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Character's Name: Katrunhe Wolfsong
Realm: Thunderhorn
Level: 80
Age: unknown
Current Residence: Light's hope chapel
Short Back Story:
Katrunhe is a ranger lady of the farstrider faction and sees herself as a guardian of the blood elf civilization, she is fanatically loyal to Lor'themar Theron and to Halduron Brightwing and will obey them without question.

She despises humans with a particular passion since she sees their actions as being the cause of the destruction of silvermoon and the sunwell and the death of nearly everyone she knew. She is happy to serve the horde as long as it allows her to carry out her campaign of revenge against the humans and the undead.

She has also earned the title of "Champion of the argent crusade" for her near ceaseless war against the scourge and she can often be found wandering in the plaguelands or in icecrown picking off any undead that cross her path.
Character's Name: Solarwing
Realm: The Venture Co.
Level: 50
Age: 32
Current Residence: The valley of Honor, Ogrimmar

Short Back story: Spent his youth in the service of the Grimtotem tribe. Acted as one of Magtha Grimtotem's Plainswalkers(messengers), intrusted with transporting top secret information to the various tribal holdouts around Kalimador. Slowly he began to develop a disgust with his people after witnessing the ravanging effect on both the land and people the Grimtotem were having. He drew away from the grimtotem after they burned down the Shady rest inn; a popular tavern on the border of Dustwallow that Solarwing used to rest when traveling.

Solarwing returned to Mulgore and hid himself amongest the hills of the red mountains for years; preying to the earth mother for guidence. Occasionally he ventured out to gather supplies from Bloodhoof village as well as to keep in touch with the world around. During the invasion of Northrend, Solarwing caught wind of a new tribe, called the Sunwalkers, who practiced the ancient prinicples of An'shu, the right eye of the Earthmother, and sought to bring balance to the world. The former Grimtotem sought out this cause, believing it to be the key to undoing the corruption of his people.

Currently he is traveling around Southern Kalimador, Seeking to find the Old Crone and bring her before the tribes in Mulgore to answer for her crimes...
Character's Name: Argosh Wolfclaw
Realm: Lightninghoof
Current Residence: Garadar, Nagrand

Argosh was born in the Frostwolf Village with his brother, Ogrom. After years of studying the ways of the Shaman, Argosh turned his back on the traditional discipline and trained as a Warlock.

Getting tired of fighting the Alliance for his home village, Argosh mounted his Howler and rode to the Undercity and boarded a Zeppelin to Orgrimmar. Upon reaching the city, Argosh used his regained military rank as a Stone Guard to his advantage, serving Thrall and aiding him in thwarting the Shadow Council's Burning Blade coven under the city.

Eventually, Argosh grew weary of the warriors lifestyle, and after serving as a representative of the Horde in the Argent Tournament, he retired to an easier lifestyle as one of Thrall's personal demonic advisor in Nagrand, where he currently resides.
Character's Name: Termarn
Realm: Skywall
Level: 80
Age: 40
Current Residence: Thunder Bluff
Short Back Story: Recently returned from Northrend and owner of the new bar in Thunder Bluff. First when was still a young thing of 25 he ran across Azeroth fighting for the Horde army. Kind of lonely by himself but still an avid adventurer.

When the Dark Portal was opened he marched through it at the tender age of 29. Ranking up in the army from a simple Blood Guard to a Champion of the Horde. As time went by he began to slow down but his wit did not and he defeated Illidan and Kil'Jaden, silenced Kael'thas and came back to Azeroth only to be sent by Thrall himself to Northrend.

In Northrend he continued fighting, this time it was alongside Garrosh and made his way through Naxxramas, laid waste to the god of death Yogg-Saron, killed Anub'arak and eventually killed the Lich King himself. Now he keeps his tavern clean, home, returned and although he doesn't know it...waiting for the Cataclysm.
Character's Name: Exmittens (Living name forgotten)

Realm: Arathor

Level: 80

Age: Several hundred years old, give or take a thousand. She doesn't tend to keep track. (Since death tally.)

Current Residence: The Scryer's Tier in Shatrath when she's not wandering.

Short Back Story: Once a Highbourne mage, she was exiled with the rest after the demons invaded Azeroth. Not as stubborn as most of her Highbourne compatriots, she turned from the staff and wand to the sword and shield. Not very religious, she wandered the land, searching for a reason to be. She has always had a rather morbid interest in the Azj'Aqir. In the third war, she served as a soldier, but alas, was killed. Her body was buried in Silvermoon city, and when Arthas came she was raised as a death knight. Her memories were twisted upon her rebirth, and as such has no idea who she is. She now sees the Alliance and Horde's conflict as petty and childish, but she will not leave her friends from life - or who she believes to be a friend. She does not support Thrall's leaving and Garrosh taking the throne, but she understands why. She also understands why Garrosh should, in her opinion, be dethroned and decapitated. She collects companions and mounts, and is currently searching for a proto drake who is willing to serve as one. Recently, she has been viewing the earthquakes in Azeroth as nuisances, and has discarded them as not important. She is also enthusiastically anticipating archeologists sharing their secrets with her soon.
Character's Name: Malykris(of the Azure Sky)
Realm: Dalvengyr
Level: 80(soon to be 85)
Age: doesn´t care anymore since I don´t age....(died at 32 then rezzed)
Current Residence: the sky.....
Short Back Story: Once a paladin who fell in love in a woman named Natalie...we were both captured then killed at Stratholme by Baron Rivendare and resurrected with our memories wiped out. During my Death Knight training I regained my memories and the Lich King used Natalie against me by retuning her brain making me seem like the culprit for her suffering. Thassarian gave me his third sword, Endbringer, and with that I went on to outland and defeated the demons there. At the Sunwell, I was given a reward for freeing the sunwell itself which was a wish to resurrect Natalie into a normal human again. The Lich King was in the way and the only way to bring her back was to kill her undead body. I ventured to Northrend defeating another Old God, passing trials of strength, destroying Naxxramas, and freeing Natalie´s soul. I stayed to kill the Lich King for what he had done and now as revenge for killing his daughter, Onyxia, Deathwing has taken hostage of Natalie I will being her back no matter the cost.
"Human Condition" (13) We live in a world of Death and distruction. Fly by night ... Storm into the day. With fishing pole in hand.. ha

Protect my Love.

Into the night

I took flight

Sailing through

Darkness of Light

Lonely road I stormed

Riding the lightening

With a screaming

Beam of night

Hot on the trail

Of what I do not know

Constantly moving into

Day and night

Its close

To close

I'm screaming

In the Night


I love Sokkaar.
We travel together. With him i'm safe.... Or am I.
The existentialist school of thought views loneliness as the essence of being human. Each human being comes into the world alone, travels through life as a separate person, and ultimately dies alone. Coping with this, accepting it, and learning how to direct our own lives with some degree of grace and satisfaction is the human condition.[13]
Tar'moa (often uses many titles, but he's recently taken a shine to Pilgrim)
Realm: Demon Soul
Level: 80 (soon 85)
Current Residence: Northrend, en route to Trade Prince Sprocketwrench's palace
Short Back Story: After having saved a trade prince's dinner party with his fantastic culinary skill, Tar'moa became the favorite delivery boy of Trade Prince Sprocketwrench. He travels all over Azeroth and beyond delivering packages and seeking adventure, and with a goblin lord acting as a benefactor, there's not much he can't do. A protection warrior when the occasion calls for it, Tar'moa often differs to his skills in Alchemy and Engineering to win his fights, after all; you can't make the dream work when you wind up like Patchwerk.
Character's Name: Narrik Battlebrew

Realm: Twisting Nether

Level: 77

Age: 82

Current Residence: Battlebrew Hold.

Short Back Story: He spent his childhood in the snowy mountains of Dun Morogh, working as a apprentice Blacksmith under his uncles tutelage, until the Second War arose.

Following in his parents footsteps, he raised his hammer in defense of the Alliance. He participated in a few battles throughout the campaign, until becoming trapped in Khaz Modan along with many Hill Dwarves.

For a few years he survived with them, skirmishing with the various Orcs and Trolls in the region until the landscape was retaken by the forces of the Alliance.

Not satisfied with his somewhat brief taste of war, he again rose to the challenge when the Third War began, and fought valiantly against the Scourge, and Burning Legion.

When the war ended, he satisfied himself by becoming a member of the Explorers League, and ventured forth with many Dwarven Prospectors, acting as a bodyguard of sorts, and recently he has become more interested in the history of his race, instead of finding enjoyment only in battle.
Character's Name: Winifred Annette Wylde

Realm: Twisting Nether

Level: 34

Age: 21

Current Residence: Lakeshire

Short Back Story: Winifred spent half of her life in the distant land of Gilneas, before accidently being cut off from most of her family, when the Greymane wall was erected and shut, leaving herself and her father seperated from their kin.

The two stayed in Southshore for a short while before suscepting to wanderlust and venturing out into the wilds of Azeroth. Along the way her Father passed down his woodsmen knowledge, teaching her many skills that would aid her throughout her life. She learned to track animals, hunt for food, and survive in the harsh wilderness.

For almost a decade the two travelled through the Eastern Kingdoms, and even venturing into parts of Kalimador. But when the war against the Lich King erupted the two were seperated. Her father was forced to enlist in the Stormwind Army, and took his leave to Northrend, leaving her alone in Lakeshire.

Much time has passed since then, and word from her Father has long since ceased. Now she must begin her own quest, to seek out what has happened to her missing Father, and perhaps to see what has taken place behind the newly destroyed Greymane wall.
Character's Name: Zillen

Realm: Bloodscalp-US

Level: 80

Age: Was 65 at the time of the Scourge invasion, lost track of time after Resurrection.

Current Residence: Tenant of Archmage Vargoth's Retreat (seeing as he never sleeps)

Short Back Story: Born from a family of wealthy Sin'Dorei, Zillen spent most of his life training to become a powerful warrior of Silvermoon. He revered his king Kael'thas, and often dreamed of the promised land of Draenor, which they would all ascend to one day. His hopes and dreams were shattered, however, when after over three days of constant fighting to defend his city from destruction, his position was overrun and he was brutally killed by the Scourge. But luckily for him he was chosen to be a more special soldier of the Scourge, and since he broke free with all the other Death Knights of Acherus, he has fought the Scourge (almost) every hour of his days.
Name:Mandonola Dae'dron Olaerchas



Age:Unknown,but is thought to be somewhere in the tens of thousands....

Residence:Pre-Lich King:Northern Notherend,Post-Lich King Unknown,but thought to be in the Barrens somewhere,"laughing his head off at his friends who didn't retire with him."

Backstory:Born in Dun Morogh,and trained in the same place,he met Odin,his pet and life-long companion.He left Dun Morogh and set out to find adventure.Eventually returned to Ironforge,where he set out to help in the 2nd war.Returned and set out to adventure around Azeroth.Returned again for the 3rd war and survived again.Returned the last surviving member of his company.Then vanished off the face of Azeroth.Then reappeared in Northern Stranglethorn,on the beach.Hes recently been declared 'The Most Interesting Man on Azeroth',Hero of Azeroth,Archilogical Master,and the leader of The Z-Team.He has recently become a world famous archioligist.

Qoute:"One of these days,Getun,yer gonna lead me into an adventure that'll kill me.Hopefully i learn me lesson before then."
Name: Scout
Realm: Shu'Halo
Age: A terrible long count of years.
Residence: Travels with the military.

Back story:

The tauren race is presumed to be as old as the night elves since both races are said to have awoken during the creation of the world, and this is were scouts story begins. In the primary timeline, the tauren did not take part in the War of the Ancients, the battle against the first demonic invasion approximately 10,000 years ago. However, in the altered history created by the intervention of Krasus and his companions, they were convinced to join the alliance against the Burning Legion by the dragon-mage.After the tragic loss of the commander, the tauren were re-deployed to extreme effectiveness by his replacement, Jarod Shadowsong. And at that moment Scout got his renown for being a great warrior.

And now many many... many years later he is still a great warrior and commander of the Horde army.
Character's Name: Dairo "Ro" Nelan

Realm: Sisters of Elune.

Level: 22.

Age: 23.

Current Residence: Booty Bay.

Short Back Story: Born into a poor family Dairo or just Ro to those that know him well enough learned early that while money couldn't buy you everything having it sure helped, with this in mind he took to the streets to begin amassing himself a small fortune. Needless to say that his attempts got him nowhere at first until he learned that he had a knack for listening and picking up information, hence he changed his initial plan of amassing money to amassing information and selling it to whomever would pay the most. During the war with the Lich King which he took no actual part in he instead spent his time buying and selling information on both sides as horde gold was just as good as alliance gold, this fact is well known on both sides and yet neither side has taken steps to stop Dairo from continuing his trade as his information has profited both sides equally. His loyalties are only to himself as he has learned that his human leaders can't be trusted to help when needed and most members of the horde that aren't his customers simply want to kill him due to his human ancestry hence he tends to frequent neutral locations where he can trade information freely and not have to worry about his past catching up on him anytime soon.
Name: Alcatraxx
Realm: Destromath
Level: 62
Age: 26
Current Residence: Thrallmar
Back story: Alcatraxx and his twin brother, Igneaxx, were both foundlings at the Echo Isles(Pre-cataclysm) where they were abused and mistreated by the evil witch doctors there. when he got to a certain age, Alcatraxx decided that he wasn't going to take it any more. So he got Igneaxx and stormed down to the boats where they cast off. On there way to who knows where the cataclysm struck and they were thrown for miles on waves and seabeasts. they landed on the shores of the lich king's domain and was taken in to be trained the ways of the death knight. His twin was swept away until he landed back on the Echo Isles(post-cataclysm) to find changed and filled with his own kind, this is where he learned the ways of the warlock and followed his brother to victory.
name: Bralinas Oathbound
realm: Gilneas
Age:28 (blood elf years) equvalent to 40 human years

residence: Runis of strathholme

Short back story: his name was given to him by a group of human infected with worganism
he managed to save 70 people as proclaimed by his oath from the curse but was infected himseld and now seeks to aid the horde because he has bin betrayed by varyan
he is the hordes only worgen Warchief
Name: Reginald "Blackskull" Murrings
Realm: Cairne
Age: 30
Residence: Gilneas Headlands, Duskwood Wilderness, Cottage Near Pyrewood

Back Story: A warlock of Gilneas, he worked secretively and for the rebels during the civil war. He learned quickly and mastered the arts of 'Brimstone and Fire', becoming well versed in destructive magic. He alter fought with the rebels during the worgen invasion, being bitten and badly injured during a viscious fight. After escaping Gilneas along with most of the civilians, he ran into the woods and lived as a worgen for many years.

He was later rescued by the night elves, and retained his human mind. He now wanders from place to place, helping people and resolving conflicts, while still learning the arts of warlockism. More often then not reverts to his worgen form, Blackskull, to fight more serious battles.

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