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Character's Name:Deltov Steamrigger
Level: 35
Current Residence:Stormwind
Short Back Story: A gnome who came to study in stormwind at the cathedrel of light to become a powerful priest. Is an accomplished engineer and can usually be seen tinkering with his various machines. ((thats what I got so far XD))
Character's Name: Jeliana Rendall McConroy
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 28
Age: 33
Current Residence: Nomadic
Short Back Story: Jeliana was born to an average fisher's daughter and a traveling merchant in the little town of Booty Bay. Her days were often spent learning trading skills from her father; and being top dog of the little group of children closest to her age at the time.
As she grew older, she moved to Stormwind and worked the docks as a teenager finding her way in life. Whilst working the docks; she ended up making a bargain with a man when wagering on a drunken fight that had broken out at a tavern. Jeliana had won, and in return, was taught basic dagger and sword play, having to hone her skills herself after the "Unnamed" stranger left.
Always having had a greed for power; Jeliana began trading between both the Alliance and the Horde, becoming a neutral trader. Her current goal is to assemble a crew and to find, steal, or buy herself a suiting ship. Currently, she travels by horseback or hitches rides on sailing ships.

She's known to be a real b*tch when things don't go her way.

[ [ Would have definitely been more detailed if it hadn't been the 200 word limit :p ] ]
[ [ Also, would be posting on her but Armory hasn't even taken notice to her existence... ] ]
Name: Royalien " Royalcoco " Shadon
Realm: Rexxar
Level: 90 as of 10/11/12
Age: Was 5,000 years old when slewn
Currently into her 2,000 year of undeath
Current Residence: None, but tends to hang out in Goldshire
Short Back Story: Royalien was born inside the Exodar while the draenei were escaping to Azeroth. After a few thousand years or so, she became a warrior and began traveling the world helping others until one day she was killed by one of the Lich King's minions. She was revived and eventually broke free from the Lich King. Since then, she has resumed her task in life of helping those in need. Recently, her undeath has begun taking its toll ( i.e. limbs falling off, rotting, forced to wear gear that doesn't look good even with transmogs ).
Name: Arlessa Sunwalker
Realm: Frostwolf
Level: 85
Age: 92
Current Residence: Orgrimmar, although she also holds lodgings in Thunderbluff to meditate and enhance her connection to the Light.
Short Back Story: Leaving her Blood Elf heritage behind, Blu Ark embarks on a lifelong quest to embrace her connection to the Light. During the cataclysm Blu Ark journeyed alongside heroes of Azeroth to lend her healing arts to others in need, and to help repair a broken world. However rumors have surfaced of an expedition to journey towards a new undiscovered continent, knowing her magical abilities will be needed she signs up. Although her true ambition is to emhance her connection to the light, seeing this quest as a chance to discover more about her gift.

(Bluark, and my other Blu characters are actually a fanfic i begun in 08 having said that, i may introduce them to the world on the rp forums... The order of the Blu.)
Name: Theodohr Silverarbor
Realm: Emerald Dream
Level: 74
Age: 30
Current Residence: Nordrassil, but is usually traveling to find others who have been called by Ysera.

Short Back Story:

Born in the brozen tundra of Dragonblight, young Theodohr and his family fled at the request of Theodohr's father when news of a terrible plague reached their village. Taking refuge in Gilneas, the refugee Theodohr found a home with the Harvest Witches in an ever growing xenophobic land.

After being inflicted with the Worgen curse, Theodohr was contacted by Ysera through visions and has been tasked with finding others attuned to the Emerald Dream. After Deathwing's defeat, Theodohr has sworn to protect Ysera and the Green Dragonflight from any who wish to defile the Dream.
Character's Name: Magistrix Velidrandra Dawnbreaker
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: 7,387
Current Residence: Silvermoon

Short Backstory: Being born nearly eight millennia ago, Velidrandra is one of the few sin'dorei and quel'dorei who is old enough to have been alive during the Highborne's exile from Kalimdor, although she remembers little of it due the blinding headaches most of her people received after being cut off from Nordrassil. When they landed in the new world they named Tirisfal, but some of her people went mad and many believed an ancient evil lurked under the land, so they traveled north, constantly under attack from Amani forest trolls. After many months they encountered a land rich I ley energy. Unfortunately, the land where they built their city was the site of an ancient troll city. Although they had powerful magicks, they could not defeat the Amani trolls. So they turned to the humans of Arathor for assistance. Their king, Thoradin, agreed to help in return that Silvermoon magi would instruct one hundred humans in the arcane arts. Although personally against teaching humans magic, for she knew it would create future problems, she followed the wishes of King Anasterian and was one of the magi that instructed the human pupils. This was her first encounter with humans and she found them short-lived, impetuous, and frankly, not worth her time, this experience formed her total opinion of the human race. Little happened between then and current events, though most of her family died in the third war.

Currently she lives in her mansion in Silvermoon by herself.
Character's Name: Harrison Marshall Eberlin
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 64
Age: 47
Current Residence: Outskirts of Stormwind City
Short Back Story: Eberlin was born in Dalaran, where he had a profound interest in magic. He studied to become an independent fire mage, before he left Dalaran to go to Stormwind, in pursuit of higher power. He had heard the rumors of the power held by the Legion, and wanted to learn for himself. After a tragic accident caused by his ego when he summoned a demon he could not control, he moved away from demonology and became a shadowmage, a warlock who focuses on the use of shadow magic.
Name: Zurom
Realm: Uther
Level: 85
Age: Uknown
Current Residence : Undercity

Short Back Story:
Throughout his child hood Zurom wanted to become one of Silvermoon City's most powerful mages, studying the subjects of arcane magic. Then he also enjoyed spending his watching the Farstrider rangers train. Some might say that the reason he wanted to be a mage was to gain the respect of a certain ranger named Sylvannas Windrunner. However, when the Lich King led his army of scrouge though Silvermoon city killing the ranger he respected the most. Zurom felt that what he learned was not enough to save his people he felt that he needed more than just the arcane power of he had.

Zurom trained to become a Warlock, realizing that in order to defeat darkness he must embarce it. Zurom did most of his training in the Ghostlands after Silvermoon was rebuilt. Alone with his demons seeming them as friends rather than tools as most blood elf warlocks do. Eventually learning about the history of the new horde before actually joining them like the rest of his people. Zurom gained respect for all members of the Horde he viewed them as kindred spirits, and gained a respect for then that most blood elves do not. It was during this time that he learned that Sylvannas' body did not burn in the fires of Quel'thas as most blood elves believed at the time.

Now proud member of the horde Zurom no longer calls the golden halls of Slivermoon his home, instead he hopes to make up for the rangers death, by helping them in their undeath by joining the ranks of The Forsaken. Zurom spends a large about of time around Undercity hoping to create new homes for the members of the horde that like him had lost there way.

Lemme know what you think. I would love some pointers not fix potential plot holes. Like how Keal'thas betray could tie into this. How old he should be. Maybe even a last name I was thinking something along the lines of Shadowstiker or Shadestrider.
Character's Name: Nyoqia
Realm: Farstriders
Level: 67
Age: 124
Current Residence: None, but frequents Undercity and Orgrimmar
Short Back Story: Being half human, Nyoqia lived with her father in Silvermoon City, as her father was a priest, trying to bring back the arcane magic the elves left behind. When she was old enough to leave her home to start her own life, her mother's true race was revealed, causing her to leave in anger. She found herself in Tirisfal Glades, among the Forsaken, where her alliance lies with Sylvanas.

She is now a part of the Horde militia, unaware of Hellscream's recent actions, fighting for the Forsaken and Horde's honor, along with trying to find her mother.
Name: Kiraeg
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Age: 25
Residence: Mainly Ogrimmar

Mok'ra my fellow Horde!

I am Kiraeg and my mother was pregnant with me during the second war. I was born in the Hammerfall internment camp. Imprisonment didn't last long as Thrall and Doomhammer had freed the Orcs of the camp.

My father was killed during the second war, a brave warrior and my mother vowed to return him to Nagarand when she discovered his fate.

I became a Shaman and wanted to follow in Thrall's tracks, I'm a Frostwolf but search for my own name and for honor in my father's legacy. Om'riggor!

I learned engineering from a Goblin in Ogrimmar and learned to love gems as I worked with various Ore.

I am an Orc and love battle as much as any other Orc – within logical reason – I don't tolerate stupidity and I don't fear. I will come to words before battles, strategy before actions.

My home is Ogrimmar, but I never forget Nagarand and my ancestors and their stories and struggles to raise our people to who they are.

I carry the banner of the Horde under Thrall's leadership and I don't agree with Garrosh Hellscream and his politics or governance as Warchief.

I seek allies and friends and welcome all to join me in my adventures!

Lok'tar ogar!
Character's Name: Trevonus FelBlood
Realm: Argent Dawn
Level: 84
Age: Estimated 1000
Current Residence: The Fel planes, but only goes there to Regain strength
Short Back Story: Trevonus was once a powerful Archmage in silvermoon before the scourge invasion. After seeing the brutal death of his beautiful wife and daughter he lost some of he sanity(Namely the part that deals with logic and began to reach deeper into the Darker magics as source of greater power for his vengeance. The Fel energys soon began to consume his flesh. Leading to him being offten mistaken for a member of the forsaken. Shortly after his fleash began to rot his flesh, Horns grewfrom his skull ripping through the skin and his hands became claws.
Character's Name: Dumptrux Nom'shea Fahlom

Realm: Black Hand

Level: 48

Age: 24

Current Residence: Amriguard Citadel - New Lordaeron - Northern Coast of the Eastern Kingdoms. What used to be Silvermoon City.

Short Back Story: Centuries after the Cataclysm, the Fall of the Lich King, and the rise of the Perfect Black, the new kingdom of Lodaeron flourishes. The Horde and Alliance are no longer divided. It is from this time that I have traveled to learn the secrets of the past, to save my future.
Name : mythology (katarina RP name)
Age 22 young-adult
Server Feathermoon
Home Twilight grove
birthplace: silvermoon city

Im new to role-play.

Her mother and father were lost in a battle between the horde and alliance, She was an oprhan in the orgrimmar orphanage for many a years before she finally set off on her own jounrney to rediscover herself. She found a safe haven in the twilight grove so calming it was to her mind. So there she made her peace with herself, Still sad she has not found love and still seeks revenge on those who had wronged her.

She stands there with her golden hair looking sad as she glances at the moon her dress hugging her slim curves is wrinkled from the tears she wope upon it. She appears so sad yet so lost, her eyes burning with the hopes of a new tomorow.
A young woman with a graceful beautiful face, Soft and tender.
Just so you guys know the ages you put for your Bloodelfs makes them a child to teenager, here check this site out.
The ages in () would be before they lost their "imortality" (when they were high elves)
Character's Name: Dentarnia "Silver" Silverwhisper
Realm: Silver Hand
Level: 78... so far
Age: 325
Current Residence: Mage Quarter of Stormwind
Short Back Story: She lost her family in the Cataclysm that destroyed her home in Auberdine. Having seen the destruction, she has abandoned the Light and turned instead to the Shadows. Now a member of Ordo Tenebrae, a sect of shadow worshipers, she seeks to grow in power and in wisdom.
Characters Name: Vandross
Realm: Illidan

Current Residence: I am the Universe

Short Back Story: Goblin born on the demonic surface of jupiter and sucked into dimension of Azeroth Lol.
Character's Name: Shadenfreude

Realm: Durotan

Level: 55 and moving up fast

Age: Old enough to know better!

Current Residence: Swamp of Sorrows

Short Back Story: I come from a long line of rascals and trouble makers. I can't help it, it's in me nature. My mother taught me everything she knows, especially to stay away from the voodoo. That's why I left home. All those new druids made me worry some. I've changed my opinion of them, of course, especially since a few of them have finally loosened up and actually let me ride on them.
Character's Name: Styvan Swiftstrike

Realm: Lightnings Blade (tho will be making one on Moon Guard)

Level: 85

Age: 60

Current Residence: Cottage over looking Fairbreeze Village

Short Back Story: Was one of the first High Elf paladins, and fought in the second war with his brother Levias (who was one of the Farstriders captured by the Horde). He then after the war moved back to his home of Goldenmist Village and started to grow a family, with a lovely wife and son. He was on patrol for troll incursions when the Scourge came, and killed his family. Now, with his world shattered, he has become arrogant and cocky, and vengeful against almost all undead...

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