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Name: Suzl Grimblade
Realm: Medivh
Level: 15
Age: 20
Current Residence: The Crossroads, Northern Barrens

Short Backstory: Suzl Grimblade is a member of the Assassin's Shield, personal bodyguard of Kitrik the Assassin, master of the Grand Army of Kezan. Suzl met Kitrik shortly after Gallywix's yacht was destroyed by the Alliance off the Lost Isles, and the rogue informed her of his intention to make a new mercenary group, not beholden to either side - though their Cartel would operate under the aegis of the Horde, the Grand Army would focus more on surviving the world after the Shattering, rather than continue the ongoing Alliance-Horde feud that has persisted for more than thirty years.

As part of the Assassin's Shield, Suzl accompanied Kitrik in the efforts of their fellow goblins to claim and tame the wildlands of Azshara. The Assassin grew to respect - and to some extent, fear - her skill with a blade, once remarking to Sassy Hardwrench, "Remind me never to get into a duel with that one."
Character name: Jabdem
Realm: Uldaman
age: not sure
current residence: K2 in Storm Peaks
short story: spends his time ganking level 80 yetis in storm peaks
character name :huday
realm: moonguard
Current age 25
current residence : echo isles
mother died during childbirht rised by father who was killed by naga since that he hates all naga and after his father death he decide to become a hunter so he did after be in northrend he found his spirit beas t loquenahak adn have been inseprebal now trying to figure out wat to do with his life after the cataclysm
Character's Name: Mynish
Realm: Farstriders
Age: 15
Current Residence: Stormwind, but Darnasus is home.

The only child of highly respected, prophetic Gilneas Druids, Mynish was smuggled into Teldrassil as a baby by her nanny Celia, sister of Cyndra Kindwhisper of Dolanaar, after her mother Margaret, a Master of Herbalism, had premonitions of the horrors that awaited them if they stayed in Gilneas. Her father, Amenus, the High Alchemist of Gilneas who warned King Greymane of the coming disaster, was responsible for helping develop the "cure" that enabled many of those bitten to resist the urge to become wolves. After being bitten by a Fenzied Stalker, Mynish's mother tried many herbal cures which failed as she struggled to stay human. Rather than die slowly, she secretly became the legend "Gruschan, Feral Druid of the People" who died courageously at the "Last Stand". Mynish is learning the arts of both her parents and hopes to carry on their roles of caring for others. She proudly wears her mother's Gilneas tabard on the anniversary of the Last Stand. Some say she is also gifted with Second Sight.
Name: Cothron
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Current Residence: He wanders, so he doesn't stay in one place for too long.
Level: 58
Age: Unknown

Cothron was once a brave mage in life, until he succumbed to the Curse. Even then, however, through perseverence he was able to fight the Curse for a long time and remain human so as to serve Greymane family. After he grew old and could no longer serve them, he gave in to the Curse and went to wander with the ferals until they and himself were slain by the Scourge. Cothron was brought back as a death knight and since then he has embraced his animal half, although memories of his former life still burn.
I might do a little RP from time to time, so...

Name: N.Z
Realm: Zangarmarsh
Current Residence: Around Lordaeron
Level: 42
Age: Unknown, thought to be in early-30s when he was turned.

Once a citizen of Lordaeron, Nz was killed by Arthas when he ravaged through the kingdom. Nz joined Sylvanas when a Val'kyr raised him from a body in Deathknell. Unable to remember most of his life before his death, he named himself after the only thing that he found that connected himself to his living life; the initials 'N.Z' found inside of the shirt he was buried in. In the weeks following his raising, he discovered that he possessed a prowess in hunting, indicating that he was a possible woodsman/huntsman when he was alive. Working as a Forsaken, he uses his hunting skills to both claim Lordaeron for the Forsaken, and to try to discover the story of his Human life.
realm:laughing skull

Currently he travels across the land of azeroth doing mercanary work for civilians to make his share of gold. But a long time ago when he was just a young boy, the age of 11 perhaps, he saw with his very own eyes the sunwell get destroyed and his parents slaughtered by undead in front of his very eyes he fled with the remaining blood elves being lead by kel'thazud up until he had entered the dark portal serving illidan. Menchanie was about 19 at this time then he and a few other blood elves explored the blasted lands training learning new fighting skills with eachother. Menchanie was their healer and he liked it that way, they slowly moved their way up the eastern kingdoms and eventually crossed to kaldimor discovering orgrimmar and joined the forces of the horde. then the day came arthus died. glory was celebrated all across azeroth especially for the blood elves as their people were almost wiped out by arthus and the undead but a new threat, Deathwing rose. Time passed until the day they ventured to uldum to explore and find riches in the sands the a big black shadow rose from above the looked up they could not believe it. It was deathwing they attempted to hide but Deathwings keen eye spoted them, one blast of fire, Menchanie managed to use an ablility he had learned called divine shield which protected him from deathings fire but his friends were not so fortunate. Since then he has been level 85 and hopes someday to avenge his friend and slay deathing
Character's Name: Olive Vanderict (Game name is Vaielle)
Realm: Moonguard
Age: Thinks she's 14, is actually 16, is mentally about 10.
Current Residence: A tree near Olivia's pond.
Short Back Story: Her real name is Vaielle Von Carlisle, born and partially raised in Kul Tiras before her parents moved to the outskirts of Stormwind. Her father was the captain of a trading galley, and her mother a tailor. Unfortunately, her father was murdered by pirates during an outing, and her mother passed due to an illness she acquired. She lives on the streets, and has recently had her memory wiped clean of the past two years (which is why she thinks she's 14) due to tragic events unrelated to her parents passing. She now believes herself as Olive and spends her days running around like any kid would, and carving little images into pieces of wood she finds. She loves people, and isn't afraid to talk to anyone. She's kind of an idiot.
Character's Name: Xanderpander
Realm: Tanaris
Age: 25, in human years
Current Residence: none

A former paladin, when Arthas and his undead horde destroyed the blood elf territory he rose up his blade in defience. Though a great warrior, there were too many and he fell. He was about to die, but fate was not that kind. He spent the rest of his life training to be the Lich king's weapon. when he broke away he decided to turn the weapon on its master. Now tired of all the violence life has put him through he mostly stays in ogrimar. He will still fight for what he belives in though, and that has put him in a lot of fights
Character's Name: Senno
Realm: Caelestrasz
Age: 32
Current Residence: Theramore Isle

Short Back Story: Raised in Westfall by a loving father and doting mother, Senno found that he had the use of magic from an early age. Taken to Northshire Abbey as a young boy, he was later apprenticed to Antonidas. During the third war he was in Dalaran when it was destroyed, however survived and was nursed back to health by his family. Knowing that the man who had led the destruction of Dalaran was gaining power in the far north of the world, Senno trained to master his skills, and became skillful with both staff and knife. After the death of Arthas, Senno decided to retire in Theramore Isle and help his old friend Jaina Proudmoore. However, the Cataclysm required heroes to once again take up arms, and Senno to this day fights for the light, if begrudging.
Character's Name:Arean

realm:Cenarion Circle

Current Residence:none,but ebon hold will always be my home

Short back story:risen under the will of the lich king during the rise of the scourge i lived a terrible life of bloodshed and terror with my brother Lutherin in the archeus hold. during a battle against the light me and my brother lutherin were captured by a group of holy barrers and senteced to the service of the horde. to this day we still defend the great horde of cenarion circle
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Character's Name:Arean

Needs work.

Post a thread about it and we shall help you do that.
Character's Name: Gonzostrke

Realm: The underbog

Level: 85

Age: 28
Current Residence: you can find me rocking the damage absorbs for tanks and dps in Hero Dragon Soul

Short Back Story: Descendant of the Goblin king and queen Anthrist... out to get revenge on all alliance who killed my parents...Spreading OP heals all over the horde... to keep them fighting for our freedom... FOR THE HORDE!!!!!
Name: Awlessly
Realm: Stormwind?(not sure what a realm is)
Level: 33
Age: 18
Backstory: The daughter of the owner of the Empty Quiver, Awlessly has always known how to use a bow. When she got a young wolf named Killo, she became a hunter. Her main pet is a worg named Worgy who she saved from an older starving worg.
Name: Callahan McClane
Realm: Stormrage
Level: 42
Age: 31
Current Residence: Stormwind
Backstory: As a child, Callahan had a knack for trouble. However, after the death of his entire family at the hands of the Lich King and his undead scourge; Callahan gave himself to the Light and vowed to vanquish the tyrant that killed so many innocents.
Character's Name: Quel'andoris Dawnbane
Realm: Scarlet Crusade(former) Area 52(current)
Level: 85
Age: 190(at death) 201
Current Residence: The frozen wastes of Dragonblight; Silvermoon
Short Back Story: Originally a paladin with the Silver Hand, Quelandoris was slain defending his home during Arthas's siege on Silvermoon. After a valiant effort, Quelandoris's corpse was taken and turned into a death knight, albeit insubordinate at first and resentful of his condition as one of the undead he used to fight, he turned to be as loyal a warrior there ever was. when he was free, he spent many years in solitude, coming to terms with his awful deeds. after much thought, he decided to save one life for every life he ended, and to free undead from the prison of their own corpses.

He is tall, even by elven standards, at 6'4", with pale skin and greying black hair.
Character's Name: Xanderpander
Realm: Tanaris
Age: 25
Current Residence: none

A former paladin, when Arthas and his undead horde destroid the blood elf territory he rose up his blade in defience. Though a great warrior, there were too many and he fell. He was about to die, but fate was not that kind. He spent the rest of his life traing to be the Lich king's weapon. when he broke away he decided to turn the weapon on its master

Illogical by high/blood elven biology. A blood elf isn't considered an adult until they are around 110 years old.
Post Deleted
Character's Name: HunterJoues/"Hunter"

Realm: Galarond

Level: 36/up

Age: 31(died) 61(risen)64(current)

Current Residence: Orgrimmar

Short Back Story: after settling his colony on the shores of the easter kingdom Hunter was one of the many known hunters of the village, when the plagues came across the land hunter saught to hide away his fellow colonist only to be wiped out in the first winter.

Though hunter Died long after his village in the second winter, Hunter's last living memories was falling as the plague gripped his life and the cold surrounded him. his first sight was a valkir named almadon, in a panic he attacked ruthlessly and fruitlessly, she pushed him away breaking his dried rotted face on a tombstone. he first sought to find his village only to be shot at from his decedents, in rage he slaughtered the town for disrespect of a founder.

Now Hunter has forgotten his own name taking up his profession and the name of his village. He pledged no alliance with lady sylvanas but only and agreement, those who deny the founders of this land will fall under his sight, be they living or otherwise.

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