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Character's Name: Jarick Winterfang

Realm: The Scryers

Level: 80

Age: "Old enough to find that slightly rude..." (2573)

Current Residence: Missing the comforts of home, she has returned to Darnassus

Short Back Story: Born in a small village, deep in the heart of Teldrassil, Jarick didn't have many childhood friends. She spent her days immersed in history books or outside training. As she grew older she discovered a bond that she had with the nature around her. She was drawn to the fauna of the forest, discovering a small egg nestled in the grasses of Lake Al'Ameth. Bringing the small thing home, she nurtured and cared for it, soon, hatching it. Suprisingly, 'twas the egg of a crocolisk, an animal uncommon to the forest. She affectionately named the little lizard 'Crunchbite' and developed a very close bond with the animal.To this day he follows her loyally, though, approach with caution. He has quite a protective streak and seems to have acquired a taste for flesh somewhere along the way...
Character's Name: Cloudsfall Winterfang

Realm: The Scryers

Level: 80

Age: 1267

Current Residence: She has taken up residence at the moonwell spring in Stormwind

Short Back Story: Born in the same small village just days ofter her sibling left to discover the mysteries of Azeroth, Cloud grew up much like Jarick. Isolated from any towns and children, she quickly bonded with the nature around her. It was during one misty morning, while playing around Lake Al'Ameth, that she discovered her gift. Wishing to pursue her abilities, she traveled to Moonglade, the ancient home of the Druids. It was here that she refined her skills under the teachings of a Tauren master.
Character's Name: Sarannah
Realm: Scarlet Crusade
Level: 80
Age: 34
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short Back Story:

Illegitimate daughter of a Brother of the Horse and a barmaid, she was taken to Lordaeron by her father, who married into a noble family and had two other daughters, after the fall of Stormwind. Sent to the church to avoid scandal, but later inducted into the Silver Hand. Would have fought in the Third War, but evacuated her two half-sisters and stepmother to New Stormwind instead at her father's request. Began adventuring to find her father at war's end; he was a Scourge and she was forced to end his unlife. Joined the Argent Dawn/Crusade afterwards. Chain smoker, completely tactless and prone to outbursts featuring language that would make a Dreadlord cringe.
Character's Name: Dr Darius Fel
Realm: Shandris
Level: 70-74
Age: 34
Current Residence: inns
Short Back Story:When Darius was just 13 his parents were murdered by one of the Stormwind Council, His father a holy paladin of the light was framed for the murder of his mother and sentenced to death.. Darius Vowed revenge on all of the Stormwind Nobles and any one that dared to rule with the house of nobles.

Now he works as a small time physician by day, and by night hes studying the dark arts

((ya i know a little marry Sues, But i like this idea and will always use it no matter what))
Character's Name: Gaellian Amberline
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 19
Age: Mid Thirties
Current Residence: Stormwind, though uncomfortably. (The city walls and metal, on all sides is quite different for Gaellian)
Short Back Story: Gaellian Amberline was born and raised and trained to become a priest in Ashenvale. Though with the Orc's persistent advances enroaching on his homeland, he had to flee. The young neophyte fled to Stormwind, the Alliance's greatest capital city, or so he was told. He now attempts to make a living and a home for himself in this new evironment, surrounded by stone and metal.

Character's Name: Gritzgore Doomsire

Realm: Argent Dawn

Level: 80

Age: 46

Current Residence: Orgrimmar

Short Back Story: Gritzgore is a warrior who has seen much in his age. His career started in the second war and he continued on his bloody path to current ravaged age that Azeroth finds itself in. Fighting and bloodshed have always been things that Gritzgore has been fond of and in many ways, that is why Gritzgore has embraced the new Warchief openly. Now Gritzgore serves as a Centurion to Lord Garrosh, serving loyally.
(Will most likely reroll Kaezer on a RP realm as a fresh Worgen)

-Name: Kaezer Wulfbaen
-Race/Class: Worgen Hunter
-Age: 35
-Level: 80
-Title(s): The Brewmaster of Gilneas, The Drunken Hunter, Lover of Lizards.
-Professions: Engineer, Brewer, Big Game Hunter.
-Companions: Loki the Raptor, Ironhide the Devilsaur
-Friends: Chen Stormstout, Hemit Nesingwary, Hemit Jr.
-Enemies: None on a personal level.

-Background: Kaezer Wulfbaen came from humble beginnings from a middle class family. He belongs to a long history of brewers in Gilneas, the Wulfbaen brewers could use almost anything and make it drinkable. When not brewing, Kaezer hunted game in the forests. All he ever wanted was to open his own tavern in Gilneas City. When the worgen curse struck, Kaezer was one of the first ones to be turned, although he himself never caused much damage.

After being partially cured and sent off to Darkshore, Kaezer witnessed the wildlife of Kalmidor for the first time and tested his skills as a game hunter. This took him to the Barrens where he found an injured beast known as a Raptor. Instead of shooting it, he decided to patch its leg up and turn it loose, but the raptor just wouldn't stop following him. He eventually decided hell with it and adopted the creature as a pet and it has yet to leave his side.

Along his travels throughout Azeroth, he has met a traveling Pandaren by the name of Chen who gave him some tips on how to brew a better ale, the meeting was brief before he departed but memerable none the less. From Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms he roamed, brewing and hunting. From being a competitor in Brewfest to being one of Nesingwary's top big game hunters.
character's name: Dragza Stormhoof
Age: 44
Realm: Hellscream
Current residence: Thunder Bluff

Short Back Story:
growing up in the land of Mulgore, Dragza was told of great tales of his late father Azgard, who he is named from. when the undead attacked his beloved home, he ventured forth to avenge his father and bring peace to the world.
Character's Name: Emberfyre Ward
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Age: Young
Current Residence: Mostly Stormwind
Short Back Story: There's not much to say about her. She was born in Stormwind shortly before the Third War, and was raised in the Orphanage there. She usually kept to herself, but did have a few friends. When she was around the age of nine, she wanted to learn how to fight. Definetly was no prodigy, not even a raw beginner. The only thing she really had was determination, which was shown by her getting up early everyday to practice drills. When the Shattering came, Ember's life was thrown into chaos, and now she journeys out to see what she can do to help in a world ravaged by the Cataclysm.
Character's Name: Sihaya Sandhoof
Realm: Terokkar
Age: Young
Current Residence: Crossroads
Born some years before the unification of the Tauren clans in Thunder Bluff, Sihaya spent her early childhood playing amongst the dunes of Tanaris under the watchful eye of her family. Eventually one of her elder brothers left home and fell in with the local pirates, as his "initiation" he returned and killed his entire family...with the exception of Sihaya, whom he could not find. After he left she emerged from hiding and wandered away from her destroyed home, her young mind unable to deal with the horror of her dead family. A few days later a wandering orc hunter found her deep in the desert. He was impressed with her capacity for survival at such a young age, so he took her with him on his travels. She learned as much as she could from him about combat, and survival in the wilds...and when she was "of age" he brought her to Thunder Bluff. There she was enrolled as an apprentice on the Hunter Rise, learning the art of war from the Hunters and Warriors of her people. It was there that she discovered the Sword and well as her purpose. When Xjba (the hunter) founded the Longsight Clan she was among the first to join, to help them protect those who could not protect themselves. She has since become a veteran of the fighting in Outland, as well as a late comer to the fight in Northrend. These experiences have, fortunately, left her unscarred mentally...and with Deathwing free she is eager to rejoin the fray.
This character is not a happy camper. He is very dark. You are warned.

Character's Name: Benjeman Krauss
Realm: Uldum
Level: 30
Professions: Surgeon, Skinner, Leatherworker, Tinker

(WARNING: Creepy Character) Short Back Story:

Benjeman Krauss was a doctor with the troubling tendancy to seek perfection. He killed hundreds of human patients during operations by either completely removing or mangling parts of their faces or bodies while trying to replace them with mechanical or otherwise "perfect" parts. Once patients became hard to find, Benjeman began to operate upon himself.
Later, Benjeman was found and put to death for his crimes against nature.
After the plague, however, Benjeman reawoke to find himself perfect. Immune to pain and hunger and doubt, Benjeman thought that The Light had blessed him.

Physical Description:

Despite the wide smile on Benjeman's face, there is nothing happy about this meeting.
A tight leather mask covers his face, and, through the eye and mouthholes, you can see thick stitches that seem to have been there much, much longer than the mask. His eyes are unblinking, but that's no surprize. From what you can see through the mask, he appears to lack eyelids.
You don't want to be around this forsaken any longer than you need to be.
Character's Name: Ulthir Hess

Realm: Argent Dawn
Level: 27
Age: 26
Current Residence: Darkshire, Duskwood
Profession: Mage, Enchanter, Explorer

Short Back Story: After becoming an apprentice mage in Stormwind, Ulthir showed immense aptitude for studying the arcane, as well as having a sharp wit.
Sadly, this is one of Ulthir's only positive character traits. He has a very cheery and wise disposition most of the time, but due to a behavioural disorder, is prone to bouts of depression and anxiety.
Bad luck seems to haunt Ulthir, bad things always happen near him.
Currently he resides in Darkshire, preferring the smaller town to study in, as opposed to Stormwind.
Character's Name: Heghap Stonehoof
Realm: Darrowmere
Level: 44
Age: Rather young
Current Residence: Traveling
Back story:
My parents were simple Shu'halo, having nothing to do with politics or wars. When the first of our people began, after having fought abroad many years, returning to us as Death Knights, a decision was made that someone in the family should do our part in helping put an end to the Lich King. After I completed my coming of age rites, I was sent to become a warrior in The Horde's army. I have since then been posted to many places. While I did not face the Lich King, I have served The Horde and my people with pride, and continue to do so, going wherever I am sent to fight the many evils and dangers of this world.
Character's Name: Falaereon Naxor Berseth
Realm: Korgath (Switching to RP realm soon)
Level: look to your left.
Age: 24
Current Residence: In the attic in the Cathedral of Light, reachable only using Levitate.
Short Back Story: Falaereon was raised by his father, Naxor Berseth, and his mother, Thinbera Berseth (shadow and discipline priests, respectively) until the age of 11, when his parents were brutally murdered by Defias rogues. He wandered Westfall aimlessly until, at age 18, he came to realize that one of the paths he had been walking along led to Stormwind. He was taken in by the paladins and priests of the Cathedral of Light and is now a Holy priest, as he wishes to protect others from the abrupt end that came to his parents.
Name: Vandasdelca Grants (Van, Vanny)
Realm: Moon Guard
Age: 27

Back Story: Van lived with her parents and a few others on a caravan until she was seventeen. On the caravan was a mage, who never told her his name. She learned how to cast basic spells until the caravan was attacked, killing her mentor. Shortly after, Van started saving money to get to Stormwind to learn with her fellow magi.

When she arrived in Stormwind, she found out her little brother, Duke, stowed away with her. Her parents said they didn't want to take him back, so she and her lived together during Van's proper training. When she turned 23, she was a full fledged mage, and has been teaching at the magi tower ever since. Not exciting? You should see the people she hangs out with...
Name: Billson McWilliams
Realm: Arygos
Level: 30
Age: 24

Back Story: Billson grew up in Northshire as a kid on the run. He had to fend for himself, and since he was not the biggest he had to resort to more, dark tactics of recieving what he needed. He would steal, and cheat to make his way, but was well respected for his imense skill. As he grew older, he realized that maybe he could help the Alliance through these talents. He began to train up his Rogue skills, and eventually moved into Stormwind for awhile when he was discoverd by the illustrious guild; The Knights Templar. They took him in as a family would and helped him to become the great Rogue he is today.
Character's Name: Auralion Nethershroud
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 40
Age: ~25
Current Residence: Wherever he lays his head
Short Back Story:
Born to Night Elven parents, he was raised in Darkshore much in the way any other Night Elf was. When he reached his teen years, however, his mind began to wander from the path of Elune and Cenarius into his race's past, and he began to secretly study the arcane. Because of the recent upheaval, he has begun to be more open about his powers and continues to expand his power through education for education's sake...
Character's Name: Viscosity, McNamara
Realm: Feathermoon
Level: 80
Age: 22
Current Residence: The Guilded Rose Inn, Stormwind
Short Back Story:

McNamara Viscosity was born November 25th just after the fall of Arthas Menethil and was raised during the crisis that was his Wrath. Upon coming of age he found allies who aided him in his cause to staunch the scourge. "I will face off against him and hold him in place while the arrows and magics devour him," he exclaimed to his comrades and did just that. After the fall of the Lych King, McNamara Viscosity as well as his allies were known as "The Kingslayer."

Viscosity now lives in Stormwind teaching Anduin Wrynn of the Sword and Sheild.

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