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Name: Jorion Strongshield

Realm: Alleria

Level: 85

Age: 42

Current Residence: Stormwind City, Old Town District

Backstory: Jorion has always been a soldier at heart. Born in Stormwind between the rebuilding of Stormwind following the Second War and the Third War and the Scourge's appearance in Lordaeron, he was raised humbly, working as a farmhand for the properties near the city during harvest season and at Elling Trias' cheese shop the rest of the year. When he was 18, he joined the Stormwind infantry during one of its major recruitment campaigns to combat the scourge. However, he saw fairly little of the war itself, instead mostly working patrol duty in Duskwood, fending off necromancers and their abominations as the once-idyllic forest became more and more malaised, eventually succumbing completely to the corruption. By that time, he had seen enough active duty to lead a few of his own men, mostly keeping the peace in Elwynn and combatting the Defias. He, like all the standing armies at the time, was requisitioned to fight when the Scarab Wall came down, and he was present in the force that assaulted the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, and finally toppled the unspeakable temples to forgotten gods in its inner city.

He wandered Lordaeron for a few years after the war was over, having left the military. When the Dark Portal was reopened, he went through as an adventurer, wandering through Hellfire Peninsula, Shattrath, the Blade's Edge Mountains, and eventually ending up in Netherstorm, where he fought Kael'Thas' forces and led attacks on Tempest Keep.

After the Lich King awoke from his slumber, Jorion, having returned from Outland, re-signed with the military. He could remember how devastating the Scourge was. He was immediately shipped to the Borean Tundra, where he defended Valiance Keep from Horde and undead assaults; eventually, he was sent ahead to the Seventh Legion outpost in eastern Dragonblight with news of traitors. It was here that Jorion earned his name Strongshield, always fighting at the forefront of his men - since he had been promoted to a Captain and given a troop of soldiers to lead - and the attacks he led never broke or scattered. He gained a reputation for success and leadership. After two years fighting from that outpost, he was sent to Fordragon Hold to aid in the breaching of the Wrathgate. However, he was not caught in the plague bombing by the Forsaken for the simple reason that he was not in the main valley, instead fighting Scourge border forces along the ridges to each side. After this, Jorion swore to slay the Lich King and accompanied Tirion Fordring's Argent Crusade to Icecrown. They marched for weeks, living in a state of constant alertness, aware that their relatively small force could be annihilated at any time. However, they did make it to the Frozen Halls, in time to hear that the Lich King was slain. Unsatisfied but unwilling to continue his campaign in the frozen wasteland that is Northrend, Jorion returned to Stormwind, where he now resides, experienced and battle-weary, but never faltering in his resolve to protect.
Character's Name: Ephesus "Illcutyoo" Calbran goes by Illcutyoo
Realm: Nesingwary
Age: 35
Current Residence: Wherever there's an available room

Short back story; Orphaned as a child, Ephesus was introduced to arts of thievery at an early age in order to survive. Looking for his parents, he found his dad was a great adventurer who was murdered by an undead working for the Twilight Cult during the Cataclysm. Vowing to avenge his fathers death, and armed with his fathers old armor and daggers; he trained in the arts of subtlety.
Joining the Alliance to finally find purpose in his life, (and because he hopes to the Alliance helps him find his father's assassin).
Many have fell to his daggers. He can currently be found anywhere there is a battle going on, still developing his skills as a deadly vigilante striking from the shadows.
Name: Koridon Darkmoon
Realm: Earthen Ring
Age: 130

Current Residence: Shadowmoon Village (only while on his current quest, he moves depending on where the money is)

Back story: As a child, Koridon did not get along with his parents at all. One night, while his parents slept, he cut them both down in their bed. From that moment he went where ever the wind took him. He was a shadow, a ghost. Until he met Sharidon Bloodspeak. She was the love of his life, and he even gave up his life as a rogue for her. Until the Lich King's armies struck. His wife was slaughtered and he took up the cause. The cause to see the Lich King destroyed when he personally stuck his dagger in the foul beast's throat.
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Name: Honadan

Realm: Argent Dawn

level: 85

Age: 35

Current Residence: Stormwind

Short Backstory: Born in Elwynn Forest in a fishing house outside Stormwind. He was found by the church at a young age and raised and trained to become a Paladin of the light. Over the years he served in the second and third war afterward breaking from being a soldier to become a Stormwind Guard. He never felt the need to go out adventuring again until the Cataclysm struck and he knew his services would be needed. He now spends his time helping those in need around Azeroth and volunteers as a Stormwind Guard.
Name: Winston "Scruffy" O'Brian
Realm: Draka
Age:42 or 1000 or so in dog years
Current Residence: Anywhere my spirit goes
Short Back-story: Born in old Duskhaven, he spent his early years as a simple blacksmiths apprentice. After years of tutelage under Huntsman Blake, he rose as a novice hunter. twenty minutes after earning his twenty first hunting license, he was trying to leave the city of gilneas when he was conscripted into helping defend the city from worgen. The war with the forskaen left him scarred both physically and mentally as he spent the last five years wandering the world, looking for his lost love Estella. Unfortunately he has had absolutely no luck and has been preoccupied by a tour of duty in outland and northrend, and surveying the damage caused by the cataclysm.
Name: Kirainas Silverwind
Realm: Baelgun (Yes I know, not a roleplay realm... I still roleplay with him on forums.)
Age: 25 as of being killed and raised by Scourge necromancy.
Current Residence: Darnassus
Short Backstory:
Kirainas was born and raised in the capital city of Darnassus. There, he grew training to eventually be a warrior of the Alliance. One day, after a battle with the Scourge in Northrend ended, he returned to see his mother. When he arrived, Darnassus was in flames.. Scourge running through the streets.. But then, right as he stood awe-and-horror struck, a geist landed upon his back and ripped him till he died. He was raised as a Death Knight, forced to do the bidding of the Lich King. Since the time of being raised, he has done evil deeds for the Lich King, up to his defeat, and now being away from his sway, he now works for the Alliance, but, he is a Death Knight now. A survivor. A hero...
Yes I know, almost 8 lines... Sorreh. Had to finish the sentence guys..
Character's Name: Kaldran Sharkbeard

Realm: Emerald Dream

Level: 73 (and counting)

Age: 123

Current Residence: Thelsamar

Short Back Story: Born near the warm waters of Thelsamar, Loch Modan. Kaldran was soon drafted into the Dwarven Miners guild and was forced to work in the cold caverns of the Gol'Bolar Quarry Mine. After 2 years of working in the tunnels, the cave collapsed upon the Miners Guild. Many of the miners took their own lives during the many weeks of his imprisonment, but soon he felt the elements tug at his spirit. Sharkbeard found the strength to move the rocks and ice.
After the remaining miners escaped, and the guild disband, Kaldran went back to Loch Modan. Upon his arrival home, he trained for many years and soon mastered both Healing and Fighting with the aid of the Elements, Kaldran Sharkbeard soon got appointed as one of Thelsamars top Shamans (which isn't great considering theirs only two other Shamans in the town). He is currently working on restoring the Loch to its original state.
Character Name: Carthard 'Captcrunk' Crimson

Realm: Icecrown

Level: 83 For Now....

Age: Unknown

Current Residence: Tall Trees in Stranglethorn

Short Back Story: Captncrunk never really knew his family. He was raised by an elder Shaman of a different race. This always confused Captncrunk as a young child, being that he was raised by a Orc. He found sanction in all animals. Captcrunk grew very weary and anxious over time and started to exert this inner calling of himself. He began to get life lessons from the old shaman and studied the druid arts. He was infatuated with shapeshifting, often to the point where it would get him into trouble around Azeroth. Once the old Shaman died, Captcrunk felt as if he should start life on his own.. since then he has been traveling Azeroth, making friends and enemies alike. He is now on edge with the upcoming arrival of the Pandas. Who knows what the future may hold for Captcrunk.....
Character's Name: Ruiel (Shar'adore)Bloodthorn
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 40
Age: 60-70ish (Adult by Blood Elf standards)
Current Residence: Nomadic
Short Back Story: Born to a high-strung, arrogant family of Sin'dorei, Ruiel faced many years of feeling exiled. Her family craved to be welcomed back into High Elven society.
As a child, she was forced into the studies of magistry for up to five years, before she gradually gave up. One night, an explosive argument took place in the Shar'adore home. Her mother sent her out to fend for herself, without magic. It was a tedious night, but she made survived by making her own weaponry. She didn't plan to return home.
Decades of battle and misadventures went by before she began official Rogue training in Booty Bay. She would make trades with blacksmiths for optimal blades, and engage in dangerous jobs involving the Legion, the scourge, the Alliance, as well as her own kind. Ruiel earned the title "Saboteur" for her unusual methods in sabotage, and began using the surname "Bloodthorn", the Thalassian name Shar'adore translated as.
Upon returning to Northrend due to a scourge invasion, to her dismay, her family had been victims of the plague. Despite how often they criticized her, even hated her, she may never forgive herself for ending their lives by her own blade. To avoid expanding the Lich King's army, she felt it was the right thing to do.
Character's Name: tuypo
Realm: laughing skull
Level: 68
Age: 37
Current Residence: underneath the undercity bank
Short Back Story: delivered crops for a living unfortunately had a strange habit of chewing on the grains she was delivering and ate a plagued grain now lives as an adventurer and soldier
Character's Name: Voragos ( The Great)

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 85

Age: 155 (uncle)

Current Residence: Wanderer. Often found in Silvermoon and the areas surrounding it.

Short Back Story:

Voragos reveals little ( or might have forgotten entirely) his past, except that he was once a Farstrider. Convicted of inappropriate conduct and criminal activity towards the human population, he was stripped of his rank and thrown into the arcane prison which later held Kael'thas and the rest of the disgraced sin'dorei. He was freed in the jailbreak that followed, and since then has followed the sin'dorei to their current state.
Character's Name: Littleford
Realm: Scilla
Current Residence: The Wild

Short Story: Born in Elwynn Forest learning to be an assassin secretly with the Defias Brotherhood. Eventually rebelling and killing Edwin Vancleef, the leader of the Brotherhood... or is it.

Littleford went on to the level 80 cap and was 1st group rogue for Guildless. She is now, at level 85 cap, as a PVP rogue for HORDE DECIMATORS.
Character's Name: Aberthon Cinderbrood
Realm: Agammagan
Age: 38
Current Residence: Fishing home near Goldshire

Short Back Story: As a young mage apprentice before the Second War, Aberthon learned many things about the arcane arts. However, when war broke out between the Horde and Alliance again all the mages where called to battle. Aberthon started of as a minor ward caster and slowly worked himself up to the front line spell casters. However when trying to hold back an oncoming orc he was cut from his shoulder down to his waist by the orcs cursed axe. As he lay dying on the ground he saw the form of a man through his half-closed eyes. "You will be fine child," the voice called. When he woke Aberthon felt different. His magic was changed forever. He tried to hide his new cursed powers from his sweetheart back in his home of Goldshire. When he was relieved from the war he went home crippled and a hero. He then proposed to his childhood sweetheart and they became married. However, their marriage was short. They had a daughter named Myrtheda who was also magically inclined. Soon Aberthon's family was attacked by the emboldened murlocks. His wife was killed and Myrtheda lived with only a scar. Now at the age 38 Aberthon spend his time getting drunk at the Blue Recluse in Stormwind while his daughter learns magic in the nearby mage tower.
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Realm: Agamaggan

Same realm we should rp
Character's Name: Sanyonna Raycaster

Realm: Altar of Storms

Level: 40

Age: 19

Current Residence: Undercity

Short Back Story: Sanyonna was the daughter of a traveling merchant. One day as her father was making a transaction of a few potions with a Undead warlock, the Scarlet Crusade intruded on them and he was caught in the middle of the battle. As the warlock finished them off, he heard crying coming from his wagon. He walked over to it to see a young Blood Elf girl of 12 had been watching from the wagon. He decided to take her to Orgrimmer as he had planned to go until realizing she had a special talent in causing slow pain to critters that frightened her, such as snakes and bugs. He decided to take her on as his apprentice. He died during her training in the Cataclysm.
Character's Name: Malumus
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 85
Age: 70
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short Back Story:

Malumus was a Gilnean nobleman charged with the maintenance of the Greymane Wall north of his family's manor in the Northgate Woods. One night while he was surveying the wall for potential repairs, he was attacked by a worgen. After he turned, he killed his whole family.

When he eventually regained control of his senses and learned of the events that would ultimately culminate in his turning and the murder of his family (Arugal's unleashing of the worgen to fight the Scourge), he became intensely hateful of the undead and vowed to eradicate them from Azeroth. He joined the fight in Northrend and killed Arthas. Upon returning home to a shattered world, he now has new enemies in Deathwing and his followers.
Character's Name:  Eluneadore Glaivestrike
Realm: Drak'thul (Not RP)
Age: 10,000-15,000 years (Born 17 years before the invasion of the Burning Legion)
Current Residence: Darnassus, Teldrassil
Short Back Story: Eluneadore was born and grew up in Suramar. At 15, her talent for fighting was identified and she began training as a member of the Elite Force in the Kaldorei army. When she was 17,  the Burning Legion invaded, murdering all of her family except for one cousin, who had been initiated as a member of the army several years prior and was away at the time. Horrible memories from the event still leave her unable to successfully combat any dreadguard, infernal, felhound, or felguard, making her extremely susceptible to warlocks. Left alone, she was rescued by the Sisters of Elune as they fled the demolished city, prompting her to begin training with them instead. She now works as a "fixer" for the Sisterhood, being a transportable operative highly valued by her superiors. 
Character's Name: Saalan Shaktii
Realm: Drak'thul (Not RP)
Age: Several hundred years (Born shortly before the orcs's corruption on Draenor)
Current Residence: Seat of the Naaru, Exodar
Short Back Story: Saalan's parents were anchorites in the Temple of Karabor. Along with his younger sister Kyerna, he escaped after the orcs's invasion at only 8 years old. Both his parents were slaughtered. He and his baby sister were raised by Alduraa, another refugee from Karabor. He spent the rest of his childhood in Shattrath, training in martial arts and arcane magics. His sister, gifted by the Light of the Naaru, trained as a paladin. He did not see her for many years until they met in Tempest Keep, just before the Exodar left for Azeroth. Now he goes between his home city and Dalaran, teaching the magi of Azeroth some of the talents unique to Argus's arcane energies while remaining a faithful agent of the Draenei People and their city, the Exodar. 

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