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Here goes nothing

Character's Name: Clarene Miller
Realm: Wymrest Accord
Level: 5 (I am working on it)
Age: 19
Current Residence: The fishermens hut outside of Goldshire
Short Back Story: Clarene was raised by her father, in a small cabin in the mountains just north of the Elwyn forrest. She grew up hunting and fishing. When she was 12 years old, she found an abandoned wolf pup, which became her constant companion. However that winter her father failed to return from a short hunting trip. Clarene found him three days later injured and half frozen. Although she maneged to drag him home, it was too late and he died that night. The next day Clarene and Wolf hiked 12miles to the nearest house. Someone there contacted her uncle Allen, who was living on a farm near northshire with his wife and two daughters. Although her uncle's family treated her kindly, she never saw eye to eye with them. They believed that a womens place was in the home and tried unsuccesfully to make a young lady out of their impatient tomboyish neice. After she turned 18 clarene's uncle incouraged her to find a husband and settle down, which was the last thing she wanted. So when the blackrock orcs attacked Northshire, she decided to volunteer for the militia. She was accepted as a scout and is currently working for Marshal Dugan.

This is my first charecter so I would wellcome any advice or suggestions.

Character's Name: Valkaine Brython
Realm: Scarlet Crusade
Level: 85
Age: 49
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short Back Story: A Lordearon Knight with a appealing story for those interested. ((I rather tell it in game, it only adds to the flavor of the roleplay.))
Character's Name: Linarin
Realm: Arthas
Level: 85
Age: 77
Current Residence: Unkown, she is always moving.
Short Back Story: Linarin is a blood elf that was innocent and naive while she was young. Her naiveness was lost when a band of Zul'Aman trolls attacked the town she was living and killed her parents and little brother, Lin was the only one who survived. Sadly the guards of Silvermoon didn't care so Linarin learned the arts of being a rogue and attacked the trolls who killed her family, extracting revenge. After that she travelled through the world until she heard the Scourge attacked Quel'Thalas.

When she returned to her beloved nation she only found destruction and death; like all other high elves she tapped fel magic and became a blood elf.
Now Linarin is in the world of Azeroth, helping the Horde defeat Deathwing and also having fun by doing engineering.
Characters name: Jamie
Realm: Dentarg
Level: 24
Age: 28
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short back story: Jamie is a new comer to the world of adventuring. He is a warrior who loves joining his friends in a good dungeon for loot. He has a bit of a rivalry with Hogger, the gnoll king because he just won't die. His current goal is to take Deathwing down.
Character's Name: Temari Lightblade
Realm: Korgath
Level: 80
Age: 45
Current Residence: Tranquillien

Short Back Story: Temari had lived happily in the seclusion that surrounded Quel'Thalas before the land had been wrought by chaos from the Third War with the invasion of Arthas and the Scourge. Having her entire family whom she loved dear massacred by the mindless undeath that began to plague her homeland, she sought righteous vengeance upon the curse that now plagued Quel'Thalas and joined the ranks of the Blood Knights.

She rose through the ranks fairly quick, however, upon her trials to become a Master, she became disillusioned with the order after they commanded her to end the life of an individual sharing a like cause. She eventually forsook the Blood Knights order and began to question her ties. However, the actions surrounding the Blood Knights role regarding the Sunwell had restored her faith in the order, and she once again joined the ranks and continues to fight the onslaught of Scourge that plague her homeland.
Copied form introduction in another post. I am considering the story that unfolds as cannon to my character, so all of this will still hold true.

Shaman-enhance (not sure if talent spec is a lore classification, but I think it is an apt description)

Melee weapons: Sulfuras, Hand Of Ragnaros (if this is too OP, it can be substituted by dual wielding more standard maces...maybe I could have murmur's mace (despite it being a caster weapon in game)

Ranged Weapons: Magic, mainly lightning

Method of fighting: Zuldjan is not an assassin, and subtlety is not his fighting style. he is a front line warrior wielding shamanistic magic and weaponry in equal measure, raining down both mace blows and bolts of lightning. he was trained as a martial artist and is accomplished at unarmed combat,a skill that serves him well in unexpected altercations.

Zuldjan is a tall Broad-shouldered orc who caries himself with a regal bearing. His hair is black, though starting to show streaks of iron grey, and is braided in several long, thick coils going down his back. his goatee is thick and full, but neatly trimmed. his face is less savage, and more stern than many orcs, with a strong jaw and a pronounced, though not overly heavy or apelike brow that frames his dark, brooding eyes. he is well muscled, not merely bulky but toned, with each rippling muscle and corded sinew standing out in shaper relief.

Zuldjan Wears T5, usually with the helm off and a little bit of ceremonial cloth stuff, namely a sash. if he is really dressing to impress he'll don a cape. cloth is a deep oxblood red.

Mission: "Diplomatic" though he is officially supposed to be an ambassador and negotiate with the alliance, his superiors have hinted that should the negotiations fail, any unfortunate accidents befalling the local allies would not go amiss. this last bit conflicts slightly with his code of honor, but this is war after all, and he as a marked distaste for the current human leadership and its policies.

Allegiances: Strongly loyal to horde, favors Thrall. has grudging respect for Garrosh due to the apparent effectiveness of his energetically proactive, if a bit ham-handed leadership.

Backstory: Zuldjan was from one of the earliest generations of orcs after the first war, and became a faithful member of Thrall's new horde upon his emancipation from the interment camps. he gained small renown for his exploits in the blackrock region. upon the opening of the dark portal he was given a low ranking command position in outland. he was promoted somewhat at the beginning of the campaign in northrend, as he was one of the few commanders remaining in outland, and was tasked with helping to mop up the remnants of the illidari and kael'thas's minions. he served respectably and had moderate success in this endeavor, but was unable to succeed, largely due to lack or resources and tactical errors on his part (due to his inexperience at commanding larger numbers of troops) towards the end of the Northrend campaign he was called to serve in the final assaults on ice-crown, where he fought valiantly and earned minor distinction. he was chosen for this task in part due to his reputation for responsibility and good service, but mainly for his relative expendability. (he's important enough to send and be taken seriously, but not enough that he will be missed overmuch by the horde.)
Character's Name: Minaka Lightstrider
Realm: Korgath
Level: 80
Age: Doesn't keep count anymore, but has been around since before the Great Sundering
Current Residence: Silvermoon City

Short Back Story: Once a Priestess of the Moon, her addiction to the Arcane energies became apparent after the Great Sundering occurred and the first Well of Eternity was destroyed. She was banished from the order and moved with the Highborne to Quel'Thalas, where she remains to this day now as a Blood Elf. Although she tends to be very benevolent to others and even willing to lend a helping hand to others across faction lines, she is still embittered by her banishment from the Night Elves and will attack if any cross her path.
Character's Name: Avani Riverwind
Realm: Draka
Level: <-- (Does not indicate age)
Age: 20 at death, 23 at present
Current Residence: None (nomad)
Short Back Story:
She was born a human, but at age 20 she was mudered by her so-called lover, who killed her in her sleep. Her parents, motified, sent her down the river with her staff. Her body made it across the ocean to Tirisfal Glades, where their mages put a Rising Spell on her and placed her in the tombs below Tirisfal to awaken, before the rise and fall of the Lich King. During this time she was fighting along side the Silver Hand and all others to rid Azeroth of the Lich King. Once he was defeated, she continued her mission to seek vengence against the human scourge who killed her, which is where she is currently with her comic-relief pet cockroach, Broach.

((This character is in a book that is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or associations. I do not own the Undead or their stories, this character was adapted from original form to fit Cataclysm upgrades. Avani & Broach Copyright 2008 C. H.))
Character's Name: Professer Fleshblood Marrowbone (use last name, formallity thing)
Realm: Borean Tundra
Level: 4............for now.
Age: 30 at death, 35 at present
Current Residence: UnderCity
Short Back Story:
Was the Head Professer of Demonology at the Stormwind collage for warlocks, teaching anyone willing how to summon. Unforunatlly, one of my lessons backfire, literily, and i was killed.......along with half my class,(oops). I was to be buried, but Sylvanas Windrunner took my body and had it reborned as a forsaken. The Banshee Queen thought that someone with this much talent should be used for the effort of the forsaken. but, since my flesh and body deteriated, i had forgotten almost all of my spells, as well as my name. I only know that my faithful imp, Zollokz, was still with me, and he had carried my PhD Degree from the collage, with the name missing.
Character's Name: Drihge Bloodbane
Realm: Feathermoon
Level: 85
Age: 33
Residence: Orgimmar
Short Back story: Drihge is an orphan who never knew his parents, which led to his decision to lead a life of loneliness. The art of the rogue came naturally to Drihge, never being one to partake in activities with others. It was his battles thru the broken land of Draenor that Drihge truly found his stride as a contracted assassin, working for groups who called on him to eliminate their enemies. It was thru this that Drihge has now gained the favour of the Horde leaders (though he doesn't see eye to eye with Garrosh now) as well as many of the other factions throughout Azeroth.
Character's Name: Waldnickert
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 10
Residence: Toshley's Station
Short Back story: I am a hider. You won't find me. I am a secret. If you do find me, you won't know the secret code anyways, so don't find me okay? I once knew a guy, who talked to a cousin of Thunker Axeljink but he didn't say much. Don't find me okay? Thank you.
Character's Name: Grotechy Mechanoblast
Realm: Sentinels
Level: 23 (For now, of course :D)
Age: 76
Residence: Stormwind
Back Story: Quite intellegent, Jokes a lot. Been engineer for the alliance since Second War, even in the Third War. Most his family was lost prior to Gnomeregan, by savage Orcs and Trolls. Grotechy is a good mage and great explorer, mainly influenced by the Dwarves he lived with. He does have a quick temper and makes rash decisions, not too good mixed with arcane magic.
troll rp warrior, lev 33 and owner of guild:
background: a fierce troll berserk who was orphaned at birth. kidnappd by murlocs, he was going to be sold to the devias when a certain alliance human saved him. (copied that part of a certain quest where I can either kill humans or spare them) the human gave him shelter until he was betrayed by the alliance. he swore to avvenge him, when he discovered a conspiracy in the alliance which included a pact with an evil dragon, and evil demons that were planning to give a warlock so much power that he could taint the entire world with demonic energy. he has spent his life since training to become a powerful warrior to destroy the demonic threat and avenge the human.
his first true hint of the conspiracy was in a forgotten keep, he killed a warlock with a note. (the one in silverpine.) once the cataclysm happened, he knew that there was something mysterious about the front lines of the war. he currently resides in the hinterlands, attempting to destroy the evil demons evil dark trolls, which are rumored to have been led out of their home by a certain karik'thari... he works hard to destroy his enemies,and he knows that there is a strange mystery in a swamp that he has had prophetic dreams about.
please join my guild if you like background!
might come up with more. oh yah, reminds me, some other information.. he is a part of a tribe of shaman-warriors who fight with shaman magic and weapons. he is the last surviving member. (the murlocs killed them all but him.) the only human still his freind is the syndacit. his weapons are the mace and axe. he prefers damage to speed, high crit damage to crit chance, crit damage to anything, and combat aggressiveness to health and armour.
age: 298. his family lives long lives.
name: karik'tharili. abbreviatted to karikthari because I cant put the ' in names in WOW. i like to put on my guild tabard which i made
warcrys: ARAK NERAK!
Name: Sidereusa Silentsong
Realm: Borean Tundra
Age: 184
Current Residence: Shattrath, the Scryer's Tier.
Backstory: An ex-mage separated from her younger sister, Garcara, during a battle in the Plaguelands, she was killed fighting a Death Knight, but of course, she was raised again as a one herself. She has forgotten about her sister, but she sometimes has these... dreams, with them in it. Like most Death Knights, she resents Arthas for sending them to their (re?)death at Light's Hope Chapel. Her loyalty lies with Mograine, and Thrall, and no others.
Name: Faux
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: Around 19 or 20 (explained in short back story)
Current Residence: Stormwind is where she spends most of her time
Short Back Story:
Faux was taken into a hospital as a teenager, she woke up with no recollection of her past, the nurses let her stay for as long as the hospital allowed, but they had to finally send her out on her own. She wandered into Stormwind one day, then found herself in the Mage Quarter, downstairs of a pub she talked to a Warlock trainer. He taught her his ways and she did everything he told her. The minions were a way to aid her loneliness and she decided to call herself Faux, since to her she's living a false life and for now she knows nothing of her past. (she's not completely sure of her age, but she assumes when she was in the hospital she was 14 or 15)
Character's Name: Dretoon Moonleaf
Realm: Garona - Not a Roleplaying Realm, but I Like Stories!
Level: 75 at the time of this Post.
Age: 2300
Current Residence: Teldrasil.
Short Back Story:

I am a Friend to all Nature. Being a friend to all nature I Became a Druid. I learned Druidism from Druids trained by Malfurion, I wish i could have learned Directly from him, but he was busy in the Emerald Dream/ Nightmare. I Fought in the Battle of MT. Hyjal, and the War of the Shifting Sands. Shortly After the battle of Mt. Hyjal I realized my Druidic Calling was through the Moonkin Form. My Favorite Spells are Starfall, Starfire, and MoonFire. When I get Angry my Moonfire takes on Sun Like Features. I have a Strong Hatred twords Orcs, And the Quel' dorei, and Sin'dorei. But will befriend them when Time calls for it.
My Family got the name Moonleaf because of our Relationship with the Moonkin, and our Spells strong Moonlike essence and our druidic Calling.
No living Relatives.

Seven Lines of Back Story Allowed!
Name: Glurk the Wanderer
Realm: Grizzley Hills
Age: 21
Current Residence: Ferelas
Short Back Story:
Glurk was born in the Frostwolf Clan where he would be trained to be a shaman by Drek'thar. He learned how to use the elemental power within him and weopans to enhance his strength. One day the Alliance attacked the Frostwolf Camp and many innocent lives like women and children were killed. Glurk unleashed his power killing all the Alliance enemies. His rage and anger made his power go out of control and he was killing his own people. After seeing what he had done, Glurk left the clan and traveled to Kalimidor where he would start a new life. It was in Mulgore where he met an old and wise tauren named Tjourn. Tjourn managed to help Glurk control his anger and get rid of the nightmares that tortured him so. Glurk said his goodbyes to the tauren and he headed to Orgrimmar to enlist into the army. He helped the Horde fight off the elementals in Orgrimmar and other small battles. Glurks power was amazing and his wisdom from Tjourn made him a great warrior. But soon after, his massacre at the Frostwolf Camp was known throughout Orgrimmar. He managed to escape Orgrimmar before grunts could find him. He then rode to Ferelas on his wolf Nhima, where he built a house to live a peaceful life of mushroom picking. But his peaceful life is over once the cataclysm began. The Earthen Ring summons him for assistance in healing the burned world he loved. Glurk is taken to Ashenvale where he is healing the land and regrowing the trees with the help of the night elves.
Character's Name: Cyrodan
Realm: Cenarius (Not an RP realm, but I'd like to RP anyway.)
Level: 85
Age: Young adult; equivalent of a human 22-year-old.
Current Residence: Wherever fate takes him...

Short Back Story:

Cyrodan initially came to Azeroth aboard the Exodar. Following this, he set out to make a name for himself, righting wrongs and casting down evil along the way. As of now, he's a seasoned, rather well-known adventurer, having played his part in the wars against Illidan, Kael'thas Sunstrider, The Burning Legion, the Lich King and the forces of Yogg-Saron/the Iron Dwarves, and has mastered the art of the arcane. As of now, he is battling the forces of the Twilght's Hammer/Deathwing/the Old Gods, in the aftermath of the great Cataclysm. He, like all draenei, holds an immense desire to see the Burning Legion fall. He is somewhat of a glory seeker, but ultimately good-intentioned. His uncle was among the corrupted eredar that followed Kil'jaeden and Archimonde in to the ranks of the Legion; he goes by the name Arzaxxus. Arzaxxus would eventually murder Cyrodan's parents out of spite; because of this, Cyrodan hopes that his battles with the Legion will eventually lead him to a confrontation with him.
Name: Phyrostar
Residence:Shattrath City, Stormwind City

Back Story: Born sometime before the Draenei found Draenor, Phyrostar fought against the orcs during their campaign against the Draenei. He left with Velen instead of defending Shattrath. After many years of wandering Outland, Phyrostar managed to escape corruption and turning into a Broken. When the Naaru came to Outland, he was with Velen and the others when they took the Exodar. After the crash on Azeroth, Phyrostar established good relations for himself with the Alliance. Aided in the war in Outland and joined the Shattered Sun Offensive, after the war was over he enjoyed some peace until the call to Northrend. After spending nearly 2 years in Northrend the war was over and Phyrostar got some peace. Now with the Cataclysm, and Garrosh Hellscream's attitude towards the Alliance, he has vowed not to let the orcs slaughter his people again.

Now Phyrostar is aiding in stopping the Twilight's' Hammer and fighting Hellscreams' Horde.

Update; Made this when I was Draenei, I race changed a little while ago.

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