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20 Exalted Reputations complete. Alford, you need to notch an [Isle of Conquest Victory].
:( i was skipped.....

eliende grab your fishing pole and get master fishing!
[They Love me in that Tunnel] complete! cata made it so much easier...

Afghancush, go for [Bloodmyst Isle Quests]
Plethora of Pets complete!

Tylea, [Explore Hyjal] will get you [Explore Cataclysm].
Alright, I'm going to try this again because I got an error and I don't see my post, sorry if I double post.

Tylea, [Explore Hyjal] for [Explore Cataclysm]
Done with [Seven Scepters]. Please don't ask me to get the last achievement of archaeology... I think I'll cry if I get more. Oh and no arena either.

Camyth, you had it too easy last time. You need a little more challenge so go for [One That Didn't Get Away]
[bloodmyst isle quests] completed....

zalleia i think you need to be [sworn to deathsworn]
No raids. Give me a new one.
I will continue trying to get [Stood in the Fire] but I'm not going to stop working on achievement while I wait to get lucky. New Assignment?

Thortok, why not go switch factions in Sholazar Basin and get [Frenzyheart Tribe] and [Mercenary of Sholazar].

Frenzyheart Tribe complete!

Zalleia -> Gurubashi Arena Grand Master
I got a turtle mount! Oh... and I got my assignment [Master Fisherman] too.

Thortok, get [Twin Peaks Mountaineer].

Also, WTB working forums :P
My assignment: Hydraxian Waterlords, is finally complete. Also picked up Thunderfury while I was at it.

Eliende, get [Damage Control].
I am now [Well Read].

Gellert, Congratulations on Thunderfury. Sounds like you could use some time with a fishing pole and a body of water. Tell us about the [One that Didn't Get Away].

No PvP or Raids please.
lol skipped again

Eannac the arathi highlands has is in need of your assistance... get [arathi highlands quests]
I have finished spreading the love in "To all the squirrels who cared for me".

Afghancush...There will be no love for you! Only Madness! Head to winterspring and finish up E'ko Madness...
Hey Cyclopse, time for you to achieve the cheev [One Hump or Two?]!
Callka, time for you to become a [Professional Expert]! It'll be boss.
Wotchout, time to get fishing and get [The Scavenger] Cheers!

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Twistid, go find out if [It's Always in the Last Place You Look]

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