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Character's name: Aeluron Lightsong

Realm: Silver Hand(Which suffering from lack of Roleplay :( )

Level: 85(Soon to be 90)

Age: 22(??)

Short Story summary: Grew up in Lordaeron trained every day to be strong has a Battle sense to keep him alive. Goes through many tragedies. His base core traits are Endless Compassion High Moral Compass and big Understanding. He is at his physical peak but with Theramore blown up dealing with the depression of losing his parents in the *destruction*.

P.S. I have an actual deep backstory for him then this but I'll post it when I'm done developing it and editing it.
Name: Kaz'Meck

Race: Darkspear Troll

Gender: Male

Faction: Horde

Age: Rather Young

Realm: Moon Guard

Description: A tall troll, with a rather muscular built even though he trains his mind as much if not more than his body. His tusks are well taken care of, white, and protruding from his hood. He wears warpaint, white and gray in color, typical from his clan. He walks in ahunch state, not really because he lacks posture, but rather to hear shorter races better. He is rather young, but his words are wise.Weapons and Armor: His vestments are obviously magical in nature. The darker hue of his robes make contrast with his light blue skin. The vestments are covered in magical trinkets and skulls of several species. The Trolls certainly like their mojos and jujus... He wields a large magical staff tightly secured on his back with leather straps that easily untie when he wishes to take the staff out.Basic

History: He fought with Vol'jin against the Naga Zar'jira, and his victory awarded him with several magical trinkets, as well as earning him some measure of recognition amongst the Darkspear. After the fight was done and the Echo Isles were retaken, he started a crusade through Durotar. Not unlike many Darkspear, Kaz'Meck found the leveling of Theramore to be pure folly.He is now discreetly recruiting and rallying people under Vol'jin, while challenging the rule of Garrosh, being a Thrall supporter.
Character's Name: Talegos "Gangnamstyle" Lorgasi

Realm: Emerald Dream

Level: 60

Age: Unknown

Current Residence: Ruins of Lordaeron

Short Back Story:
Oh god. I-its cold. Last I remember I was fighting off the kings son when he had stuck his own father down! I was once a proud knight of Lordaeron! I remember Arthas growing up like it was just yesterday! I.. I keep having these nightmares, like I was under taking role as a heir to this man. This tall knight with the same sword that had struck down the king! I am ... Undead now. A monster. I don't know how long it has been since Arthas has killed his own father, My king. I don't know how long it's been since Lordaeron fell. From my understandings there are more like me. More... Monsters! I don't know where to go or who to talk to. Everything around the once beautiful Lordaeron is either rotting and dying or is just scary. I hope soon, I can figure out what is going on. Till then... I am just a once proud knight turned into this monster.
Character's Name: Levias Swiftstrike

Realm: Lightnings Blade and Moon Guard

Level: 85

Age: 72

Current Residence: Around

Short Back Story: Was trained as a Farstrider and was one of the elves that was betrayed by Alterac and captured by the Horde. After the Second War was over, he was almost sent with the expedition to Draenor, but decided not to go. Instead, the Farstrider leadership sent him to learn all that they could about these new firearms the dwarves down in Ironforge were making, and to train with them. He was there for many years, helping them create new types when he heard his homeland was destroyed by the Undead Scourge but he still couldnt get home, do to all the Scourge blocking his path, but he made it to see the Quel'Thalas rebuilt, and rejoin his younger brother, Styvan
Character's Name: Sylbroris Nightsinger

Realm: Arathor

Level: 55

Age: 318

Current Residence: Currently hanging around Winterspring.

Short Back Story:
The only child of two war veterans, Syl's parents did their best to shelter her from the horrors they'd witnessed. She was expected to join the priesthood, but it became abundantly clear a life of prayer and quiet contemplation was not her path. In her youth she befriended an old Tauren hunter who taught her the way of the wilds and its creatures. However, Syl decided long ago nature was to provide; not be a sacred realm of frolicking and worship. The mortal vice of 'greed' gripped the young night elf - much to her kin's displeasure- and she has taken to hunting for sport. Not to say she cares nothing for her home...but now Syl's goal is to kill one of every living thing on Azeroth...and eat it. (If possible.)
Name: Shirum.
Realm: Exodar
Residence: Constantly travels. Only stays in one place for morethan a few days in case it intrigues him, or if he must because of injury or fatigue.
Age: 30

Shirum used to be just a young pandaren who was a light drinker and a very friendly pandaren. However, ever since Shen Zin Su became ill, he decided to take up arms and train in the ancient art of combat. He trained under an ancient monk master, soon learning his talents, as well as balance and fierce combat tactics. He longs to cleanse the world of tyranny and fear, and wishes to best all who challenge him to make his deceased master proud. So far, he is doing very well, but it is a long road to heal Azeroth of ALL war.
Name: Ecrulis the Undying (Ecrulis Spireblade)
Realm: Dalaran
Residence: Eastern Plaguelands
Age: 120 (Upon Death)

In life Ecrulis was a Paladin in service of Silvermoon; he wholeheartedly believed in the Light's ability to protect anyone too weak to fend for themselves. Then came the scourge, he survived the assault on his city to find his parents mangled corpses, then only to later die in the ruins of Stratholme. Upon his rebirth he felt the cold tendrils of Arthas' power flooding his mind slowly twisting the former paladin's mind into something monstrous; by the time the Ebon Blade broke free of Arthas' hold the transformation had long been complete Ecrulis Spireblade was dead and Ecrulis the Undying stood in his place. The light is a lie, and honor and mercy are a weakness those too spineless to do what is necessary cling to. The only true power is Death and those who wield its powers.
Character's Name: Gulbon Megabolt, AKA "Frag"
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 87
Age: 81
Current Residence: Deeprun Tram
Short Back Story: A depressing Gnome with a depressing past, Gulbon prefers not to talk about his past to just anybody. His mother, father, and brother are deceased, and he's had many terrible things happen to him.
Character's name: Orney Smith
Realm: Durotan
Age: lost track one year ago (21 at time of death)
Current Residence: None, but grew up in Lordaeron
Short Back Story: Orney grew up in coastal Lordaeron and joined Alliance Spec Ops (does not remember unit name) when the Horde invaded. He served with such honor that he was recruited into the bodyguard of Prince Arthas and witnessed his Prince's many crimes. Orney quit the service in protest shortly before Arthas took many of his brethren to Northrend, and was killed fighting back-to-back with a fellow Spec-ops soldier named Belmont when Arthas returned and murdered the people of Lordaeron. Sylvanas later resurrected him when she needed veteran rogues to carry out black ops missions mid-way through the time of the Cataclysm.
Orney was shocked to find out that the Alliance that he had fought for against the orcs was now his, and his people's, sworn enemies. Orney dearly wishes for peace with his once allies the Alliance but for the time being will fight tooth-and-nail to keep his people safe from Human racism and Hellscream's growing insanity.
He joined the Horde's Grinning Vanguard to help out and spend time with his God-brother Gob and close friends Tamostu and the other Vanguard. He is currently campaigning in Pandaria (location classified) and wondering when the time will come for him to fight his Warchief...
Name: Lorgeth Thunderweald
Realm: Aman'thul (no oceanic RP realms)
Age: 81
Level: 88 (90 soon)
Current Residence: Ironforge
Short Back Story: Orphaned as a wee lad Lorgeth remembers little of his years in the Ironforge Orphanage. Lorgeth was adopted by a Wildhammer shaman after she sensed a strong tie with the spirits in the boy. During his studies with his Foster Mother Lorgeth meet his lifelong friend and companion Cloud (Gryphon). Despite being raised a Wildhammer Lorgeth never felt at home in the verdant hills of the Hinterlands and so returned to Ironforge shortly before the Third War. Lorgeth now aids the Alliance in the war with the Horde. The current political situation in Ironforge has Lorgeth troubled as far as he is concerned Moira gave up her claim to the throne when she married into the Dark Iron Clan, although others may think different. Despite this Lorgeth will never forget who he is and will fight for what he believes in. Friends. Family. Food. The Alliance.
Name: SooYung Lei
Realm: Earthen Ring
Age: 19
Level: 20
Current Residence: She holes herself up in the inns at Orgrimmar, but would rather be travelling.
Short backstory: SooYung is the eldest child in her family by a year. This is unfortunate, because her mother is a monk trainer, and wanted a daughter that would excel in the ebb and flow of weaponless combat. SooYung is not that child. That child is her younger sister Xianhe. The two girls were inseparable until SooYung left to join the Horde, and Xianhe the Alliance. Now SooYung is a sulky, lonely young lady.
Name: Radrin

Class: Monk
Name: Amaya Ravenclaw
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: 14286
Current Residence: Ironforge (Assumed)
Short Back Story:
Born into an almost ordinary family somewhere in the heart of Zin'Azshari, Amaya lived her life with two sisters and three brothers. Quite a life for an elf like her. Somewhere after Azshara was curropted, she had barely escaped the city. Only one of her siblings live to day, whom is her brother. This would only be a small portion of her life, though. She preferred to keep most of her life secretive.

It has come to SI:7's attention that XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX, also known by her street name "IlAssassinoDeMorte" or "Ninjaxdeath" in her gutterspeak, has been sighted meeting with the Goblin Trade princes in XXXXXXX. Our agents were able to disseminate her location from that meeting:
I. XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX is involved on the Darkspear realm of being.
II. Her current age is 346
III. Current residence is unknown
I recommend a tactical blackbag op to bring in XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX. The alchemical and engineering knowledge her family had made itself immeasurably rich off of...has also been used in war efforts against the Alliance, most notably in the Wrathgate Incident. Extreme caution and vigilance must be exercised during this op, to reduce collateral damage.

Please Advise,

*This memo is intended for internal distribution only. If you are not the intended receiver of this message please dispose of properly and forget everything you have read.*
I have two that i am just starting so here it goes
Name: Harnka Longtusk
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Age: 25
Current Residence: Unknown
HarnKa knows nothing of his past. all he remembers is wakening up in a pool of blood at the bottom of a cliff with nothing but a few clothes and a bag of supplies. He named himself after a name that was written on his pack and gave himself the name Longtusk because of the length of his tusks. He is wandering the world trying to find out who he is and know that he has skill in magic after an attack by a wandering Alliance Paladin almost killed him if not for the freezing he did when he went to block the attack. He now wanders seeking training in the ways of the Mage in hopes of one day uncovering who he really is.
Plz let me know how i did on this one and the next one thank you
also he has an obsidian hatchling named Jimmy
Character's name: Crystilmir
Realm : Drak'Tharon
level: 32
Age: 21????
Guild: Crusaders of Darkness

She awoke in Elwynn Forrest, her head aching and no memory of where she had been or what had happened to her. Graxo an aged hunter took her in and named her after his daughter who had died in infancy and taught her marksmanship and the ways of the hunter.
Name: Miwata Grimtotem
Realm: Argent Dawn
Age: 19
Current Residence: None. Based in Thunderbluff, but she's almost never there.

Short Back Story: Orphan of "bloodtraitor" Grimtotems killed in the clan's civil war, she carries the shame of her clan and the hate of her relatives. Her 2 "bloodtraitor" cousins, are way older and were at war at the time, and decided to send her to Narache. After her trials, she burned her last bridges fighting for Baine and swearing allegiance to him in the battle of Stonetalon Pass. Now the Grimtotems have a price on her head...

She's shy, friendly (to her very few friends), and curious (sometimes it gets the best of her and overcomes her usual quietness). She doesn't talk about her clan if she can avoid it, as it brings only sadness and grief. The only time everything really makes sense for her is when she's out in the wilds or caring for her pets. Despite her hunting calling, she loves and respects animals. And she never, ever, hunts for trophies.
Character's Name: Tergasth
Realm: Eitrigg
Age: 35
Current Residence: Unknown, Believed to fly over Azeroth while searching for constantly more powerful enemies.

Short Back Story: While a young man, Tergasth searched for sacred relics, for the sole purpose of gaining power. He discovered the fel arts while travelling through Kalimdor with a night elf guide. Witness to the destruction of the World Tree, the fel energies released from the death of Archimonde granted him great knowledge of the demons he now controlled. Now having travelled back in time with the bronze dragonflight, and witness to the destruction wrought by Deathwing, he has ventured to Pandaria, to jounrey deeper beyond the mists.
Character's Name: Elementalist Xhi'Xhi

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 90

Age: 78

Current Residence: Shrine of the Two Moons

Short Back Story:

Xhi'Xhi, despite her age, still enjoys traveling through out the lands, healing the injured and communing with the elements. She started on her path as a shaman when she was but a child, specifically at the age of six when she began to bend water to heal her scrapes and bruises while playing with her brothers and sisters. Since then she spent her entire life traveling from place to place and learning everything she could about each element. Now, she has settled down in the inn of the Shrine of Two Moons, where she can often be seen at the bar partaking in her favorite vice, drinking. She offers many tales of her past, the elements, old wisdom, and a few crude jokes if one would like to take a seat and share some brew with her. On a side note, Xhi'Xhi is most aligned with the element of fire despite being a healer.

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