Definitive Cat DPS FAQ (4.0.x)

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LAST UPDATED: February 7, 2011

"Hey scientist please save us from our rainy days, because your counterpart in the magic art is manufacturing judgment day."

The original author and long time maintainer of this guide is Demoneater. I am currently maintaining it as he has left the game for other pursuits.

Feral DPS is one of the more involved DPS specs. It is likened to a melee affliction warlock. To do it well requires paying attention to several timers and maximizing their uptimes.

Table of Contents

I - Frequently Asked Questions
II - Talents and Glyphs
III - Abilities
IV - The Priority System
V - Gearing
VI - Complex Mechanics
VII - Coming Soon
VIII - Third Party Resources

2011/02/07 - Updated for 4.0.6.
2011/01/12 - Updated for 4.0.6 PTR.
2010/12/06 - Added formula for energy regeneration and a description for Stampeding Roar.
2010/12/02 - Updated for 4.0.3a. Deprecated most mentions of level 80 mechanics.
2010/11/18 - Updated glyph choices for level 85 based on modeling with T11 gear.
2010/10/05 - Migrated to new Forums.
2010/10/17 - Clarified rotational priorities a bit.
2010/10/15 - Updated to reflect recent hotfixes.
2010/10/13 - Updated the raiding at 80 section.
2010/10/07 - Updated for 4.0.1
2010/09/27 - Updated Cataclysm Beta changes.
2010/09/19 - Updated Cataclysm Beta changes.
2010/07/09 - Updated Cataclysm Beta changes.
2010/06/22 - 3.3.5 is live. Nothing new of note, Sharpened Twilight Scale is sexy.
2010/06/09 - Added Cataclysm Talent changes.
2010/06/05 - Taking over maintaining this from Demoneater. Updated section on enchants. Posted notes regarding 3.3.5.
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