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How is it that I report something for a sticky again? Do I need a decoder ring?
12/15/2010 8:32 AMPosted by Harlan
How is it that I report something for a sticky again? Do I need a decoder ring?

You didn't get one? ;)

Since 'reporting' something generally involves using the 'thumbs down' menu, I've been placing the thread in an email to:

Let them know you want it stickied. :)
Happy Friday!
And happy Sunday....
...and now it's Tuesday.
Stickied at last! :D Yay!

Thank goodness. /salute Blindsight, wherever you are.
Thank Elune!
Well, that's one down ;)
01/04/2011 10:13 PMPosted by Mirshaalak
In terms of server civility/humanity/maturity/peace, in order of preference, from most to least preferable...

RP -> Normal -> PvP.

You have raid progression, and empathic, kind, civilised human beings. Choose one.

Who says you can't have both, on a PvP server no less? That was entirely your opinion, not based on fact.
My server Eitrigg was entirely picked by the game itself when I first went to the character selection screen.

The server has US Central Time but I learned that the database is actually in the LA (Los Angeles) area.

So do I get a difference if I pick a server based in New York City, but has Pacific Time? Or will it make so little effect that I can play any server in the States?
Just like to give a big thanks for the Leatrix latency fix, i've searched for awhile without finding anything that did this and this works very well. Thank you very much
and yes, this SHOULD BE STICKED
01/19/2011 4:03 AMPosted by Draguun
and yes, this SHOULD BE STICKED

Blizz, secret double stickying for this sticky pl0x.
Please change the links to, wowwiki is a virusfest. Besides, more people are contributing to wowpedia anyway.
Gah, so frustrating trying to find a guild!
Would be nice is Frejya popped in to fix the old forum links (RP and RAF links are from the old forum) and update the WoWWiki links to ones.

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