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Character's Name: Trinity "Spookie" Lightsong
Realm: The Scryers
Level: 80
Age: 19 at death / 29-ish now
Current Residence: Rotten Luck guild hall, Dutor

Short Back Story:

In an attempt of revenge of her abusive mother, Trinity tried the darker arcane magics, and summoned her first Imp. The imp was too powerful for her to control, wounded her inches from death. As a last attempt to seek revenge, she went willingly to the scourge.

Once breaking free, and becoming a member of the horde, she found a home within the Rottens, who are now like family. Despite being Forsaken and a warlock, she is usually a kindred spirit.
Character's Name: Huatar Earthspear

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 80

Age: 59

Current Residence: Thunder Bluff

Short Back Story: Huatar is the seventh generation of his bloodline, a line of leaders over the influential Earthspear Tribe, a great Tribe of warriors and hunters that carved out its existence in the eastern Barrens. Huatar witnessed the complete obliteration of his tribe after the Braves went with the Orcs to fight in the war - through which none ever returned. He watched as his father, with their sacred weapon in hand, fended off against a raiding group of countless Centaur until the elder Tauren - and those around him - were struck down. Huatar left, never to return until eight years later - a changed Tauren and one with resolve. He currently leads the Earthspear Tribe into a new age of acceptance, wisdon, and political intrigue within the Horde.
Character's Name: Trinea C. Schatten
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: 96
Current Residence: Garadar, Nagrand, Draenor
Short Back Story:
Liannah Fairgrove was born and raised on a fruit tree estate in the southern area of Quel'thalas. She ran away from home during the onset of the Third War and ended up in a battle in which she lost her memory and her eyesight. She was taken in by the man who caused her accidental blindness and eventually raised up as his adoptive daughter, renaming her Trinea (since she had no memory of her own). After he went missing, she found herself very much alone until she stumbled upon members of Kiss of the Betrayer, an underground group of Light followers still living and practicing in Lordaeron. The group over the years became a church, its members her family, and its leader her husband.
Name: Phoenine Sunphoenix

Realm: Gnomeregan

Age: Mid-Aged, similar to 30 year-old humans.

Current Residence: Silvermoon City.
Raised by a caring family of two, he was just learning the ways of a Spell-Breaker when the Scourge attacked. Going with Kael'Thas to Outland after witnessing the betrayal of Garithos, he went back with the Naaru M'uru back to Silvermoon. Although not the first, he was one of many to use the Light and bend it to his will. During the War of Outland, he realized his folly and repented by A'dal and gained his forgiveness. Now he uses the Light given, not stolen, from the Naaru and seeks to restore his people.
Character's Name: Calco Sunwalker (I've been using this name since before Tauren Paladins were announced, I can prove it!)
Realm: The Scryers
Guild: <Rotten Luck>
Age: 34 in Human years
Current Residence: Goes back and forth between Mulgore and Rotten Luck's guild hall in Durotar

Short Back Story:
The main hero of the Sunwalker Tribe, Calco comes from a long line of proud Shu'halo hunters. He lives for the thrill of the hunt, having traveled the world in search of challenging prey and often offers his services as a scout to the Horde. On the surface he's a pretty ordinary Tauren, though he tends to find himself in extraordinary situations. He met the Rottens through a competitive race across Azeroth they were hosting, and although he didn't win, he was inspired to try to join their guild. He's come to love his "second family", and has done his best to help and defend them.
Character Name: Alexander Lothar Calnosen
Realm: The Scryers
Age: 32
Current Residence: Stormwind, soon to be Rachet

Short Back Story
Calnos walks a fine line between good and evil. While he genuinely wants to do the right thing, his years of studying and exposure to Fel Magic has blurred many lines, often leading him to the wrong choices. Where his Horde counterpart Calco would consider the lives of others first, Calnos believes the ends justify the means. Some believe he's everything a warlock can be - corrupt, selfish, and insane, while his few friends would say he has a good side buried beneath the dark powers and sarcastic demeanor.
Name: Kwahandya Raindancer
Realm: The Scryers
Guild: <Rotten Luck>
Age: 22 in Human years
Current residence: Mulgore

Short Back Story
Kwahandya is a shy young druid living with the Sunwalker Tribe. Abandoned at a young age in the forest, he was found and raised by a kind-hearted night elf. He became inspired to follow the path of Cenarius when the Shu'halo joined the Cenarion Circle. When he came of age he decided to travel to Mulgore to learn the ways of the druid and search for the people who abandoned him. He used to have a bad habit of stuttering, but seems to have grown over that since exploring the Wailing Caverns, having found a bit of courage within himself.
Name: Seranida Dreadmane
Realm: The Scryers
Guild: <Rotten Luck>
Age: Unknown, appears to have died as a young adult
Current Residence: Durotar

Short Back Story
The mysterious Death Knight Seranida has no recollection of her past life. After the Battle of Light's Hope, she made her way to Thunder Bluff to seek out others like her and found herself in the Pools of Vision. There she received a vision stating her destiny was with the Sunwalker Tribe. With encouragement from his grandfather, Calco has helped her on her journey, though what her destiny is and if she will ever regain her memories remains to be seen.
Character's Name: Reignac "Reign" Feralune
Realm: Sisters of Elune
Level: 74
Age: 10,000+
Current Residence: Nighthaven
Short Back Story: Reign was born some time before the war of the ancients in present-day Duskwood. At a young age, he joined the Moon Guard and was one of many footmen casting spells at the demons during the War of the Ancients. After the Legion fell, Reign renounced the arcane to train under Malfurion as a druid. He was not awoken during the Third War, along with some other druids; they would rise after the Battle of Mount Hyjal as the short-lived Hand of Cenarius. Currently Reign is trying his best to learn everything he can about what has gone on in the last ten millennia.

Character's Name: Teridastrasz ("Ter")
Realm: Sisters of Elune
Level: 59
Age: Unknown
Current Residence: Acherus
Short Back Story: Teridastrasz was once a drake of the Red Dragonflight who watched over Silvermoon in a high elven guise. A hatred of the undead sparked within him as the Scourge marched across Quel'Thalas, a hatred that grew until it peaked at the Battle of Anrgathar the Wrathgate, where Ter was one of the red dragons who burned away at the Forsaken's plague.
However, Ter was caught offguard by a Scourge who survived the attack, and risen as a death knight in a minor necropolis over Dragonblight. He and others in that necropolis were freed, but Ter is permanately stuck in his elf form and unable to return to that of a dragon. His gola is to free undead dragons, such as emberwyrms and frost wyrms, from the Scourge.
Name: Tinuvial Beria uin Morchaint (Tania Morris in life)
Realm: Shandris
Guild: <Legend Killers>
Age: Unknown
Current Residence: None, Tinuvial is a wanderer

Short Back Story
In the wake of the Lich King's betrayal at Light's Hope Chapel, Tinuvial joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade and waged her own personal war against the Lich King. Her remaining family rejected her but she has found a new family in the guild Legend Killers, a group of eccentric, battle-hardened adventurers. Her name means "Daughter of Twilight protecting from the Shadows" and it is Tinuvial's most personal form of revenge against the monster that stole her life, her original name, and her family from her.
Character's Name: Dimefox Stillmoon
Realm: Bloodhoof
Level: 49
Age: 417
Current Residence: Darnassus
Short Back Story:
Relatively young for an ex-Sentinel, Dimefox studied Elven history since she could read. She fought in the Third War alongside Tyrande and was a part of the defensive team in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. She dislikes that she survived, being the only one of her friends or family left. She is quite friendly and offers help to people who seem to need it, though people doubt her abilities because of her age.
Character's Name: Deathguard Rythika Demorcus (Deivert)

Realm: Kirin Tor

Level: 80 (Unholy)

Age: Was in her late teens when she died (would be in her 30s if she was still alive)

Current Residence: Brill, Tirisfal Glades

Short Back Story: Not exactly proud of her origins, not like she grew up in a horrible family or anything. They were simple farming folk, her mother passing away just after giving birth to Rythika which left her father to take care of her alone, her older twin brothers away most of the time for training in Stormwind.

She wanted to do the same, become a guard or even a paladin... but her father insisted on a more humble life style. She became bitter about the idea and then that turned to jealousy, which she started to direct towards her brothers.

Secluding herself to her room during her last days on that farm brought her an eerie sense of reasoning... in the form of a whispering, yet commanding voice. It told her of power. Power she could obtain, if she proved herself worthy. It was all too eager of her to accept the terms and pay the price... what she did that night still haunts the lands around that farm. An uneasy presence still lingers of the deeds she fulfilled to gain her place amongst his army, as she so rightfully thought that was where she belonged.

Many things have changed though since then, now... she merely wants nothing more than to uphold her duties as a Deathguard, and enjoy the moments she has with her husband. If such a humble fate for her can still exist...
((I'm a fairly new character and my lore is not up to snuff. Please forgive and maybe help correct any errors. This character was created before I played WoW))
Character's Name: Kantaira - Nicknames: Kat, Tora (more personal, gives the person that knows it special powers over her, and it means tiger)
Level: 67
Realm: Steemwheedle Cartel
Age: Only aware of the last 45 years of her life
Current Residence: Camping the Outlands
Short Back Story:
Kat was always a bit of an outcast being half human but still having the full powers of a Night Elf druid. She fought in the last war but afterward fell into a terrible coma, and when she awoke from terrible nightmares screamed of being plagued of a ghost. For years this went on, and her aunt (her parents supposedly dead) locked her away. Then one day she woke up claiming to be Maylia, a human hero of the war that had died. She escaped and travelled with a human Paladin for several months before his wandering eyes caught sight of a sexy Draenei Death Knight. Depressed, Maylia felt the need for a companion and worked hard to gain a horse from Stormwind. Upon receiving her horse, Maylia realized she was the ghost of a dead human and decided to stop plaguing Kat. Only vaguely aware of what had happened to her since her awakening, Kat fled Azeroth and now travels the Outlands, afraid and heart broken. She refuses to trust anybody and is still untrusted wherever she goes, no matter how hard she tried to help.
Human night elf half breeds can be at the oldest ten.

And the rest of your back story just makes no sense.
Character's Name: Menrich Longfist
Realm: Maelstrom
Age: 27
Current Residence: Anywhere and everywhere
Short Back Story:

Menrich was born after the first great war, and was too young to have memory of the second. His father was a jewelsmith and explorer, taking Menrich with him on all his travels. Menrich gained a fondness for the loupes and other gadgetry of the jewelcraft, and being from a long line of marksmen, he quickly integrated technology into his hunting incursions.

When the call for assistance came out to help Lordaeron battle the scourge, Both he and his father took up arms. When the fight was taken to Northrend, his father went alone, refusing to let Menrich fight. His father never returned.

Since then, Menrich traveled across Azeroth, helping where he can, and seeing the horrors the world had been devastated with. He saw the aftermath of the scourge's attacks on Quel'Danas, saw the dark creatures the Dark Irons had become, and witnessed the events of the Wrathgate and the Dragon's tardiness.

All of what he'd witnessed (and his untimely loss of hair) has made him quite a cynical man, yet he still does what he can to help. After seeing a Dwarf by the name of Fror's vigilance in doing the same, he decided to join Fror's rag-tag group of Drunken Troll Thumpers.
Character's Name: Javiar "Healhands" Johnson IV (although he may be the fifth, it is a long story...)
Realm: Archimonde
Level: 80
Age: 104 (human years, of course)
Current Residence: Cathedral of Light District
Short Back Story:

Once a Bishop of the Church of Holy Light, with his parish in the Cathedral District of Stormwind, he was recently elevated to the post of Archbishop! Or so he says... He is actually an ANTI-ARCHBISHOP! He can see all, he has prophetic powers, for the Light is his strength and his will! FOR THE LIGGHT WILLS IT!
Character's Name: Vindicator Charene of the Shattered Sun

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 80

Age: Not sure yet personally. In the high hundreds.

Current Residence: Shattrath City

Short Back Story: Charene is the daughter of a Mage and a Priest. She was born on Draenor (I might have my timeline wrong. Im working on it) and has two sisters, Anaztasia, and Johra. When the rest of her family fled Draenor aboard the Exodar, Charene stayed behind to assist the priest hood conduct their rites in the ruined city. Thus, she was present when the Sha'tar arrived. This was when she took up the mantle and responsibilities of a Vindicator of the light.

When Kael'thas attacked Quel'thalas, Charene took it as a personal affront and dedicated her life to ridding the island of the Prince. Now that Quel'thalas is once again peaceful, and the Lich King dead, she is a soldier without a war to fight and eagerly awaits what the earthquakes will bring.
Character's Name: Froydis (She never reveals her clan name. EVER)

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 80

Age: 34

Current Residence: None. Froydis is nomadic, going where there are the most, and consequently, wealthiest travelers.

Short Back Story: Froydis is actually a dark iron dwarf. (this is the darkest I could get her skin, and there are no options for red eyes. >:| Fix this blizzard, now.) After Dagran Thaurissan was killed by adventurers, she left Shadowforge City to explore the world. She never fit in with her own people, often disagreeing with them, but that doesnt mean she is a good person either. She lives the life of a highwayman, robbing, murdering and pillaging to make her way through life, and enjoying every minute of it.
Character's Name: Qualiniel Aew'lira
Realm: Sentinels
Level: 69
Age: Young Adult (She does not keep track of the dates)
Current Residence: Fray Isle: Servitors of Lothar base barracks.

Short Back Story:

Qualiniel Aew'lira (El or Elly for short) is a young woman who has spent most of her life hidden away in the elf lands, even after the wars that forced her people to mingle with the other races of Azeroth. This time had been spent without drama or too much to complain over, other then her drive to get out of her home and out into the world to experience all the world had to offer. The chance came to leave when her deceased sister's husband came to visit her ailing father and offered to help train the girl.
Now she serves in a military unit called the Servitors of Lothar, and while she's learned that 'adventure' does not mean 'fun' in most cases, she has also learned that there are many who need help and is fully willing to do so. The only truly unfortunate thing to have happened to her is that she'd fallen in love with her 'brother', the Commander of the Servitors of Lothar... and he with her. She sticks firmly to the idea that she does not have the time for such things.

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