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Majiq, if your bandaging just won't take, why not go save Thrall in [Heroic: The Escape From Durnholde]?
fine... skip me whatever >.<
I'll do both Avairpruex and Zemoregul since both of you need assignments.

Avair, why don't you go infiltrate the Horde cities and show them the true [Wrath of the Alliance] ?

Zemoregul, how about you get one more pet to finish up [Plethora of Pets] !
Can I has assignment plz?
Gekin, you need to give someone an assignment before you get an assignment, so please edit your post to give me something.

Disregard my post and next person should give Gekin an assignment.
Shadowson, I see you have a lot of friends, how about you leave a few of those in Dal, and take just [The Dedicated Few(10 Player)]
It appears that you don't really like pvp, so how about some dungeon grinding? Go get that Wooly Mammoth, its only 2175 justice points, and it'll get you one closer to leading the calavry!
btw awesome pick for pulcinella, as he was posting he said god dont give me key master...lmao :)

o bother looks like it took me too long to post. so simmias your all skin and bones! or maybe just bones? you need more food, it all [Tastes like chicken] so go eat!
finished! i kinda went a little crazy overboard in AH... went from 9 pets to 53... o well i got 2 done!

hey Sylverwind... i know your exhaulted with everybody... well almost everybody, 24 factions it looks like... just one more to the all mighty 25!
Hey Zemoregul, why don't you go give Archaedas a piece of your mind and run Uldaman :)
Loved a bunch of critters, and now I'm back!

Tarrina, you are only 1 away! Go get [The Keymaster]!

Go get smells like chicken! 5 more to go :D
Go get smells like chicken! 5 more to go :D

Almost midterms, so its time for you to go get Well Read

No pvp acheivements for me please.
I ate a bunch, and now I feel fat...

Anyway, Snooptrogg (love the name), Why don't you head over to Silvermoon City, and kill but 5 Horde players for [Wrath of the Alliance]

Working on 250k hks now (Cataclysm). Oh, the pain :(
Working on 250k hks now (Cataclysm). Oh, the pain :(

Dang, congrats on all your achievements and keep up the good work!

Turkeytail, you feel fat from everything you ate - now it's time to make others fat! Take a tour of the BG's and serve up [Dinner Impossible]. No PvP required if you so choose. :)

I finished up my Icecrown quests and became a [Loremaster of Northrend]. Ready for another assignment!
Hey Zivaltia,
you only have 6 quests left in Nagrand until you get [Nagrand Slam]!
I think you're up to the task :)

Edit for Zemoregul: CURSES! Well at least I'll have a shot at the green proto drake finally XD, oh and I'll get my 200 daily quests, too!
>.< darn you Adelorn for posting just as i did! ='( and mine was clever too... give me a moment to find a super hard one for you! >=D

EDIT: AHA! you seem to have neglected your Scholazar Basin freinds! go get exhaulted with the one you have joined! Muhahah!

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