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Character's Name: Boblue
Realm: Dawnbringer
Level: 85
Age: 200
Current Residence: The Argent Tournament Grounds
Short Back Story: Boblue was deifferent from other night elves, enjoying the company of other races as well as his own kind. He first left Teldrassil when he became 100 years of age, heading for Darkshore. He stayed in auberdine for 30 years, helping anyway he could, and moved on to Felwood to fight beside the Cenarion Circle. At the age of 197, he became good friends with the tauren and adopted some of their ways and enjoyed their company the most. He always has tried to make peace with the hord, but also fights them when need be. He was last seen at the argent tournament grounds, training trolls and draenei to fight the scourge.

Character's Name: Armorial Sunstaff
Realm: Feathermoon
Level: 66
Age: 100ish
Current Residence: Silvermoon City
Short Back Story: Armorial was born to a wealthy, elven family. His father was a strong paladin, but Armorial decided to follow his mother's footsteps and become a mage. His parents were killed by the Scourge when Armorial was only a teenager and he was forced to live on his own. He ventured to the other Horde cities, and was disgusted by the savage races of the Horde. He was only used to wealth and the "high-class" Blood Elves. Eventually he got used to accepting all races of the Horde, and he continues his studies in Azeroth and Outland.
Character's Name: Algan Hailstrom
Realm: Elune
Level: 85
Age: 57
Current Residence: Dwarven distric, Stormwind

Born in the Hinterlands young Algan decided to become a Shaman because his Mother told him his Father was the thunder god Thorim.
But after returning from Northrend and having met Thorim, his Mother confessed his father was actually an Ironforge Guard from a wild weekend at Brewfest.
Employed briefly as a tour boat captain, but lost his job after accidentally calling a storm which marooned 5 passengers his first mate and himself on an Island for 3 years.
Character's Name:odarir

Realm: uldamen

Level: 85

Age: 32(human years)

Current Residence:always on the move.

Short Back Story: Most of his pasted is unknown. During the battle with the linch king hes was knocked off the top by the linch kings power. Lucky enough he landed on a large snowdrift and survived the fall. But appon waking from the fall he did not no who he was.
Now Odarir travels to find his memory. The only thing he has that he rembers is his fathers bow. But now that deathwing has arvied he has helped the alliance fight against the twilight cult. He was last seen with his nightsaber fighting off the black dragon flight.(MIA)
Name: Elder Zhacrin Wildtalon
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: Greybeard (Dunno Dwarf Age Chart)
Current Residence: A Campfire or Tavern Somewhere...

A Highland born Wildhammer dwarf who was trained in the Aerie. Zhacrin is a grizzled old war veteran. Name a battle, and most likely he took wound somewhere during it. After the end of the Third War, he began life as an explorer, and more recently, joined the Earthen Ring.
Character's Name: Eric (Dread) Galligan
Realm: Garrosh
Age: not sure (many memories forgotton when enslaved by the litch king)
Current Residence: Pre cata darkshore, after cata travels various inns

Backstory: Dread lived in gnomergan when the takeover happened he narrowly escaped after days of what seemed like hopeless traveling he collapsed from exaustion. When he awoke he found himself being carried by a glowing blue eyed human who would not give his name. Dread found himself at the feet of the litch king as a member of his army. after a few months of serving he couldnt take it any more and with the help of some alliance raiders escaped to stormwind. after that he spent most of his time in dungeons growing stronger until one day he feels time to finnaly return to gnomergan.
Character's Name: Elidan "Ely" Treeshade
Realm: Trollbane(not a RP realm)
Level: 79
Age: Time has lost count
Current Residence: No where, and Ely means to keep it this way
Short Back Story: Elidan Treeshade was once known as Elladan Kalina-e-Luna of the Luna tribe, a group of Druids that broke off from the first to exit the Emerald Dream. It was not always this way. Ely was a mischeivious Druid, disrespectful and impolite. He was banished for stealing a pork chop by using the means of Cat form. He travelled the lands of the new Kalimdor until he came upon the lands of Feralas which he knew not of. He came upon an old white tree and rested there for many a year until the spirit of the tree came inside of him. Realizing that there was much to ne amended in his life, Elidan Treeshade set off as a Restoration Druid.
Character's Name: Sugarlump Dawnstrider
Realm: Silverhand
Age: 48 (Late Adolescence)
Current Residence: Orgrimmar

Son of Sugarplum Dawnstrider, who got lost in a thicket and was found starved to death a few months later and Silverthistle Winterhoof, who was way too young to become a mother and ran away to join Darkmoon Faire as a barker after her husband's funeral. Raised by relatives, left to find his mother, due to being slow-witted, got stranded in Northrend, where he ended up a death knight. now he's looking for his mother and trying to pretend to himself he was always a gentle and nurturing tauren. i wouldn't disagree with him if i were you.

Character's Name: Tupaul DayBreaker
Realm: Killrogg
Level: 85
Age: 178ish
Current Residence: Orgimmar City

Short Back Story:

A veteran of the war in Outland and Northrend, an Argent Crusader and formerly a knight of Lordaeron, In the wake of the Lich King's betrayal at Light's Hope Chapel, Tupaul joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade and waged his own personal war against the Lich King. His remaining family rejected him, but found a new family in the guild Shadow Chaos, a group of eccentric, battle-hardened Veterans. His name means "Punisher of the Wicked, protecting the innocent from within the dark Shadows of Death" and it is Tupaul's most personal form of revenge who’s Moto is; Death is my Shield and Honor my Sword. Against monsters like the Lich King, that stole his life, his Love, and his family Honor. It is to this end Tupaul has chosen this path, this day.
((My first time on the RP forum, hello everybody!))
Character's Name: Eironel Ragesong
Realm: Feathermoon
Level: 85
Age: She's stopped keeping track, but roughly late twenties in human years
Current Residence: When settling down for a time, Darnassus
Short Back Story:
Born in Ashenvale to a warrior and a novice priestess, Eironel lived in relative peace for her childhood. She was happy to follow in the footsteps of her mother, becoming reasonably adept at healing and settling down with a mate. Then her father was wounded in a battle over lumber against the orcs and her mother was unable to save him. Distraught at her father's death and blaming her mother, Eironel left Ashenvale and threw herself into becoming a Priestess powerful enough to save anyone. She now trains and meditates obsessively, determined to never fail in her duty
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Character's Name: Miroslav "Mirko" Kornel
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: 29
Current Residence: Lives on the streets of Stormwind.
Short Back Story: Miroslav grew up on a farm in west fall. His parents were killed by a ravaging gnoll called hogger when Miroslav could barely walk. Hogger destroyed his home, his family, and his life. Miroslav was picked up by traveling humans, and took to the city Gilneas. King Genn Greymane blocked off the walls of the city before Mirko was even a teenager. He picked pockets and stole from fruit stands to gather food and money. When the curse broke out, his few friends and the people he called family were killed. He escaped death though, and now you can find him begging on the streets of Stormwind.
Character's Name: Rodos

Realm: Runetotem

Level: 82

Age: late 20's

Current Residence: Orgrimmar but he is thinking about moving.

Short Back Story: Rodos was always different. He never quite fit in with the other Darkspear trolls. He often found he related more to the other races of the Horde. They welcomed him as an ally and friend but he was still an outsider on some level.

Rodos is a spy, but he is not just another agent of the Shattered Hand. For years he led an elite covert taskforce that answered only to Warcheif Thrall himself. For a time he let himself believe his work would lead to a brighter future for not just the people of the Horde but all the races of Azeroth. All of his dreams were shattered at the Wrathgate.

Ever since Thrall's departure and the rise of Garrosh Hellscream, Rodos has become increasingly disenchanted with the Horde he once so devoutly served.
But where in the world could he go that he would be free of the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance.
Character's Name: Craevelia
Realm: Venture Co.
Level: 68 (WoW hasen't been working on my comp for a while)
Age: 28 (age of death)
Current Residence: Shattrath
Short Back Story:
Born and raised in the city of Exodar, Craevelia had been a natural-born fighter, with experience in armies at a younger age than a normal person. At age 15 she was recruited by the small army in BloodMist, she was the best fighter in the group but she was also the youngest...The leader informed the group that a traitor was among them, so Craevelia's allies began to question Craevelia, they accused her of being the traitor and stated that she must be, with what her level of experience wasn't the least bit normal for any trained Draenei, So they killed Craevelia and later caught the real traitor.

Sorry my short back story wasn't that good, Im not as creative as most people on this RP.
Character's Name: Ragnal

Realm: Runetotem

Level: 68

Age: 35 at time of death

Current Residence: Orgrimmar

Short Back Story: Before the plague Ragnal was a petty thief. A common career criminal who spent his youth and adulthood in and out of the Lordaeron stockade.

Ragnal has a different attitude towards his undeath than most other Forsaken. He loves being undead. As a rogue of the Forsaken in service of the Dark Lady he is rewarded for the skills he was punished for in his former life.

He was sent to Orgrimmar so that the Undercity could contribute in the covert activities of the Shattered Hand. He stayed because Orcs and Trolls are much more fun to go out drinking with than Forsaken.
Name:Ideraun (Anitahoth) Warhide
Time of Death/Undeath: 34/39
Curren Residence: Orgrimmar
Back Story:It has been five years since the downfall of the Defiler. The Burning Legion has been stopped another time. The cost to the taurens, their one defender. Orphaned at the age of 8, Ideraun was adopted by an orc general. He trained for 22 years before his fostor die in a battle. War was in his blood. But, he was killed by a traitor. Five years after that dreaded battle, he noticed he was ressurected. No, undead. He wanted to fight, but he was being controlled. He looked up. "Your new name to Damnation is Anitahoth. Rise, and strike fear into the world!"the Lich King said.
Name: Renov
Short story: Renov was born in south Kentucky on a farm but one day as he was plowing his land a giant worhole opened up and dropped him into Azeroth where a friendly orc tried to eat him. Not knowing where he was he run and got an the first boat to stormwind where he met a gnome warlock who described to him where he is. Ever since then REnov has been trying to reach max level to be able to make a worm-hole back to his family and farm in Kentucky :)
Name: Kiljagen
Realm: Ravenholdt
level: 28 (not for long)
Age: Unknown
Unlike most Forsaken, Kiljagen was born into undeath with no memory of his prior life and no records were found to indicate who he was. The first thing he found upon his awakening was a book recounting the events that took place at the Sunwell. He chose to adapt Kil'jaeden's name and claim it as his own. Kiljagen has turned to the unscrupulous life of a rogue in the hopes that the many pocket's he picks and enemies he kills might lead him to some knowledge of his life.

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