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Name: Narjie Soultwister
Realm: Aman' Thul
Age: 5 upon death, now 35
Current Residence: The farmstead of an elderly couple whom he murdered and stole their souls.

Short Back Story: Just a young child when the Plague took him, Narjie was exposed to things that left a scar upon his mind that only senseless violence and soul essence could heal. Upon being released from the grip of Ner'Zhul, he quickly joined the Horde, seeing an ample opportunity to wreak unspeakable pain and suffering on both the Scourg that caused his undeath, and the Alliance that betrayed him and his family in Stratholme.

After the death of Arthas, the Lich King, Narjie gathered other Undead who felt similar to him and began bloody Cult, named "The Crimson Star", named so because whereever these bringers of death travel, they leave behind a star painted with the blood of their victims.

Narjie now travels by his lonesome, slaughering and setting his demons on any of the Alliance that he meets.
Character's Name: Khaadgrim Roark.
Realm: Moon Guard.
Level: 80
Age: Mid-40s.
Current Residence: Orgrimmar.
Short Back Story: Raised in an internment camp, became a soldier afterwards and fought in the Third War. Became a Kor'kron Elite during the construction of Orgrimmar and then an ambassador during the events of the Burning Crusade. Honorably discharged during the events in Northrend; now aids the Freelance Carriers Union full-time. More can be found at:
Name: Ramach Marduin

Realm: Khaz'Goroth

Age: 31 (at the time of the Cataclysm)

Current Residence: Old Town, Stormwind

Brief Backstory: Ramach was born and raised in Lordaeron some time before the Third War. At the age of 18 his parents were taken from him by the Plague, and his older sister had left home to battle the encroaching undead.

He spent two years living in the wilds of what is now the Western Plaguelands, fighting the Scourge endlessly and without pity. He was found camped near Sorrow Hill by agents of the Argent Dawn, and was inducted to their organisation.

A brave veteran at the Battle of Light's Hope some years later, Ramach was awarded the honour of fighting by the side of Highlord Tirion Fordring in Northrend, as part of the Argent Crusade. Now a Crusader, he has returned to the Eastern Kingdoms on leave and has taken up residence in Stormwind City.
Character's Name: Kiréa

Realm: Perenolde

Level: 80

Age: Around 2000, exact records aren't available.

Current Residence: She and her sisters share a home in the Trade district of Stormwind City.

Short Back Story:
Kiréa was born during the Draenei's flight from the Burning Legion. During her many years on the run, between countless worlds, she gained much knowledge of survival and how to help her people live on each new world they encountered. Upon the crash onto Azeroth, Kiréa joined the Humans in their fight against the Legion, and successfully beat them back. One of her younger sisters was then taken as a Death Knight, and was one of the many freed during the fall of Acherus. Unfortunately, Kiréa's newly-freed sister was murdered while valiantly protecting her comrades from harm during a mission into the heart of Icecrown Citadel. Kiréa has vowed to continue the work her sister had begun, and has successfully completed most of the mission. Her final remaining task: Assist Tirion Fordring in slaying the Lich King.

Character's Name: Crayus
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: Unknown
Current Residence: The Vault (Northrend)
Short Back Story: Not a lot is known about Crayus's past as he was brought back from the dead without a memory of his past. Though from his time as a servant of the Lich King Crayus murdered a lot of people to try and impress his master. After being betrayed at lights hope Crayus ventured into Stormwind. Travelling the lands he would kill any Scourge he came across. For the past while he has been hunting Forsaken as he feels they are still part of the Scourge.
Name: Teorah (known as that to many)
Realm: Stormreaver
Level: 80
Age: Unknown tough estimated to be 3500-3899
Current Residence: Meditating though going where my feet shall bring me
Short Back Story: Little is known about Teorah many have seen him though he was only a stranger to there eyes. He has seen many things,stopped many things and survived many things a young elven wayfarer is the sight many will see but he is a man who has seen more then many others should need to. From secrets that should have stayed dug down into the earth from monsters that only lay in child's dreams. For a moment he will be there and at the next moment he will have left on to his next path his next mission his next place to mark peace into. He will wait though in the forests and in away from sight. Meditating while animals of all regions rest beside him. A beacon of hope, a righter of wrongs a stranger simply doing his job and leaving before anyone knew he was there.
Character's Name: Heza Mirrorpool
Realm: Bloodhoof
Level: 49@current (gimme 2 weeks.)
Age: Recently come of age.
Current Residence: Nijel's Point

Short Back Story: Heza's parents are also druids, and have been constantly on the road since she was born working for the Cenarion Circle. Growing up on the road meant she was constantly exposed to the other races, and is fairly tolerant of all races unlike many of her brethren. Living among the Circle, Heza learned all forms of Druidic magic, from animal shapeshifts to healing spells. She calls herself a Druid of What's Needed, having no real preference among abilities.

When Heza came of age, she decided to leave the Circle for a few years to learn about the world and find her own path. Although she intends to return eventually, and misses her friends and parents, she has found a purpose in Desolace, at the remote Nijel's Point.
Character's Name: Ameloren Snowfury
Realm: The Venture Co.
Level: 80
Age: 11,279
Current Residence: No current permanent residence, wanders the breadth of the traditional Kaldorei lands.
Short Back Story: Ameloren lived in the city of Kel'Theril prior to the Sundering, in what is now Winterspring. He had worked somewhat with the highborne during the time, but showed no great aptitude for their arts. After the Sundering, he took up with elves who would later found Starfall village and the Ban'Thallow barrow den, spending the years studying with the druids, whose magic came more naturally, if slower, than the arcane had. More recently, he has been awoken along with the many other druids to help with the challenges faced by the Kaldorei on all fronts.
Character's Name: Greldort Bloodshot
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 80
Age: Mid-20's
Current Residence: Sen'jin Village, following movement to the Echo Isles
Short Back Story: Born and bred Darkspear who grew up during the entirety of the Darkspear Tribe's flight to the Echo Isles and now Sen'jin Village. He enlisted and trained in the Horde military itself as a sniper/recon trooper, and has served on every battlefront the Warchief has ordered him to (and a few he chose to go to).
Character Name : Tereshka
Realm : Earthen Ring
Age : I'll get back to you if/when I can find a reasonable guide for draenei maturation. For now, let's just leave it at "young adult."
Current Residence : Menethil Harbor
Short Backstory : Born on Draenor and raised in the Temple of Karabor, Tereshka spent her early years training to follow in her father's footsteps as a Vindicator. Present for the sack of the Temple by the orcish Horde, the young acolyte was charged with the evacuation of a troop of her fellow students to the relative safety of Zangarmarsh; this was the last Tereshka saw of her parents. When the Exodar eventually made its precipitous landfall on Azeroth, Tereshka volunteered her services to an expeditionary team sent to make contact with the people of the far-off Eastern Kingdoms - a mission that began with a bar brawl in the Deepwater Tavern and led to a love for the dwarves overshadowed only by her continuing devotion to the safety of her own people.
Character's Name:Aickavon Teera

Realm:Emerald Dream


Age:51((when cata))

Current Residence:Lives in Ironforge and Stormwind

Short Back Story:Growing up and joining the guard for Lordaeron. Aickavon quickly reached the rank of captain and was apart of The Seven Generals Council who controlled the seventeenth army of Lordaeron. He evacuated and escorted civilians back to Stormwind although most of the troops stayed behind, or died by the scourge, animals, or desease.

He later joined to the fight to Northrend, but his men where ambushed in Dragonblight and he was the only survivor. He then became a black knight of sorts and freelanced. He later fell in love with a paladin named Vandrain and befriended quiet a few people. Vandrain was killed by his dwarf hunter friend Jackmack when they disagreed about purging a small town from the scourge. Aick no longer is Jackmack's friend and his other friend Jinx lost her memory. His mentor Desease became a fugitive for saving Aick and he later on stopped having friends that where available.

((I think I made the story a bit long, but I tried and he does have a long history. Took out a crap loud of detail out and such.))
Character's name" Father Alexander
Level: 80
age: he never told anyone when he wa alive people assumed in the 40-70 range though he's forgotten in his death.
current residence: Lives (or unlives depending on point of view) with fellow members of the apothecary society in the Apothecarium.
Backstory: Father Alexander was directing his sermon when the plague hit stratholme. In his haste he locked his ocngregation in the church and stood outside fighting off the forces of mal'ganis. He was slain by Arthas in his zealotry. the survivors carried his body to tirisfal glades his birthplace to bury him in thanks for sacrificing himself to save them. Raised by Arthas as he razed eastern kingdoms he was set free when sylvanas broke away. As one of the first Forsaken and being very proffecient in alchemy he was named one of the tops members of teh apothecary society. he However noticed he no longer could use the powers of the light. This caused him to slip into a deep depression having to rely on the powers of shadow only to be of an use besides his alchemical knowledge. it wasn't until he was in shattrah that his hope of being a true priest was rekindled. He noticed he could draw small portions of the light and amplify it with the power of the souls of individuals. through shear discipline and will he forged a new path. He now walks the path between light and dark preaching to other forsaken the power of will and determination to cast off the shackles of their curse.
Character's Name: Kuthan Westbury
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: 20
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short Back Story: Kuthan missed all three of the great Wars, but he was raised with stories of war and glory. His father is a court conjurer of Stormwind, giving Kuthan a fair bit of money to throw away. He's an exceptional fighter, and holds a seething hatred for the Horde that only a Human could have. Despite his violent profession as a soldier-for-hire for the Alliance, he's somehow managed to get married.
Character's Name: Omashu
Realm: Saurfang
Level: 80
Age: 31 (human years)
Current Residence: The Gilded Rose

Short Back Story: Selling wares that are of fortunes and readings, Omashu leads a vagabond lifestyle, never staying in a place for long.

What little past he had, he tries to forget since the tragic end of his shamanistic career.
*Please note that Wildpaw will be going Troll, ignore that Tauren avatar!*

Character's Name: Wildpaw
Realm: Arygos
Level: 80
Age: Young, unknown.
Current Residence: Currently residing in Org, despite the rumbles
Short Back Story: Orphaned at an early age, Wildpaw has always been just that - wild. Raised without an education, her child-like mind was further shattered by a tragic childhood fire that left her scarred and spurned by her tribe. Wildpaw embraced Druidism as a way of escaping death and has excelled in using the art of Druidism to kill on whim. Although she doesn't adhere to the laws of Druids, Wild has been protected by Ysera herself, who has found a soft spot for the outcast. Deranged, easily influenced, and speaking in broken Orcish, this Druid's only interest is finding her next meal in a world she doesn't understand.
name: Ultandin Lightblade
realm: galakrond (not rp but whatever)
age: 31 (young but mature)
short back story: (childhood here )
adulthood: after the death of his orcish step-brother to the lich king and still furious about the raising of his parents, the death of his mentor and the destruction of silvermoon Ultandin became obsessed with vengeance and will not rest until he kills the lich king and frees his brother from death knighthood.
(killing lk isn't going to be in the actual story i am writing behind the link, but redeeming his brother is)
Name: Tairinkain Crowsmead
Level: 80 ((pre-cata))
Age: 2399
Realm: Velen
Current Residence: Somewhere in the woods of Elwynn
Backstory: A feral Druid who stays away from society, for the most part. Living mostly in the woods near Stormwind but every now and then visits her old home in the tree city of Darnassus. Travels around mostly as a bird in the forests, but will saunter around the main cities as a cat looking and listening for possible work to earn some money. Draws and paints between her time working n sleeping.
Character's Name: Danyl Silverhelm
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: 28
Current Residence: Dalaran
Short Back Story: Danyl was raised an orphan, never knowing who his parents were or whether they still lived. Immediately upon coming of age, he enlisted with the Lordaeron military, where he fought in the third war.

Upon conclusion of the third war, he departed the military for mercenary work -- going from battle to battle and fighting in every major engagement over the years that followed. This constant state of warfare is all he knows, and he continues his mercenary career from Dalaran.
Character's Name: Atzi One-Ear
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 80
Age: 27
Current Residence: Kargathia Keep, Ashenvale
Short Back Story: Atzi's mother was a Darkspear Shaman, her father was a Bloodscalp voodoo witch doctor that bought her from slavers. Atzi was the black sheep of her family, and was exiled from her tribe, basically a death sentence. She survived, against all odds, and was captured by the Horde stealing supplies from Grom'Gol Basecamp shortly before the war on Outland. She was given to an aging Orc and his squad of troopers as a prisoner of war, and eventually earned their trust.

Recently, she and the new commander of the troop went back to Atzi's birthplace and freed her from a curse her father had placed on her when she was exiled.

Character's Name: Alicia Melemmarie Pendergrass
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 80
Age: Was around 29 before death
Current Residence: Dalaran
Short Back Story: Born before the first war in the Redridge Mountains, Alicia had a rough life. Her brother, David, cared for her, and protected her from their father, who abused them both. When Alicia was 15, sometime after the second war, but before the events of Day of the Dragon, they ran away from home and lived with their neighbour, Gabriel, for some time while David tried to contact someone to take his sister for training as a mage. Eventually, she was taken to Dalaran, where she was taught to control her power. She was killed during the attack on Dalaran by Prince Arthas and his Scourge minions, then brought back as a Scourge. Some time after the defeat of Illidan in Northrend, Alicia regained herself and joined the Forsaken.

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