Definitive Cat DPS FAQ (4.0.x)

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Ugh. This 5k character limit is so frustrating. :(

I already filed a complaint, lol. My guess is that they'll eventually increase the posting cap...
Thanks for porting your guide over to the new forums.

Much appreciated!
thanks for bringing this over yawning, great work on the new toskk calcs too :)
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However, Yellow: Adept (Agility/Mastery), Deft (Agility/Haste)

I had to remove almost every symbol from some of my guide pages to get them to be readable... /frustrated.
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Where do I go to sign up.

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This post is really lacking in the cow department :P
You might want to add that missing with your special attacks that are capable of using the Clearcasting buff, removes the buff and you still suffer the regular energy loss for missing. I'm sure most druids know this, but it might help someone new.

On a slightly related note, do you think that said interaction with Clearcasting mentioned above raises the value of hit / exp any for Cataclysm? We won't have quite as many combo points going in / out since our crit wont be hanging around the 70%+ range. More Clearcasting procs would mean more combo points over the fight, which is probably only going to give you more ferocious bites if your doing everything right, but i thought it might be worth looking into.

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I can't decide if I like or dislike that your avatar is shadowed. I suppose its better in the long run, since you're just a silly gnome at heart.

Thanks for the thread <3
I hope this becomes a sticky soon
Holy crap! Thank you! I've been using the wrong glyph for a month now >.<
Where is the level 1 mage!
Thank you so much for all this juicy info.
I do have a question though, I'm currently gemming all red slots with 20 agi while putting 10 agi/haste in yellow, is that optimal? I know you said if the socket bonus is worth it, but I gemmed it regardless. I was useing some hit and expertise gems before I switched to this.
How long did that take to type ?

guides take multiple hours to write, but we mostly copied & pasted guides into the forums this time. :)

So, Yawning probably spent "a lot of time" on it. ;)
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