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>.< darn you Adelorn for posting just as i did! ='( and mine was clever too... give me a moment to find a super hard one for you! >=D
EDIT: AHA! you seem to have neglected your Scholazar Basin freinds! go get exhaulted with the one you have joined! Muhahah!

Thank you for transfering this over. With the rules so close to the latest page, hopefully people will read them before posting and I wont get skipped consitantly again.
Zemoregul, You're only a few keys from [The Keymaster]
woot 25 exalted reps!

Aveary, i see you are learning those northrend recipes, you wont get far without some dalaran cooking awards, how about you go earn just one :)
Fews, its time for you to get on your flying mount and soar across all reaches of Northrend. Get [Explore Borean Tundra] ( I reccmend you do icecrown as well)
Those dark iron dwarfs wont be talking crap about me no more! I showed them who was boss :)

spazzy, looks like the alliance needs some help in warsong gulch. go help them out by being a [persistent defender]


Linken has sent me a message to me to tell you that the chickens must be tortured brutally.
Are you his [Friend or Fowl]?
Volusto, you're so close to Grandmaster Cooking! Get out there and get Skills To Pay The Bills!
Meanwhile, Shylã, I'm going to be nice and give you a choice. [The Keymaster] is tough, but it's going forever away in a month. Get it while you can, or go the easier route and finish off [Pest Control]. What you do is up to you.

Went the easy way and got [Pest Control] :3.

Arathanar, you seem kinda lonely. Why not get 3 more pets? Then you'll finally be able to say you have a [Plethora of Pets]!
mmm, those 15 fjord turkey's were delicious.

shyla, looks like you need to fill up the barn. go get four more mounts!
Well, I finished storming through the Exodar for my [Wrath of the Horde].

Sylverwind, since I just finished terrorizing your faction's capitals why don't you go ahead and attempt to get [Wrath of the Alliance].

(Please do not assign me any instance achievements for 5-mans or raids.)
Did some BG's and got [Dinner Impossible]!

Alezal, this may take a few days, but try to get [Chasing Marcia]
Turkeytail, go work on Pest control! You are halfway there anyway.
Assignment#1- Get summit of the storm peaks (completed)
Assignment#2-City defender(in progress)

:D New assignment pls

Rauri why dont you Become a gaurdian and get exalted with Cenarius!
ya take that horde i got wrath of the the skin of my teeth, and no, you dont get to know how many times i died ;)

Elleana, looks like you need to be a [guru of drakuru]. go farm up some of those mojos, and maybe get some quests done while your at it :) happy hunting
Well Sylver since it was a little easy on you with the help of a certain Shaman... Lets give you a task that relies less on braun, on more on your brain.

I think you can be a little more [Well Read]

Also, Keymaster is not so easy on me, but I'll have it tomorrow once I finish grinding out Gadgetzan rep so I can turn in Mold rhymes with...
Finished the scavnger. Not sure if you want one Pulcinella, but maybe I'll save your next post. Go get the burning crusader! already have 3 down.
Found a few final quests starting in Shadowmoon Valley and finished [Nagrand Slam].
Crilmon, head to Isle of Conquest, grab a turret and finish up [Mowed Down]; you just need a few more.

Edit: typo
Zivaltia, if you can, do Blade's Edge Bomberman?

Isvann i heard your BOUND FOR GLORY
Legion, show us your array of cooking skills by getting [Chef De Cuisine]!

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