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Name: Sjart Alebraid
Realm: Moon Guard (lulerp)
Age: 29 in human years
Residence: Stormwind

Backstory: Sjart's father, Dagate Alebraid, was a member of the Explorer's league and so Sjart was always traveling a lot as a kid. When the Alliance expeditions to Northrend began, Dagate was one of the first on the ships, eager to explore the New World. Unfortunately, he did not return, and neither did Sjart's brother, Sjordas, who joined the Alliance army seeking fame and riches. After all this, Sjart devoted himself to the Light and became an acolyte at the Cathedral in Stormwind, where he remains to this day.
Name: Xoolloon
Realm: Aegwynn
Age: Estimated at 36
Residence: Wherever he sets up camp.

Backstory: Before becoming one of the feared Death Knights Xoolloon was a simple knight who wanted to win the heart of his love. But she had already fallen for a stronger warrior. Whose name was Hogarth. So he trained and trained to become better than him. But before he was able to beat Hogarth he was drafted by Varian Wrynn himself to go serve in the cold reaches of Northrend. There he fought alongside Hogarth who was a reckless warrior. Then during an attack on Icecrown Citadel Xoolloon struck down Hogarth in anger that had been building up for years, and after this he snapped, and killed anything he saw. The Lich King heard of the one man army and took an interest in him. The Lich King himself came upon Xoolloon and asked one simple question. "Do you enjoy causing pain?" To which Xoolloon just nodded his head. Then without warning the Lich King struck Xoolloon down so he could be raised as a powerful Death Knight. And since he has broken free of the Lich King's control he always searched for his love.
Name: Warregory
Realm: Duskwood
Age: Around 30
Residence: Orgimmar.

Backstory: Before Warregory became cursed with the powers of the Blood Elfs and Death Knights, he was a simple Paladin who seeked adventure. He won many fights. He fought in the Second War. When most of the High Elf population was converted to Blood Elfs, he went nearly insane. But, he regained control of himself. When the Scourge invaded his homeland, he instanly rushed into the fight. When the Scourge broke in to his home city, he rushed to the Lich King, killing hundreds of thousands of Scourge him him. When they confronted each other, Warregory smiled. He fought for a glorious 30 seconds before falling. His last words before undeath were, " I'll kill you Arthas!". After his freedom, he went around the world, gaining enough power to kill Arthas. He then marched into Icecrown Citadel, along with 25 other people and the Ashen Virdict. About a hour later, the Lich King sat dead. He achived his goal. He then went out and helped the world.
Name: Remi Shadohachi

Realm: Llane

Age: 20

Residence: Paoquan Hollow, but wanders as she has passed the tests of the Hidden master

Short Back Story (in her own thoughts): I thought that Jo Jo was unfair to leave Ji by himself to lead the Houjin to the Horde, so I decided that I would go with him. Needless to say Orgrimmar was a staggering sight.

Nothing prepared me for Garrosh though, a creature of pure emotion, driven by pride, anger, hatred, I wondered if he felt fear. I certainly did. As just a novice monk he threw those that left with Ji and I into the arena, I fear that if we were not together, we would have fallen.

I had wondered of the honor the Tauren spoke of, the heroes of his Horde. These tales seem a far cry from where they are at. I hope to change the Horde from within. Regrettably I must play my part, battle the Alliance, even my own brethren, so as not to incur the wrath of Hellscream, his eyes are upon us... Or so they say.
Character's Name: Deceus Nightscream
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 61
Age: Looks mid-thirties
Current Residence: Nomadic

Short Back Story:

Deceus, which is not his original name, was originally a tauren druid. Said druid was the biggest cuddle bear in the horde, and probably even the alliance, and was a very quiet man who never really said much of anything to anyone, no matter who they were.

Even when raised as a death knight, his soul moved to a worgen body, the male kept a 'everything will be ok' attitude, save when he gets a bit dark and depressing and requires blood to be spilled.

The male is still generally quiet, though he's slowly making progress with his social aspects. He's generally seen travelling around in random places, though can often be found in Stormwind, usually waiting for someone to hire him for mercenary work... or any other job that would get him money.
Name: Professor Amorene Nightingale
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 47
Age: 28
Current Residence: Surwich

Short Back Story:
Amorene Nightingale was born to a poor family in Duskhaven, Gilneas. She always possessed an interest in and talent for magic, which allowed her to study in Dalaran on a scholarship. In Dalaran, she was exposed to the power of fel magic. While spending time outside Dalaran, she was exposed to the philosophy of Natalie Seline; she would grow to follow the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. She left for Stormwind shortly before the Third War to study the demonic corruption of Duskwood and the Blasted Lands, as well as the mysteries of Deadwind Pass.

She studied under and married a much older apothecary in Duskwood during her time there. He died of mysterious circumstances, which gave Amorene enough money to do research abroad. Her research has since taken her to Kalimdor, Outland, and Northrend. She fought the Twilight's Hammer in the Cataclysm and has yet to visit Pandaria, though the Sha interest her.

Edit: History revised.
Character's Name: Sindroome Frozenheart
Realm: Boulderfist
Level: 90
Age: ~450, but who's counting
Current Residence: Dalaran
Short Back Story: Formerly an elven Dragonhawk keeper, Sindroome was deployed in the Northrend campaign when Thrall called upon the elves to serve. Not wishing to fight, he volunteered to assist with the keeping of the Wind Riders. As it happened, one day the reinforcements did not arrive for his squadron. Knowing how to fly reasonably well, he volunteered to fly over Corp'rethar on a scouting mission, throwing 3 flares down. Unbeknownst to him, the frostbrood were unusually active that day. One saw him flying, swept over his steed and wrenched it from the sky. SO violent was collision and subsequent impact with the frozen ground that his body expired. He heard one thing moments after dying, his spirit trapped in a sort of flux: "Do you wish to return to sky?" Not knowing who was speaking, he replied simply: "Yes." He was then recast as a death knight, flown to the Plaguelands and instructed how to train the skeletal gryphons, returned to Icecrown, and then proceeded to unknowing sending death to untold thousands. The Knights of the Ebon Blade eventually raided his outpost, broke the Lich King's hold on him and restored his memories. He now is a lone wolf, occasionally joining the odd raid or alliance-smashing group.
Character's Name: Falrin of the Last Stand
Realm: Dark Spear
Level: 90
Age: 42 upon time of death.
Current Residence: Formerly Quel'thalas, now patrols the Easter and Western Plaguelands.
Short Back Story:
Falrin was a veteran of the Second war joining the Knights of the Silver Hand at the age of 17. During the war He and Turalyon traveled together to Silver Moon City where the Elves under the command of Alleria joined the Alliance forces as they pushed to the Dark Portal. It was here that Falrin fell in love with a female ranger who's name to this day remains a mystery. After the end of the Second war Falrin of the Last Stand, as he was now known for his heroic defense of a small village being raided by orcs, took his betrothed and lived quietly in the forests of Quel'Thalas.
Twenty years passed before the armies amassed by Arthas marched upon the Elven Lands. Falrin's wife rushed to defend their lands as Falrin sent their only child north to Silver Moon City. To his horror he learned of how the undead had slaughtered his wife and had brought her back as in abomination of nature, but even worse of how his daughter a mere 12 years of age was killed with out remorse. Donning his twin blades Falrin with anger taking control of his mind attacked the undead vanguard slaughtering hundreds of undead as he brought the full power of the Light to the battlefield. Arthas clashed with the former paladin, very few knew of this battle because Arthas was to ashamed to admit his near defeat at the hands of Falrin. During the fight Falrin slew his wife, it was then that his emotions collapsed upon his heart and he fell to his knees before the soon to be lich king.
Brought back by Ner'zhul Falrin commanded and trained many new death knights including Darion Morgraine. It was left to Tirion Fordring to defeat his old friend as the Argent Crusade led the assault on Ice Crown Citadel. Tirion wielding the Ashbringer easily defeated Falrin, but instead of slaying him he sent Falrin to the knights of the Ebon Blade where he was freed from the Lich King's control.
Falrin, stricken by his depression took it upon himself to prevent any from creating more Death Knights or more undead for that matter. He has crossed steel with many Forsaken forces seeking to do this.
Character's Name: Scootaloo
Realm: Blackhand
Level: 90
Age: 19
Current Residence: Sunsong Ranch
Short Back Story: An unfortunate troll who was sent to war due to the never ending conflict of the Horde and Alliance. Also unfortunate to have been given this name. Only ever wanted to be a simple butcher or farmer.

Quite friendly to people, or atleast that's what they say.
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord.
Age: Unknown, even to him.
Backstory: Dyrwolfe is a Primal Shaman dealing with the more notorius elementals. He often goes by Primalist Dyrwolfe. He has the unfortunate pleasure of trying to convince the Horde to clean up their ways. His contracts with the elements are so he gets the pleasure of 2 trouble maker Elementals.
Character Removed :(
(Done due to being bored. I toss out the occasional RP goblin style comment in instances during the downtime moments.)
Character's Name: Zelby Bladesprocket

Realm: Ravenholdt

Level: 88( and rising)

Age: 24

Current Residence: Where ever a profitable fight is to be found she is there... you just wont see her.

Short Back Story:
A native of the now lost island of Kezan and 'Graduate' Of the gallywix 'Academy of Skullduggery & Profiteering' Zelby Found her best talents laid where you couldn't even tell she was there. Soon after the remaking of Azeroth by the return of Deathwing. She found her talents proved well to find not only profit but a few interesting encounters in her travels. Now with the mists of the south opening a whole new world of fortune is at her green little finger tips and by hook or by crook she is gonna take it all.
Character's Name: Chrusher
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 25
Current Residence: Astranaar
Back story:
Chrusher's childhood was not one that people were jelous of because his parents were violently killed by worgens and were found with almost no identifiable flesh. So he grew up in an orphanage and every time he came close to being adopted the family would be found dead in their home. He later in life decided he would become a warrior once he was of age and was the top of his class.
Character's Name: Thyara
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: ??
Current Residence: Tarren Mill (As the military governor and acting magistrate)
Short Back Story:

Dark Ranger Thyala was my sister, who died in Gilneas after a Worgan hero took her unit by surprise and slayed her. I was once a Death Knight in service of the Lich King but I now dedicate my life to Sylvannas and vow revenge on the Worgan and the Alliance as a whole for the death of my sister.

I have been placed in Tarren Mill as the Military Governor of Forsaken controlled Hillsbrad but I have much to learn as a field commander and even more to learn about becoming a Dark Ranger. Trying to balance understanding the Cult of Forgotten Shadow, accepting the learning experience from commanding a post, following the training from the other Dark Rangers and seeking the answers and revenge for the death of Thyala is tough, but determination and an open mind (not bound to the Lich King) will help attain my goals.
Character's Name: Leon Dreamheart
Realm: Shu'halo
Level: 10
Age: unknown
Current Residence: anywhere
Short Back Story:

I wake up 3 days ago and i don't remember nothing.....i only know that my name is Leon Dreamheart and i know how to fight, apart from this, i only remember that i need kill someone, i don't know who it's, i only remember the name,......the name is.........Illidan Stormrage.......
Character's Name: Arthalar
Realm: Winterhoof
Level: 90
Age: 29
Current Residence: Stormwind, Elwynn

Short Back Story: Born and raised just outside of Goldshire, to a small, working class family of three. My father, My mother, and Me. Growing up, I was a very talented in combat. Thanks to my father. I learned how to handle a blade, I killed my first Gnoll when I was fifteen. By the age of eighteen, I had joined a local militia in Lakeshire. Life was good, until I found the fun of adventuring. I went to my mother and father, and said goodbye. Then, set off adventuring. I have explored all of Azeroth, and all of Draenor, also known as Outland.
Character's Name: Hordeais
Realm: Auchindoun
Level: 25
Age: 100,000,000,000,000
Current Residence: Orgrimmar/Thunder Bluff
Short Back Story: As a small panda Hordeais had always dreamed of learning the ways of Shen'zin'zu and becoming a monk. One day as he ways fighting his brother he was using his brand new wooden sword as his brother was using his new bamboo staff Hordeais had never used a sword but this is when he learned he was meant to become a warrior! As the ages grew the mist around Pandaria started to dissappear and he was only 100,000,000,999 years old 1 more year till he could join the forces in the fronts of the Pei'wu forest as his years training was finished. His life on Pandaria was not finished they had finally found the thorn Shen'zin'shu had mentioned he fought alongside his brother they got the thorn out but it left a massive wound. They gatherd Alliance preists and horde druids to heal it. 5 minutes later it had finally closed. Everyone was Exhausted, but now his masters spirit said "It is time to pick your new ally." His brother picked Alliance Hordeais was disgusted he chose Horde and the second after he chose Horde he pull out his dagger and kill an Alliance troop to show his brother he was not scared. His brother was 5 years younger than him. He later learned that his brother had been killed by a goblin rogue named HiYoutube Hordeais set out to kill the goblin he succeded but at a price he had a curse set upon him which made his skin turn to scales. Now Hordeais will kill, help, or destroy anyone or anything when needed.
Character's Name: Nori'dala Starweaver

Realm: Norgannon

Level: 90

Age: She doesn't remember, she died a short time after she became an adult.

Current Residence: Silvermoon

Short Back Story:
Nori'dala and her younger sister, Nori'deyn, were both blood knights who journeyed to Northrend to fight the scourge. In a ferocious battle, Nori'dala was slain by a scourge trooper, who was then stuck down by the younger Nori'deyn. Nori'deyn abandoned her sister, but that was not the last she heard of her. The Lich King rose her as a death knight, and as a result, Nori'deyn's entire personality changed. Instead of the noble paladin she once was, she became very cold and distant, and was cold and unfeeling to her own sister at best. Now, Nori'dala became an adventurer to relive herself of her tragic fate, and to forever protect her beloved Qual'thalas, lest the last vestige of her hope fall.
Character's Name: Nori'deyn Starweaver

Realm: Norgannon

Level: 85

Age: 26

Current Residence: Lordaeron

Short Back Story:
Once, Nori'deyn had an older sister, named Nori'dala, who was also a blood knight. As an act of vengeance on the scourge for decimating their home, she and her sister went to Northrend to fight the Lich King. In what was supposed to be her hour of glory, fighting for her home, was turned into a tragic reminder of death when her sister was struck down by one of the scourge. Grieving, she left her sister on the battlefielf- only to come face to face with her later, now risen as a cold, unfeeling death knight. Now, she seeks redemption for her sister and acts as a guardian to Qual'Thalas.
Character's Name: Garjung

Realm: Kil'Jadean

Level: 33

Age: 240

Current Residence: Arthai Basin

Short Back Story:
A implacable Student from the very begining. Garjung proved to be a stead fast student. His fighting abilitiies were nothing to boast about, but his sheer tenaciaty proved to be an asset when it came to his studies. His perfered weapon is a staff, but he's no slouch with a set of fist weapons either. After the airship that crashed into the island he followed those that went to the Allaince Vauling thier sense of honor and loyalty above all other things. He's only real weakness, other than mutitasking, is strong spirits and drinking heavily when he has them. When given a problem to solve no one is more methodical than Garjung.

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