residence: Undercity
Short Backstory: In life Thraken was an irritable small time mage trying to forge a life for himself in troubled times. However, his dreams were quickly shattered after the invasion of the Scourge. Cornered and killed in a Scourge raid Thraken later rose to unlife and began his service as a Forsaken. Because of the black taint of the plague, Thraken abandoned his teachings of the mage ways and became a warlock. Fiercely loyal to his queen Sylvanas (sorry for possible misspelling) he now wanders in search of work that will fulfill her goals.

Character's Name: Güldann Stormreaver
Realm: Drakkari
Level: 85
Age: 25
Current Residence: Ogrimmar
Short Back Story:
After the treason of his father Gul´dan to the clans of the Horde and the aftermaths of the third war he was taken into the Frostwolf clan, rised and trainned by farseer Nazgrel, Güldann grew within his shamanistic tradition. His white hair was the result of the ritual of communicating with the spirits. Born talented and gifted as a Shaman hi is one the beloved soldiers of the Froswolf clan. He grew knowing his father sins and since a young age he was willing to carry on with his father´s guilt and redeam the Stormrevear clan, serving the Hord wiping out any evil in Azeroth.

Now hi feels his duty is with the Erthen Ring and his Warchief Thrall aiding to stop the inminent destruction of Azeroth caused by Deathwing and his servants, with the hope this can redeem his father´s sins and the name of his clan

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