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Character's Name: Avionei Saberarrow
Realm: Wrymrest Accord
Level: 55
Age: 324 ((24 in human years))
Current Residence: Always Traveling

Short Back Story:
Avionei used to reside in a small fishing village((Exact location unknown)) with her family when she was young. Her family was full of well known fisherman and hunters that traded meat for other types of goods. One day out in the blue, a pack of demons from the Burning Legion came in and burned down the entire fishing village, slaughtering everyone in her village including her entire family.

It turned out that she was the only one who survived. As the Burning Legion left, she rushed into the woods that was nearby the village and began with her travels to get revenge on the ones who slaughtered her family.

She is now a trader/bounty hunter/fisherman who travels all around of Azeroth to trade, hunt for demons, and fish.
Character's Name: Kanzara Stormblade

Realm: Earthen Ring

Level: 90

Age: 10,739

Current Residence: Darnassus

Short Back Story: Kanzara participated in the War of the Ancients when she was almost already a thousand years old. The war took her parents, and she -thought- her sisters. Later on, she finds out one was killed, thousands of years later by her best friend, and the other was killed trying to protect her. She took the rank of Lieutenant Commander almost immediately after the Sentinels were formed, after the Sundering, and she was not actually promoted to Commander (and eventually Marshal, very soon), until recent years for personal reasons. Lastly, she is married, and she has two beautiful little girls.
Name: Rhodeutia the Younger
Age: 30 human years by the Cataclysm
Class: Fighter(Warrior), Divine Champion(level 10).
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Alliance of Stormwind as a dignitary of Darnassus.
Patron Deity OR Eternal: Alexstrasza
Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Charisma

Hailing from the Isle of Rho(formerly Rho'Nissi, a Highborne island city), the details of Rhodeutia's birth are unknown. She was adopted into a coven of the Red Dragonflight Cult, devoting themselves religiously to Alexstrasza. Her surrogate mother was Rhodeutia the Elder, a Night Elf warrior who was the matriarch of the coven.

Trained by her mother in the Night Elf warrior disciplines, Rhodeutia is at her best with Night Elven arms, armor, and tactics/techniques. She is cultured in the Kaldorei ways and speaks fluent Darnassian and Thalassian. While her warrior attributes are good, Rhodeutia is also a talented thespian and dancer.

From the timespan of the Second War to the Cataclysm, Rhodeutia traveled to-and-fro, adventuring, questing, and performing for a living while making her regular pilgrimages. She was called to fight for the Red Dragonflight several notable times, such as the Nexus War and the Twilight Highlands campaign.

After Deathwing's fall, Rhodeutia became a broken woman. When the Mists dissipated, she was stunned to learn of her Pandaren origins. In Pandaria, she undergoes a completely new series of quests to find out the truth of her purpose in existence.
Name: Zerkhal "Zerkle" Sparklelock
Age: 55(Human year standard) by the Cataclysm
Class: Marksman(Becomes Epic Marksman by Cataclysm)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faction: Steamwheedle Cartel
Favored attributes: Constitution, Dexterity

A well-experienced military commando, Zerkhal has participated in all but the least-paying missions and contingencies in Azerothian history. Without regards to racial enemies, Zerkhal will almost always take up the highest bidder's offer. He particularly makes his appeals with his famous gunpowder weapon enterprise, that he would show preference for a bid to the person/party who would agree to buy more of his firearms.

"SPLOCK Firearms Co.", which their products incorporate a strike-spark lock system, were first used in the Gurubashi Mission Field Conflict(otherwise known as the War in Stranglethorn). Zerkhal, who greatly hated Trolls with a sincere hatred, sold thousands of pistols, rifles, boomsticks, and artillery cannons to the military forces stationed there fighting the Trolls. Since then, Splock weapons were utilized in every conflict by factions of both Alliance and Horde.

By the Cataclysm, Zerkhal's "SPLOCK Firearms" owned about 55% of the gunpowder weapon market share in Azeroth. Many Hunters of all races praise Splocks for their accuracy, power, and reliability despite their substantially higher cost. Splocks are the considered the best, third only to the more exquisite and more expensive Dwarven and Gnomish makes.
Character's Name: Nickël Wintursen
((anointed as "Dawnblade" by a travelling seer in his youth))
Realm: Wrymrest Accord
Level: 63
Age: About 33 at time of death.
Current Residence: Travelling, but when not, a small home in Hearthglen

Short Back Story:
Nickël was born and raised an only child on a small farm in what is now the Western Plaguelands. His parents died when he was 15 from an orc attack, and he inherited the farm as a result. For another 5 years, he worked the land, earning a living for himself, his wife of two years and their child, until he returned one day and found the farm in flames, and his family gone. With nowhere else to go, he enlisted in the Lordaeron Army, and ended up being amongst the forces taken to Northrend by Arthas. After Arthas was corrupted, he fled into the frozen wastes along with many others, and was eventually killed by a scourge band.
He was then ressurected as a Death Knight in Naxxramas, and from there, was sent to Acherus: The Ebon Hold.
Since then, Nickël joined an order of former men and women of Lordaeron, and has been fighting alongside them since, attempting to right the wrongs he undoubtedly committed during his servitude to the Lich King.
Character's Name: Sai 'Bane' Lionheart

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord (recently moved there.)

Level: 85(at the moment)

Age: Her current age is unknown, Just know that she is an adult.

Current Residence: She is currently stay in Old Town of Stormwind

There is not much known to this Elf about her own background. She had helped out in the Argent Dawn during the time of the Lich King. A few years down the line from there she had ran into a worgen Death Knight named Shadow, whom she called Mother out of respect and it orginally stuck, she was adopted into the Worgen's family. She now has a Brother named Kagai. When she is looked at she looks like your normal Night Elf, but, there is something different about her, being a druid, yes, she is intune with nature. If asked what she thinks about her people, her words are sharp and shows no like towards her own kin. She finds herself more at home with the thugs and bandits, hell even warlocks. (Yes, I know, Druid, being friends with warlocks? LEGASP. My character not yours, don't like it, Don't RP with her.) She is not a soft spoken woman in the slightest, she has always been willing to tell others how she feels.
(not much of a backstory. :< But, best I could do with the massive migrain I am getting.)
Character's Name: Kushfire
Realm : Tichondrius
Age: 142
Current Residence: Org
Back Story: We Troll's neva die mon.. Afta watchin tha villages burn in tha ol war.. And after masta Sen'jin himself fell at the hands of da Sea witch.. We Darkspea took to be brotas wit da Orc's... yes but dis in itself be causein wars too.. between da trolls own blood! But we say.. No man the Darkspea not side wit Zandalari or ya Revantusk.. We side wit da Horde.. Ah i was a wee yute when i learned the ways of the bow.. But war changes alot... And i sought to stand for tose that stood for us when we could not.. So i fight and will keep fightin cause we Darkspea Neva die mon.. Blood and Thunda
Characters Name: Leonard "Fudged" Growdley
Realm: Thaurissan (Not ingame Rp'er)
Level: 24
Age: 264 years, 7 months, 4 days, 11 hours and 32 mins.
Current residence: Undercity
Short Back Story: He was 24 when one of his 'Experiments' went wrong, he wanted to make a living Fudge, but it went terribly wrong and he was brutally beaten with his intestines. So, as a result people tend to call him the 'Fudged' (Hense his nickname) In undeath he realised he was alone, and unemployed. So he ventured to the Undercity to seek work as a warlock. His sadistic view towards life and unnatural love of demons led him through training with flying colours. He ventured out into the world to cuddle critters and torture gnomes. He is usually alone as surprisingly no-one likes the evil mastermind demon cuddler.
Name: Kolobok ( Russian cartoon carachter)
Age: Ancient, played this game since 2004
Class: Fighter(Warrior),
Alignment: Barter
Faction: Horde Chief
Favorite tool: WoW Auctionizer (helps me sell staff)
Short Back Story: Fought for many ears, tried to conquer rare items and prices. But then I faced a question, how do I sell it? Well found a good solution on Windows 8 platform, wow auctionizer. Now I'm ready to retire on coastline of Booty Bay my troll buddies.
Character's Name: Alabron Stargaze

Realm: Moonguard

Level: 85 (Not sure if that will change anytime soon)

Age: Over 700 years

Current Residence: Darnassus

Short Back Story: Born in the unknown wilds of somewhere in Felwood. He never knew his parents. He just learned to hunt and survive. He found a home in Darnassus and lived there in what he thinks is peace with his wolf, Fang, and his spirit beast, Scar. He excels in the use of a bow and arrows.
Name: The Mr. Grumpy

Current Realm: Kalimdor

Age: 60

"Grump, grumpitygrump"

He's a grumpy man, unsatisfied with himself, who goes throught the world collecting money and gear thinking that materail possesions will make him happy.
Character's Name: Ixe Aeristan
Title: Dark Hierophant of the <Temple of Chaos>

Realm: Feathermoon

Level: 87 and working on it... slowly

Age: roughly middle-aged

Current Residence: The Undercity

A quote: "Goddess, I offer myself to You, to build with me as do with me as You Will..."

Description: The features of this odd Sin'dorei priest are largely hidden from your view, shrouded as he is within his mysterious Absolution Regalia. His cowl glows with divine power and he carries the Grand Magister's Staff of the Torrents which he reclaimed from the Sunwell Plateau. His robes are thick and heavy, and they are covered with stains from sitting directly on the greasy streets of the Lower City. His posture is stiff, as if he were holding on tightly, just out of Spite. He walks with a painful limp, as if some old injury had never fully healed.

Short Back Story: Ixe's Illustrated Backstory is available online:'s%20Illustrated%20Backstory/

Thank you!
Character's Name: Sarjenka Aeristan

Realm: Feathermoon

Level: 86 and not really working on it at all

Age: young adult

Current Residence: The Ledgerdemain Lounge, Dalaran

A quote: "Goddess forgive us our many mistakes..."

Description: You see a young elven maiden, with raven hair and violet lipgloss. She is currently dressed in a finely embroidered Sorceress’s Robe which makes her look like a beautiful, noble Princess. She smiles sweetly, humming an uplifting tune as she goes about her day. At her hip is the Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy, reclaimed during her expedition to Karazhan, the fabled keep of Medivh. You notice that she is at all times being followed by (at least) one of the black cats that inhabit the Royal Exchange.

Short Back Story: Sarjenka was a refugee child, her true parents having been slain by demons long ago on Hellfire Penninsula. She lived on the streets of Shattrath for a time until she met Ixe Aeristan, who adopted her as his own daughter. Upon returning to Silvermoon City, her creative impulses were catalyzed by the masterpieces of Tailoring and Jewelcrafting there, and she has since made quite a business for herself in these professions.

Sarjenka also has her own Illustrated Backstory, which is available online, but this is a much older work and is sorely in need of an update these days:'s%20Illustrated%20Backstory/

Thank you!
Characters Name: Netholas Dreadfang

Realm: Moon Guard

Age: (Died at 21 years old human years.)

Home: Raven Hill, Duskwood

Quote: "Those who stand against me fall..."

Alignment: Lawfully Evil

Short Backstory: He was born and raise in Pyrewood village by his mother and father, at the age of eighteen his parents were slaughtered by worgen and he was taken to Shadowfang Keep. He was bitten and thrown in a dungeon where he suffered at the hands of Arugal. He eventually helped some worgen escape but was slain while doing so. His body was given to the Lich King as a gift and he was made into a death knight. He slaughtered many scarlet civilians and soldiers for the Lich King, but he was soon betrayed...He took his revenge and killed the Lich King with the help of some heroes. He now serves the Dread Master in The Dreadfang Order.
Character's Name: Wilaryn

Realm: Cenarion Circle

Level: 14 (and rising)

Age: 104

Current Residence: Eversong Woods

Short Back Story:
Wilaryn has no memory of her past; she could only recall her first name and her age. Her family, she knows (feels) she had one once, was likely obliterated during the fall of Quel’Thalas. She remembers waking in a healers quarters, before that only blood, pain, fire, ash and screams. Wilaryn took extensive damage to the head which resulted in her memory loss. The healers speculated that it may one day return or that it was far too traumatic and she will keep those thoughts buried for the remainder of her days. During the chaos of the fall no one could help her figure out how she arrived at the healing station or what had happened to her. Since then she has been apart of the working class. Pushing all thoughts of the past behind and looking towards her future. Wilaryn discovered she had huntress talents and took up that profession. Her closest friend is her dragonhawk companion Sol. She usually spends her time hunting or doing odd jobs for the people of Eversong and Silvermoon.
Character's Name: Taegen, no given surname

Character's Title: Of The Steel Fists and Will [ Given by her master ]

Aged 17 years

Race: Human

Class: Monk Trainee

Description: Taegen is on the shorter side for the average human woman, standing at only five feet and three inches. This however, does not make her look any less powerful and intimidating. While small, Taegen is very fit and muscular, especially noticeable when flexing. Her hair is a maroon-auburn in hue, and reaches to her shoulders exactly, with a slight waviness to it. Her skin is a light ebony, and her eyes and greyish turqouise.

Personality: Taegen is very boisterous and somewhat haughty. She's what many describe as the person at the party that just makes every bad or dangerous outcome a reality. Daring, prideful and a jokester, this has sometimes lead her to be insenstive to other's and their feelings, and she's been seen as having little compassion. She has a slightly crude and dark outlook on what life is about, and loves trying to accomplish feats of strength.

Backstory: Taegen grew up in the abbey of Northshire after being sent at the mere age of six, priorly being a pickpocket and ruffian in Goldshire, though an extremely poor one. She usually would mooch off of the local inn's cook. Eventually though, out of mercy of the guard and townsolf finding her tirisome, she was sent north to the abbey. When arriving in Northshire, she was expected to take up Paladin training, or becoming a devout Priest, though, neither happened as she had little patience for the practices required, and the instructors having little patience for her. Sometime around the age of ten or eleven, she took up fighting as a Warrior under one of the instructors, and this seemed to be her pathway into the world, until six years later, when the Pandaren arrived and came forth a monk. Enthralled by the brute power of the Pandaren, Taegen abandoned the path of the warrior and took on the ways of the Monk, still training to this day, and wandering both Elwynn, Redridge and Westfall on occasion.

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level : 19 +

Note: Her 17th birthday was only recently. The Pandaren arrived in her final months of being sixteen years of age.
Character's Name: Gannim
Realm: Boulderfist
Level: 90
Age: 45
Current Residence: Pre-Cataclysm The Barrens, Post Cataclysm Mulgore
Short Back Story: A veteran of the Second and Third wars, Gannim has always wanted a more united Horde and he has fought to preserve it with the deaths of Illidan, the Lich King, Archimonde, Kil'Jaeden, and Death Incarnate. But as Garrosh leads the Horde to a slow demise he starts to doubt whether this was the Horde he had signed up for. Constantly defying the Warchief, Gannim chooses to tackle much larger problems rather than the alliance themselves such as the burning legion. Although both of his parents were killed by Humans he harbors no hatred towards them as this is the cost of those Wars.
Character's Name: Tuetatis Mistrunner
Realm: Azuremyst
Level: 73
Age: 10 (Young-Adult)
Current Residence: Moonglade
Short Back Story:
Born admist the fall of Baine Bloodhoof and the attempted Bloodtotem invasion. Found at the hooves of the battle, the infant Tauren was seen wandering into the wilderness. The parents were unknown, or dead.

Found by the Druids and Druidesses of the Mistrunner Tribe, they treated him like one of the tribe, naming and raising him as Tuetatis Windrunner. It seemed while his time out in the wilderness of Mulgore he had connected with the Earthmother and was indeed a Druid of the Wild.

As he aged he acquired the ability of master shape-shiftery and the healing arts. Leaving his tribe he made way for the Eastern Kingdoms to work with the Royal Apothacery to study the undeath and possibily find a cure for the willing through his craft of Druidism.
Character's Name: Kai Beshere
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: as of today, 65
Age: 31 (human years)
Current Residence: Wanderer, but always returns to Stormwind
Short Back Story:
Kai was born in Ironforge and remained there throughout her childhood. When her brother (Llane Beshere) was old enough to travel, he took her to Stormwind. They fell in love with the City. Llane decided to stay at Northshire Abby and work with the new warrior trainees. Kai decided to travel, see more of the world. She is now considered the Huntress of Stormwind (in the eyes of the Nobles in SW) but to many others, she is known as the collector.
Character name - Khal'thas
Realm - Khaz'goroth
Age - 59
Current residence - Northrend
Short back story - I used to be a young boy with a strong family who lived in Silvermoon city, my father was a warrior fending off the Alliance form reaching the northern parts of The Eastern Kingdom, my mother was a mage which helped her with the cooking, I was an only child.

One day my father went out on a scout mission to Northrend because they heard there was an Alliance post residing there. He never returned from that bone chilling land. My mother worried and over time knew he was lost, but her sanity every day started to linger away until she couldn't live with the burden of not ever seeing him again.

After my mothers death which most people believed was just a fortunate accident I went on to be a fighter for the Horde as a Paladin of the Argent crusade to fight of the forces of the scourge and the petty Alliance.

I was finally positioned at the wrath gates when the Lich King decided to show his cursed face. the hordes of undead were mighty but not to much that we couldn't handle, until we were bombarded by the forsaken during our battle.

All men and woman in the horrific fight suffered as there own skeleton at away at them, until the ruby dragons came in and destroyed the forsaken catapults and during the process burnt away every one else. All that went through my vision was shadows and flames charring my fallen brethren. than all there was to see was pitch black darkness.

I Died..........but I had been brought back from a winged angel spirit, It was no servant of the divine light but a servant of the Lich King. I was to follow along side his army as a Lord of the scourge. We were sent to Church in the Eastern Plagueland to kill the remaining Paladins heald up there. As most of you already know how that turned out, we Death Knights were betrayed by the Lich King and we then sent back to our factions. The Horde wasn't very accepting of me, but over time they grew to accept me like they did all Death knights.

But I still need to know what happened to my father.......

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