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Character Name: Kalrum Greatforge
Realm: Emerald Dream
Age: 215(going by if dwarves live to being 400,in Human years probably 45 years of age)
Current Residence: Blackrock Mountain and a Summer home in Duskwood.

Short Back Story:
Fledgling Dalaran Mage during the Demon war's managed to kill a few himself and started studying them and Warlocks searching for there weakness's, He found little but kept studying up until the point Arthas attacks and destroys his home in Dalaran. Kalum managed to escape the resulting conflict to watch as the mage's were defeated and swore vengeance. He than later while traveling through the Searing Gorge found a wizened old Dark Iron dwarf, Groal Firegut which after a duel of magic's and defeating Kalrum was impressed and taught him in Warlock magic so that Kalrum could take his vengeance, This broke his mind,Hes now purely evil.
cont. (Through he does serve the Alliance but just barely, After Artha's defeat he decided to study and likes to kill Fresh horde every morning as killing is the only thing that brings a moments peace to his psychotic mind,funny hes at his sharpest in the thick of battle)
Character's Name (She goes by) : Ryenae Sunshatter
Realm : Wyrmrest Accord
Level : 10
Age : Around 16, in human years
Current Residence : None as she's still adventuring through Azeroth

Short Back Story : Her family was raised by the Light, with the exception of her. She was then thought of as an outcast by her mother and father, but not her sisters. Later on in life (around 12), her parents came to accept the fact she wasn't chosen to walk the path of the Light, but rather the path of a warrior.

Around the time she was accepted, the Third War began, and the Scourge attacks began. Her second eldest sister, her mother, and herself were sent to their house for refuge, but later became barraged by the Scourge. As soon as they came pouring in, her eldest sister came, dying saving the rest of her family.

She now takes the name of her eldest sister to fit in her shoes, but knows she'll never be able to replace a sister as wonderful as she was, adventuring into the world fighting evil such as the Scourge.
Character's Name: Drutand

Realm: Aegwynn

Level: 9

Age: 28

Current Residence: Bloodhoof Village

Short Back Story: Drutand was raised in a small village, which was attacked when he was 5. His Mother and siblings were killed, his father went missing. When he turned 10, he was trained to be a warrior, then he was sent into the war zone at the age of 20.
Character's Name: Valundra
Realm: Ravenholdt
Level: 88
Age: 122
Current Residence: Orgrimmar

Short Back Story:
Valundra, like others of her kind, was deeply affected by the invasion of the Scourge. Previously a nobleman's daughter, she was raised with a high regard for arcane magic, a strong sense of honour and especially royal etiquette. Valundra, as a child, often had unbreakable bonds with animals and was almost always followed around by a beast. It wasn't until her family was slaughtered that she realized those animals would fight by her side and risk themselves for her. Not long thereafter, the young blood elf was introduced to a fine mahogany crossbow with her family crest engraved on it. Since then, she has trained herself in the way of the hunter.
Character's Name: Tirian Ravenblade

Realm: Moon Guard

Level: 60

Age: 35 at death

Current Residence: Stormwind, but Dalaran whilst in Northrend

Short Back Story:
Tirian was born into a simple family, devoted to the Light. At a young age he was taken by the High Priest to be trained to wield the Light as a weapon, and after many years of practice, became a Paladin. Tirian was conscripted into the Alliance forces to aid in the fight against the Lich King. During an attack in Northrend, The Lich King appeared, striking down the entire party. Tirian was later risen as a Death Knight, but broke free from his power, joining the Alliance once again. Tirian now ventures across the land, seeking knowledge of demons and the Scourge to aid in the fight.
Name: Shaule Talonblade

Realm: Eldre'thelas

Age: 13,457

Current Residence: Darnassus

Short Back-Story:
Before the War of the Ancients Shaule lived in a village in what is know known as Darkshore with her mother, father, and her twin brother, Lanuriel. When the burning legion attacked the many of the people were slaughtered, only she and a small group of hunters survived because they were away hunting, When they returned to the village, all Shaule found among the burning wreckage of her family's house was silver pendant that had belonged to her mother. Ever since Shaule had lived a lonely life in the forests of Hyjal, although she made a few friend while on the path of becoming a druid of the talon. She now a spy for the Cenarion Circle.

When not on life-threatening adventures she lives in her house in Darnassus with her rommate, Anara.
name: zam
realm: elune
lvl: 85
age: unknown
current residence: gs

zam does not know his past exactly his druidic nature suggest he was once a druid prob a nightelf one of the ones who got the curse first. haveing been asleep for centuries he must have escaped and died and the lichking captured him taking his memory. Now that he has defeated the lich his new goal is too discover his past to make a better future
Character's Name: Onieous Jherodin Greystone

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 90

Age: 44

Current Residence: Dalaran

Short Back Story: Onieous is a member of the Kirin Tor and more specifically an senior agent of the Violet Eye. He directs the Violet Eye SITE division (Special Intelligence and Tactical Extractions) which focuses on the discovery and acquisition of potentially dangerous artifacts and the hindrance and intervention of illicit magical activity throughout Azeroth. This includes the search and rescue of persons of interest and the elimination of dangerous targets. Onieous typically handles matters of administration and politics, but occasionally finds himself in the field.
Character's Name: Balethazar Foemantle
Realm: Thorium Brotherhood
Level: 63 (for now)
Age: 37
Current Residence: Any inn that won't send him away
Short Back Story:
Balethazar, or Bale as he is refered to by his friends, was a paldin of the Argent Dawn. He was given the title of Lightbearer for his efforts against the Scourge. He was a stalwart champion of strong conviction, but his convictions are what sealed his doom. He died trying to protect his allies from the Scourge in a failed attempt to re-take Stratheholm. He awoke pale-faced, blue-eyed, and white-haired as a Death Knight. After the battle of light's hope chapel he regained his senses and swore to himself, like many of his undead brothers, that he will destroy the Lich King and kill every scourge in his path along the way.
My Characters name: Kawa

Realm:Khaz Modan


Current Residence: Orgimmar Valley Of Strengh

Back story: Kawa grew up in Camp Narache and learned how to fight. Being teached by his dad, he later moves to Orgimmar to join the Horde Army. Now he fights for the glory of the Horde.
Kawa started fighting for the horde at the age of 38. his mother died of natural causes, and his father died in a battle. His two big brothers are officers in the Horde Army.
Name: Surgok Sunstrider
Realm: Zul'Jin
Level: 89
Age: 35
Current residence: Orgrimmar
Short back story: Surgok Sunstrider was found in-near death in an alley way in Silvermoon city as a mere 5 year old. Kael'Thas Sunstrider took him in as royalty, and Surgok became the talk of Silvermoon City. Not going to Outland with his step-father, he stayed behind. Hearing the news of his step-fathers alliegance in the Burning Legion, he stepped out of royalty and trained in the art of the shadows. Later going to the Isle of Quel'Danas, Surgok slew his step-father.
After the shattering, he sent out to kill Deathwing the Destroyer, but has made no progress but destroying the Twilights Hammer Cult in Deepholm.
Cont. *flash back* Surgok Sunstriders original home was destroyed in the scourge attack, his parents being slain by Arthas, at his own feet. Arthas nearly killed him, but he managed to get into the alleys of the Murder Row until he went unconsious. *before the Shattering* He went to Icecrown Citadel to avenge his parents death, with 9 other brave warriors. Highlord Tirion Fordring iniated the attack. Frostmourne killed his whole team. In Frostmourne, he saw Arthas's father, King Terenas Menethil II. Tirion called upon the lights blessings, and the soul of Terenas Menethil ressurected him, and he got the final blow on the Lich King, slashing in chest in half. He and his team relished in thier triumph, and he got the title, the Light of Dawn from Highlord Tirion Fordring.
Name: Tyrazdormu (Goes by Tyr or Tyraz)

Realm: Ravenholdt

Level: 90

Age: 356 (Extremely young by Dragon standards)

Current Residence: Tanaris

Short Back Story: Tyr was never at the downfall of Deathwing. He wishes he was there aiding the flights. He didn't get that chance. With Nozdormu's ancient power expended, what was there left to do for the Bronze Dragonflight. Krasus, in his final act of service to his queen, had blown himself and the sanctums up beneath the temple, there by preventing more Twilight dragons from joining the fight. Tyr was now part of a dragonflight that had become dangerously low in members. So, he decided to take up a shield and defend the 'lesser races' from what was surely to come.
Character's Name: Vael'doreth Tideraiser
Current Residence: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Short Back Story: A night elf priestess that hails from the now-fractured Auberdine.
Character's Name: Pandapanda (Nickname)

Realm: Anub'arak

Level: 86

Age: ?? (Believed to be over 30,900 years old)

Current Residence: Stormwind

Short Back Story:
Born as an only child, Pandapanda didn't have a very interesting life. All he knew was that he wanted to learn in the ways of Kung-Fu. Eventually, his dad died which left him into a deep depression. This increased his inspiration for fighting and revenge drastically. He moved into Vale of Eternal Blossoms and begun his training there. He trained and trained his whole life, and is still learning in the ways of Kung Fu. And that is all that is known of Pandapanda's life. He was scrapped from history books and schools. He still lives on in Pandaria in a happy home.
Name : Rachel Blackwood

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Age: She believes she is in her early 40's, but isn't certain.

Residence: Tempest's Reach, Gilneas

Backstory: Plucked from an orphanage as a small child, She never knew her parents. She was raised and educated in Dalaran by a minor official of the Kirin Tor. He was fair, but horribly strict. An accidental fire resulted in a seven year long punishment that put her behind her studies and gave her a pale narrow scar that encircles her neck.
She did finish her appenticship and eventually had her revenge on the old man. She is now happily married with a lovely daughter.
Name: Tinthian Astralheart
Realm: Demon Soul
Residence: Silvermoon City Inn
Short back story: Tinthian, a great Priest, was once a regular young elf who decided he wanted to be apart of the great Horde army. One day the "Dead ones" from the Deadscar were acting extra violent. They attacked his village and they killed almost everyone there. His family and him were the lasts one left, as they all stumbled and strutted towards them Tinthian, out of the fear of losing his loved ones, he released a huge bubble of holy power and the "Dead ones" just crumbled down into pieces. After saving his family they moved into Silvermoon city. Years passed and his mom and dad died, leaving him and his brother alone in the streets.
Character's Name: Maldon
Realm: Darkspear
Level: 90
Age: 32
Current Residence: Pawdawn Village
Short Back Story:

Born in Gilneas as the son ofa great assassin of the name of Ezio. One night when I was 18 I was out farming with my dad (we owned a small farm to make extra gold) when the attack happened. I worgen came out of the bushes and killed my father and bit me. Luckily I survived, but it came with a price. I was slowliy becoming one of them, those wretched life sucking worgen. But as the transformation was beginning I was caught by a priest who stopped the venom from spreading to my brain. I was still human, but in the body of a man.

This new form, although terrifying, gave me incredible strength and agility. I decided I would continue my family business, assassination. Now I am always striving to get stronger and kill anything with a bounty (or strong enough to be a fun challenge).

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