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Character's Name: Nymphadora Starstrike

Realm: Quel'dorei

Level: 80

Age: early 400's

Current Residence: None

Short Back Story: Originally a Sentinel who served in both guarding Darkshore and Ashenvale, she became a student of druidism shortly after the Third War. She serves often as a diplomat to the mortal races of the Alliance, and has adapted quite well to working with them. Her favorite spot to go is the Grove of the Ancients in Darkshore. After seeing the work of the Horde in the slaughtering of Sentinels in Ashenvale and Darkshore, she has renewed herself to fighting the orcish threat, albeit from a different standpoint this time around. She is wary of the trolls being accepted into the ranks of Cenarion Circle, but fully accepting of Tauren. She despises orcs and undead, and is none too fond of blood elves, although she has gotten more accustomed to working with their high elf forbearers.
Character's Name: Mandrik
Realm: Shadow Council
Level: 80 Frost Death Knight
Age: 28 years old (Before Scourge Indoctrination)
Current Residence: Icecrown, Northrend
Short Back Story:
He was born into an upper class family. When he was old enough, he joined the Paladins of the Alliance. After a valiant defeat by the scourge, he was reincarnated as a minion of the Lich King. After the betrayal of the Lich King at Light's Hope Chapel, He led the reclamation of Acherus. After he joined the Priory of the Storm, he made his way into the frozen wastes of Northrend. He made his way into Icecrown where he is Fighting to end the Lich King.
Character's Name: Jesse "Klawhammer" Beckham
Realm: Silverhand
Level: 80
Age: 25
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short Back Story: Klawhammer, a young warrior, recently fought the Lich King's influence throughout Northrend, and is a fierce defender of the Alliance. Uther, his childhood hero, is like a God, with his tomb visited frequently to pay homage.
Character's Name:Inugakqilliti (translated to Bonebraid)

Realm: Cenarion Circle

Level: 36

Age: 40

Current Residence: Orgrimmar, Troll slums

Short Back Story: Bonebraid is the younger brother of the shaman Angatkuq. He shares his brother's love of nature and spiritualism. However he found the shamanic way too restrictive and chose the druidic path. He got his name from his penchant for removing the knuckle bones from his enemies' corpses and braiding them into his hair. Bonebraid still searches for his place in the world, he distrusts many of the Horde's races and holds nothing but contempt for the Goblins and their polluting ways. He shares Vol'jin's dislike of Garrosh and fears for the future of the Horde. Bonebraid hopes that The races of Kalimdor can learn to live in balance, considering their shared interest in the needs of the planet. He cares not a whit for the Eastern Kingdoms and the depraved races both Horde and Alliance that live there.
Character's Name: Avarren

Realm: Deathwing

Level: 80

Age: 124

Current Residence: Dalaran

Short Back Story: Born in a small rural village south of Silvermoon. Early Childhood was happy and care free as the life of a small child should be. Then the attack of the sourge came and slaughtered many of the town. Being still a child she did what he father had always told her to do. 'Get to the cave in the north if anything happens here. We will meet you there.' Only no one came. Days came and went. No one came. No one would come. She left on her own and was taken in by a traveling band of gypsies.

Times where hard but there she grew strong and learned many things. She learned to fight, kill, protect and survive. Having no sense of a true home and learning independence is all she needed, she learned the ways of the Rogue. The only thing the truly fit her way of living. But even she knew that the individual would not be spared when the whole of Azeroth falls. So she left the caravan and went to join the battle for Azeroth, for the Horde.
Name: Xanbear

Relm: Galakrond

Level: 80

Age: 268 ((at time of death/rebirth))

Residence: Ebon hold

Back story: joined the armyat 260 and died in a horde ambush in the plaugelands, has no family died in the war of the Acheints
Character's Name: Zeehjas Haijtu
Realm: Cairne
Level: 25
Age: 28
Current Residence: Darkshire, Duskwood
Short Back Story: Born to a clan that makes its home in the blasted lands, Zeehjas travels in search of information on certain cults, she is a warlock who specializes in summoning demons and creating and destroying magical items. She always carries chalk and incense just in case. She also dislikes it when most people who try to approach her without warning.
Realm: Dath'remar
Age: 2457
Current Home: a hidden Hollow tree in teldrassil
Tailais used to use his skills as a rogue to be a petty thief and pickpocket thug. One day in his den he found a messenger in the woods looking for him. So he killed the messenger with a deadly throw and read it. The darnassians employed him as an elite and sent him to Outland where he defeated illidan then went to northrend. He is currently in northrend finishing his assignment to come home finding his tree to be on fire with lava rubbing through it. After such, he gets a Vendetta on deathwing.
Character's Name:Relin Swordbreaker




Current Residence:Light's Hope Chapel

Short Back Story: Relin started his training to become a Paladin at a very young age. He decends from a very long line paladins. His grandfather was Ralius Swordbreaker of the Knights of the Silver Hand. His father was a great Paladin Ryrdyn Swordbreaker within the Scarlet Crusade (before they began killing innocents) and was killed by the scourge to then be raised up into servitude of the Lich King as Death Knight. Relin now lives just outside of Light's Hope Chapel where he is going through the last rights of his training and hopes to be accepted into the Agent Crusade, to follow in his family's foot steps, fighting and destroying the rest of the scourge (and in his mind the Forsaken as well).
Character Name: Comatos Silversun

Realm: Arathor


Age: 22

Current Residence: Silvermoon City

Short Back Story: His father a paladin. His mother a priest. His brother a warlock. Comatos was filled with choices of classes. One he thought was unique and interesting was a mage. So he decided to learn the magics of a mage including teleporting, shooting fireballs, summoning water elementals, arcane missles etc. Learning these new and exciting things made him feel like anything was possible. He soon grew up to be a very intellegent mage. Working with Lor'themar on preparing their homeland for Death itself. Deathwing.....
Character's Name: Haanu Stormhoof

Realm: Feathermoon

Age: 32

Current Residence: Bloodhoof Village

Short Back Story: After losing his mate to the campaign against the Lich King in Northrend, Haanu has decided to take up arms to protect his fellow Tauren against the scattered groups of Grimtotem, gnolls and quilboar that threaten his home.

Having never gone beyond the borders of Mulgore, Haanu looks to the shamanistic spirits to guide him in his journey as he searches to find both peace for his people and for himself. Through this he hopes to be able to live up to his mates passion for adventure, and honour her memory in doing so.

Character's Name: Isra
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: 1,853
Current Residence: She sleeps outdoors with the animals she loves.

Short Back Story: Isra is an orphan who was raised by a caring human farmer and his wife who have long since passed form this world. From the day she was old enough to leave on here own Isra has been wandering the world with her companion Samir looking for a place to belong and helping keep the forces of the Horde and the undead scourge at bay.
Berity Kaile
((Wyrmrest Accord))
Age 22
Current Residence: Mobile, position determined by assignments
Backstory: Berity was the younger daughter of a wealthy minor noble of Stratholme, but no one would have guessed to look at her. She and one of her friends escaped the Culling and fled to Stormwind over the course of the next year. The Defias activity in their new home of Westfall drove Berity away from home yet again, and she lived for a time as a thief and pickpocket on the streets of Stormwind. He skill at "acquisitions" brought her to the (favorable) attention of SI:7, which eventually recruited her and sent her on a recon mission into the Defias-occupied city of Moonbrook. She recruited her old friend Matthin Hedger and several local militia to support her, but Matthin was killed and the party was forced to withdraw. Despite her grief and guilt at this loss, she has remained an active-duty SI:7 operative, with expertise in infiltration and sabotage, and deploys wherever she is ordered.
Matthin Hedger (prefers Mat)
((Wyrmrest Accord))
Age 16 at death, 21 at present (Forsaken)
Current Residence: Wandering Durotar and the Barrens
Backstory: Mat was a young boy in Stratholme living near one of the more affluent sectors when Arthas and Mal'Ganis clashed in the city. Though he survived the purge, his travels across the plagued land of Lordaeron nearly killed him despite. Indeed, he kept demanding to be given a weapon - finally crafting himself a bow - and trying to charge the Scourge himself. Finally he and his close friend Berity reached Westfall, but the pillaging bandits of the region scared Berity away. Mat, who never wanted anything more than an adventure, instead was pressed into service with the militia. When Berity returned, she offered him the chance to join her against the bandits, which he accepted gleefully. Unfortunately, he was stabbed fatally during the battle that ensued. Grave robbers exhumed his elaborate hearse (purchased by Berity with SI:7 funding) and were in turn attacked by Forsaken, who reanimated the corpse expecting some great hero. They got a young boy, who has no intention of fighting in any war, preferring instead to enjoy all the adventuring he never could in life with even less fear of death than he had before.
Gradivius Kaile
((Wyrmrest Accord))
Age 43 at death, 55 at present (Ebon Blade)
Backstory: Gradivius was not much of a hero in life. Born into wealth as the son of a merchant factor, he was ever supercilious and self-assured in his power. However, he had a natural talent for smooth deals. When attacked by bandits on a hunting trip, he managed to turn begging for his life into a position of strength that gave him control of the brigands' organization. After the Culling, he was conscripted and followed Arthas to Northrend, eventually pledging himself to the new Death Knight. He was later raised as a knight of Acherus, and would have willingly followed the Scourge had the knights not defected at Light's Hope. He saw an opportunity then to insert himself into the world of the living. He now walks a fine line, assuring everyone of his good will while simultaneously seeking the greatest position of wealth and power he can forge.
Renarcise Lan'Daiel
((Venture Company))
Current Residence: A Hill in Eversong
Backstory: Renarcise was a budding swordsman when he was deployed with Liliatha Dawnstrider to investigate Amani activity at the edge of Eversong. By the time their unit had returned, the Scourge had struck, shattering the Gate of the Three Moons and assaulting Silvermoon itself. Renarcise battled with the skills and power of a paladin, channeling the Blessed Light until at last the Sunwell was taken despite his efforts. As the magisters devolved further in their search for new magic, Renarcise refused to give up the traditions of the Light. For his defiance he was exiled, separated from his betrothed Liliatha, and eventually fell to madness, pledging his soul for vengeance.

Something listened.

Though Renarcise has regained free will since his reanimation, he can never go home. Instead, he must defend it from outside its gates and beyond its thoughts, a haunted, eternal sentinel.
Hansin Duessel
((Venture Company))
Age 59
Current Residence: Chillwind Camp, or arguably Andorhal if time spent in a location defines residence
Backstory: Duessel was a knight-lieutenant of Lordaeron when the Scourge came. Unable to halt the dread hordes, he was instead driven back with a small platoon and a cluster of refugees, seeking shelter among the High Elves. Instead he found the next theater of Arthas's war. Before he reached Silvermoon, all of his soldiers and most of his charges were dead, and he only barely survived, even then with a debilitating leg wound. Only within the last year has he reactivated himself, riding north once more to liberate his beloved homeland. In his mind, as long as he still breathes Lordaeron lives on, and he will stop at nothing to see his kingdom reborn.
Name: Goes by the name of Rhum, the only thing that helps to deaden the nightmares.
Current Residence: None
Age: Unknown
Background: His icy steps crush the snow beneth plated feet as he comes to an overhang that allows him to survey the valley below. The sounds of battle and the screams of weman and children echo through the mountains of his former homeland. Screams that bring back the nightmares that haught this once noble paladin. Shaking away the agony that pierces his thoughts he draws forth a wicked blade in each hand and rushes blindly toward the conflict. This frozen harbringer of death will show these fools the true meaning of pain. He must try to save as many as he can. He must save the tormented, the weak, the fragile at any cost. He must preserve life, the one thing he can never have again.

Character's Name:Shadownero
Realm:Might switch
Age: Damn old...
Current Residence: Wanderer
Short Back Story:

Shadow was around during the war of the ancients back then he was young and brash. Some say he has a death wish, This is because he has made appearances in many wars. He is slightly stand offish and sometimes gets irritated around the presence of others.

Ever since the Alliance drove him from his homeland he has held a grudge and is quick to kill any of them on the spot.

Years of battle have made his heart cold and dealing with his addiction to demonic magic has nearly driven him to the breaking point. His mentor Illidan, trained him to be a dark ranger however before the rightful initiation could begin Illidan was imprisioned. Shadow also has a great respect and near love for the late Sylvanas Windrunner they fought together during the second war and he has admired her since. Even in death he shows her his devotion. Though shadow considers himself a mercenary when asked where his allegiances lie he claims thrall and the dark lady. Though he was a dark ranger he has turned towards two wolves for his comfort and companionship. One wolf shares his name while the other is known as shanook. Shadow has a great value of honor and will never run from a battle, a death on the fields of battle would be his ideal end.


This is my first real time trying to roleplay I hope I did well.

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