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Character's Name: Cander Everspark
Realm: Agamaggan
Age: 30
Current Residence: Tol Barad
Level : 85

Short Back Story:

Cander, or Canderious as it were, often lended his spells and knowledge to the Alliance on the battlefield and because of him, many battles were won. On his travels, Canderious came across a most interesting Gnome. Her name was Chromie. Canderious himself, was a magical being and he was no fool. As soon as Chromie spoke, Canderious saw her for what she really was, a Dragon. They traveled together for some time and Canderious began to fall in love with her. She sensed these feelings and couldn't help but feel the same way. When word of their love reached the ears of Chromie's master, Nozdormu, he was furious. He forbade the Bronze Dragons to have relations with the mortals such as this. He stripped Chromie of her shapeshifting abilities, causing her to be trapped in her Gnomish form. Nozdormu saw this as a fair "punishment". As time went on, they realized that Canderious would continue aging, while his immortal mate would not. They searched and searched for ways to balance their aging, but nothing worked. Eventually, they pleaded with the Dragonqueen to help them. She had pity on them, and she did. Alexstrasza could not bear to take the life of Chromie, so she blessed Canderious with a dragonspell, causeing Life to contunuously flow through him, making him immortal. With his new immortality, many around him called him by a new name. He was no longer the mortal, Canderious Shatterspark, but was now the immortal, Cander Everspark

Omg this one is so good ^^ lol
Character's Name: Attillathepun
Realm: Detheroc
Level: 85
Age: 49 (Yes, I'm older)
Current Residence: Dalaran, as I'm uhh....finally working on that Argent Crusade thing
Short Back Story: Born shortly after the release of WotLK, Attilla found promising work as a healer in dungeons. He simply loved the supporting role and still finds it quite rewarding.
He's a bit of an eccentric as during the first few months of play, he insisted on finding a bed/hammock/cot/table/rug to lie on before logging off.
When he's not healing, he's got a part time job working as a scribe. Which brings out another eccentric habit, the inability to pass a plant without picking it.
Currently roaming the Argent grounds with his wife (Level 85 Arcane Mage)

(( Here goes nothing... *holds her nose and jumps on in* ))

Character's Name: Izzei Sparc Boltbarrel

Realm: Stonemaul

Level: 85

Age: 29

Current Residence: Pre-Cataclysm, Kezan. Post Cataclysm, Orgrimmar when she's not on the move.

Short Back Story: Like every other Goblin, Izzei was gearing up to be the next grand Trade Princess. She had it all - a personal assistant, secretary, her own spread in Gunpowder Girls (which she keeps on her person at all times) and money galore. At least, that was until Deathwing came and lit the island up. Upon arriving in Orgrimmar, she figured she might as well try and get back all her riches, opening up a business that's a little less-than-honorable. Now-a-days, she travels in search of more work, more money, and more glory.
Character's Name: Bartiimaeus Montagne
Realm: Farstriders
Age: 32
Current residence: Based in Stormwind, but can rarely be found there.

Background: When Bartiimaeus was only fifteen years old, he came to the Violet Citadel to meet his fortune. He was promptly stepped on by a rogue fire giant. After spending a week in the infirmary, he managed to impress the tutors at his interviews and was instantly accepted. He was noted as being headstrong, sarcastic, and highly intelligent, although he was also noted as initiating many hair-brained schemes, most notably an incident wherein his entire class was chased and nearly flambéed by a dragon. When he was twenty-five, his parents were tragically killed by a band of trolls. Bartiimaeus tried to fight the trolls responsible on his own. Not being skilled enough to defeat them, he attempted to summon a dark demon of the void named Jhomrath, who would exact revenge upon his foes.

Bartiimaeus was not powerful enough to control the demon, and suffered great pain and misery at it's hands. He was aged prematurely, gaining grey streaks in his black hair, and was tortured beyond belief. Barely managing to dismiss the demon, he lay near death. But a greater destiny was in store for him than this paltry death.

A group of warlocks who based themselves in Stormwind accepted Bartiimaeus into their ranks. They taught the young wizard how to properly summon demons, and bind them to his will. Eventually, he summoned his first companion: the imp known as Jakgup. With the aid of his new-found ally, he came to Northshire Abbey to aid the Alliance militia.

Over the years, Bartiimaeus became a skilled warlock and a mighty hero for the Alliance. Other demons joined his ranks: the hardy Mezzdok, the beautiful and deadly Nazrida, and the loyal fel-hound Drooghun being among them. Unusually, Bartiimaeus treated his demonic servants as friends and allies as opposed to slaves. More unusually, this has been reciprocated to some degree (though quite often he will end up in heated argument with one if not several of his demonic allies).

A few months ago, Bartiimaeus' brother Velmont managed to send a letter describing the plight of their home nation of Gilneas. Velmont, who until this point had been a foppish noble, now found himself fighting against the Worgen and the Horde. At some point, he himself became a worgen, bolstering his strength and skill immensely. He now serves the Alliance as a rogue under the code-name of Lazarwuulf. Bartiimaeus occasionally supports his now-lupine brother using both his hard-won money and his own tailoring skills.

Bartiimaeus has a dour and serious demeanor which belays his playful and sarcastic inner nature. Despite his Gilnean roots, his accent matches that of the residents of Southern Azeroth. Despite being a warlock, he is known as a compassionate individual who generally tries to aid others. His outgoing and friendly nature has allowed him to join the not-so-prestigious guild known only as the 'Free Radicals', a bunch of fairly laid-back heroes whose only known goal is to save those in distress, provided those in distress are screaming bloody murder and are at most fifty feet away. In his free time, Bartiimaeus enjoys poring over Azerothian history and working part-time as a tailor.
Character's Name: Blasian
Realm: Bleeding Hollow
Level: 85
Age: Old
Current Residence: Booty Bay

Name: Ecub

Realm: Arygos (it's actually a PVE server, but she's my main and I have the most developed story for her of all my characters)

Level: 85

Age: 26

Current Residence: Currently she's "on the move" but when she's looking for some down time she can generally be found hanging around the Slaughtered Lamb Inn in Stormwind.

Short backstory:

Ecub has little family left, and generally does her best not to associate with them unless out of necessity. She shows little attachment to those who come into her life, all except to her Death Knight dwarven lover whom she bickers with incessantly. She has a short temper, a tendency to become excessively enraged when jealous, and absolutely abhors blood elves (for personal reasons). As a warlock she has no care for or allegiance to the Light, Elune, or any such beings of "good," and as of late has become increasingly engrossed in her archaeology training in hopes that she might discover a secret to increase her powers tenfold.
Character's Name: Jaeden'laek
Realm: Medivh
Level: 82
Age: 191
Current Residence: Maintains a dwelling in Theramore, primarily operates out of Stormwind
Short Back Story: Jaeden'laek was born in Farahlon - today a ruin in what is now Netherstorm - a century-and-a-half prior to the draenei genocide by the First Horde. Though "Jaeden" is often considered foul, due to its association with the Deceiver and the Burning Legion (Jaedenar in Felwood is an example of this), Jaeden'laek's father, a Farahlon priest, believed that a name is only harmful if its bearer makes it so.

Working first as an artificer, Jaeden'laek eventually took up sword and shield as a draenei guardsman, working in the settlements in Terokkar Forest, and eventually at the Temple of Karabor as the orcs began attacking those towns. After Karabor fell to the warlocks and became the Black Temple, Jaeden'laek hid with his fellow survivors in the Zangarmarsh.

While there, Jaeden'laek was among many draenei hiding in their ruined world, now called Outland, who heard the call of the Elemental Spirits. Some days later, a Broken named Nobundo arrived in Telredor and, with the Prophet Velen's full support, spoke to them about how shamanism was not solely the domain of the orcs, but available to all who honored the elements. Though skeptical about adopting what had been an orcish practice and repulsed at the fact that they were learning this from a Krokul of all people, Jaeden'laek saw that despite his "deformity", the Broken farseer was immensely powerful - a testament to the truth behind his words.

After the draenei escaped from Outland and settled on Azeroth, Jaeden'laek fully adopted the ways of the elements, and often explored Azeroth to learn more about the natural wonders of his new homeworld and to gain a greater understanding of his powers; he eventually became a roving ambassador for the draenei people and later for the Alliance as a whole. As he grew in strength, he returned to Outland and fought against Illidan's forces and the Burning Legion in Hellfire and Terokkar. In Northrend, Jaeden'laek fought as part of the Argent Crusade in Zul'Drak, and later on the front lines in Icecrown.

During the Argent Tournament, Jaeden'laek joined with Knight of the Ebon Blade Artimus Devaneaux and Blood Knight Master Taeril'hane Ketiron, setting aside his prejudices about death knights and blood elves in the face of the greater threat of the Scourge, and together they fought for the Ashen Verdict in Icecrown Citadel. The three men still maintain their association in the war against Twilight's Hammer, despite the increasing divide between Alliance and Horde.
(because i was bored)

Characters name: (memory lost because of Paladins) Nickname: reincarnation
Realm: Shattred halls (non rp)
level: (real lvl 70) (rp level 100)
Age: (memory starts 10 years ago) Real age: 17,984
Current Residence: Drifter
Short Back Story: When he was 20 he fought in a war that killed most of the human race after he saw so much death he seeked imortality, and found it with a contract with an unholy spirit he would be imortal as long as he did 10,000 years of service in that time he fought the light he fought everything that was good in the world only one last force of light left in the world he eventualy he canceled the contract and put his body deep in a mountain at northrend eventually Arthas found him and returned him back to life erased his memory several years later the normal death knight story lights hope lich king dies cataclysim starts. Now he recently found his journal of his entire life he has read it and learned a dark secret secret of his past that the spirit is still in his body reincarnation hopes to control it but he asks himself every day "How can I control chaos?"
Name: (real name long lost due to memory loss during death knight training) alias:Zollarkfire
level- 85
current residence-Wherever the next job is
Short back story:Codename:Zollarkfire was born into a poor family in the age of 7, both of his parents were killed by petty thugs. After that, he had to resort to pickpocketing citizens to pay for his meals. One day, he was caught taking the pouch of one Mathias Shaw. But, instead of rotting in prison, Mathias took him in and taught him the ways of the rouge.7 years of training by SI:7 later, while on a routine assassination in the Western Plaguelands, he was jumped by scourge ghouls and was raised as a Death Knight. After the redemption of the death knights, he traveled to Stormwind, and after much doubt, was welcomed back into SI:7.
He is now currently undercover with the Bloodsail Pirates, trying to find their smuggling routes and eliminate their leaders
name: raelaris
realm: caelestrasz
age: unknown
current residence: somewhere in outland

story: once an extremely powerful warlock, she was killed by prince arthas as he was ravaging quel'thalas. arthas was tasked with this job by the demon lord archimonde becuase raelaris threatened his power. it took a whole army of undead to bring her down and because of her power arthas raised her to fight for him. in the years that she spent i service to the scourge raelaris forgot her last name, fel magic and summoning powers but she learned how to wield heavy weapons and wear heavy armor. when the lich king lost his power she broke free, fought her way to the dark portal and entered it. she now wanders outland seeking revenge on those that sundered her and to relearn her fel magicks
Name: Kyota "Predator" Shadowslayer
Realm: Shu'halo (not an in-game RP server, I'm just bored)
Level: Over 9,000!
Age: Died at age 114, raised into undeath thousands of years later.
Current Residence: Usually on the front lines, I guess you could say the Orgrimmar barracks have become my home.
Story: Ten thousand or so years ago, 114 years prior to the War of the Ancients and the implosion of the Well of Eternity, the High Elven warrior and hunter, Kyota Shadowslayer, was born. He became one of the strongest fighters they had seen and had been called to meet Queen Azshara herself. Just as he reached the palace, the city of Zin-Azshari was no more, with thousands of demons patrolling the streets. After slaying as many as he could, Sargeras stood before him, and slew him before Kyota could retaliate. Kyota was lucky enough to not have become a monstrous naga like the rest of his friends and family, but instead floated endlessly until thousand of years later he landed on the banks of southern Dragonblight. Kyota was found by agents of the Scourge who realized his potential and quickly brought him to Naxxramas. Kyota awoke hours later in astonishment as he looked upon his new form.
Kyota, enraged, slew everything in his path as he escaped the dread citadel of Naxxramas, turning back only once to swear eternal vengeance against the Scourge. As he endlessly wondered the frozen wastes of Northrend, he eventually came to the grounds of the future Argent Tournament. He came across Tirion Fordring, who welcomed Kyota after his predicament was explained. Tirion told of the Blood Elf people and the Horde, and told him to speak with the Blood Elven representatives. After speaking to them, Kyota took a set up portal to Orgrimmar where he met with the Warchief, who welcomed him into the Horde. After finally reclaiming his vengeance against the Scourge, Kyota, now known as Predator or Pred among the soldiers of the Horde, gained a strong position in the Horde military. Kyota survived the cataclysm and now works with his fellow soldiers to fuel the Horde war effort across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, hoping to eventually bring an end to the evil titan Sargeras who killed him so many years ago.

Edit: I wrote this before I race changed to goblin =P
Edit edit: I am now a belf once again
Character's Name: Cylena

Realm: Shattered Halls

Level: ~

Age: Unknown

Current Residence: Unknown
Short Back Story:

Cylena was always an Elf with anger in her heart. She does not negotiate. She does not concede anything. A few years ago, she heard of a Dranei who wandered the area of Hillsbrad Foothills, killing Elves for no apparent reason. These Elves were resurrected, only to be killed again by this monster.

From that day forward, Cylena swore that she would train hard to become a fearsome fighter and exact revenge on this Dranei.

Unfortunately for the members of the Alliance, she does not know who this Dranei is, so she has decided that she will kill all allies, especially the helpless. Her end in doing this is flawless in her eyes. Either the Dranei will show himself and die, or she will kill everyone until she finds him.
Name: Nemeris Shadoweve
Realm: Eredar
Age: 219
Level: 84
Home: Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, Dalaran

Originally a mage and member of the Kirin Tor. Following the betrayal of his people by the Kirin Tor, however, he abandoned them and their teachings and followed Kael'thas to Outland. There, he learned for the first time how to tap into fel energy. Enthralled with his new powers, Nemeris returned to Silvermoon along with Romath and rejoined his peoples efforts to restore Quel'thelas. When he learned of Kael's defection to the legion, the young warlock went mad with rage. He joined the assault on Quel'danas and was a part of the force that finally defeated the traitor prince and reclaimed the Sunwell. Because of Velen's actions that day, he vowed that he would never kill another draenai.
Nemeris remained out of the conflict in Northrend, preferring to help his own people rebuild their homeland in the wake of the princes death. When the Cataclysm struck, however, he rejoined the Horde war machine, eager for the chance to test himself against the Twilight cultists.
Character's Name: Brakkin Wolfsbane the Purifier
Current Residence: unknown

Short Back Story: Brakkin was born 5 years before the first war. He lived a simple life with his two brothers in Lakeshire. His parents were farmers and they believed in the holy light. A paladin named Gavinrad was sent by Archbishop Alonsus Faol to find young men who are willing to give their faith and spirit to the holy light and the church of light. Gavinrad chose Brakkin as one of his disciples because he had seen the power and determination to rid the darkness. He had joined the Silver Hand.

Brakkin learned the ways of the paladin and enlisted into the war against the horde with his cousin Toldor. Brakkin had fought side by side with Anduin Lothar and Turalyon as they defeated the horde and sent them back to the dark portal. Brakkin was one to be feared.

Brakkin and Toldor fought in many battles in Outland searching for the lost hero Turalyon who they had befriended. Once they had succeeded in victory in the torn world of Outland, the two Wolfsbanes headed north to Northrend like many other heroes in this forum. They had joined the Argent Crusade and fought the Scourge for seven years. Brakkin had killed so many Scourge and even the Lich King, with some help of course. But his heroism and faith to the light gave him the title of the Purifier.

Once coming back to Eastern Kingdoms, the world was torn apart. Brakkin was said to have left to help Deepholm leaving his faithful friend and cousin Toldor to deal with the elementals. Some people suspect he is dead but many people believe he will come back and purify the lands once more.
Character's Name: Piros ( Middle and last name was lost, due to his parents death.)
Realm: Dalaran
Age: late 50's
Current Residence: Stormwind, dwarf area.

Short back story: Parents are both dead, Mother at birth and father by war. Took in by a ironforge commoner. After he had come to the age of roll picking he picked a priest because he always thought if his dad had someone to aid and heal him in battle he would of been alive today. He came to master this art and takes pride in this choice.
Name: Kitrik (known in mercenary circles as "Kitrik the Assassin")
Realm: Medivh
Level: 58
Age: 43
Current Residence: Nomadic, but maintains a dwelling ("respite station", as he calls it) in Bilgewater Harbor, Azshara
Short Back Story: Born to struggling Bilgewater merchants years before the opening of the Dark Portal, Kitrik and his younger twin brother Kellik made a living as engineers on Kezan, and later - when their business went under - as paid bruisers for Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay. When Kalimdor was opened up, they migrated to Ratchet, working security on the docks. He gained a reputation in mercenary circles for his unshakable personal code of honor, rather unusual for one of his sinister calling - he does not kill people he believes to be innocent, like children or civilians (he condemned the Forsaken's slaughter of Alliance farmers in the healing Western Plaguelands as a violation of this code). But when hunting his enemies, he holds nothing back, using his knowledge of stealth, blades and poisons to kill his (usually much taller) opponents.

As the war against the Lich King began, Kitrik and Kellik were both hired by Lord Kel'theris and his son, Master Ordevaas Portalseeker, to serve as vehicle engineers for the House of Whitehair (Ordevaas fought for some time in Wintergrasp, where siege engines and demolishers were put to extensive use). Shortly before the Argent Tournament, guided by a shamanic vision of destruction visiting Kezan - visions of the Shattering had begun even before the Lich King was defeated - Kitrik quit Northrend and went home, leaving his brother Kellik behind. Kitrik thus plunged himself into the chaos on Kezan that followed the Shattering, including the journey in the slave hold of Trade Prince Gallywix's yacht, and the struggle to survive the many dangers of the Lost Isles.

Believing that survival - not supremacy - should be the official creed of all races of Azeroth, Kitrik and his mercenary band (which he grandiosely titled the "Grand Army of Kezan") condemns both the Alliance and the Horde as having lost track of the greater picture, too focused on destroying one another and not focused enough on fighting Deathwing and his legions of cultists. On the other hand, he is also staunchly loyal to his cartel and a vocal opponent of Gallywix, remembering well the horrors of the Lost Isles and the self-centered kleptocrat's treachery, both on the Isles and earlier on Kezan. He supports Mida Silvertongue's bid to take control of the Bilgewater, but he believes that it should be taken one step further - Gallywix must die, for the only good ex-Trade Prince was a dead ex-Trade Prince.
Character's Name: Umag
Realm: Mannoroth
Level: 85
Age: 80s in Orc years 40 in Human year
Current Residence: Orgrimmar
Short Back Story: Ever since being a kid growing up in the rocky outcrops of Durotar Umag trained to be a Warrior like his dad was who died fighting in the Outlands. He went and visited the Outlands when he was a good enough Warrior. He learned all he could there and went on to fight towards the end of the war in Northrend. He lived through the final battles and was called into action when the Cataclysm occured and is currently fighting alongside the members of We Have Lives.
Character's Name: Yababy
Realm: Arthas
Level: 85
Age: unknown
Current Residence: Masters hideout overlooking North shire Valley
Short Back Story:

Yababy is the self proclaimed leader of the Masters At Chaos

Unifying leader of the Horde

Best raid leader ever

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