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[Cataclysmically Superior] Complete.

Sassie, i see you have Master riding, lets see you put your flying skills to test.
[Skyshattered] is your next achievement.

[Skyshattered] Complete. Lickly time to go get [Friend or Fowl] you only have to kill a few turkies ;P
sassie, it looks like soon it might just be another day in tol barad for you!

and no, theres no ally in exodar. ever. ever. ever.

p.s. i should prolly get the achieve i suggested for you too, eh?
I know I'm a bit late to the game, here, but I hope I can still join in (I've been looking for something to do to kill time till Noblegarden).

So Kkronc, it looks like you're really fond of the critters in the world - but some are still feeling left out! Why don't you show some /love [To All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me] (and you). Only 4 more to go!

(P.S. no raid requests, please. =X)
[The Harder They Fall] Complete.

Orcard, Check out the [Double Rainbow]
............ Its so bright and vivid...what does this mean?
[Friend or Fowl] Completed!

Hey rapidfire have a visit in Hyjal and [Bounce] on the trampolines!
Heya Lickly try your hand out at cooking I implore you to be a [Journeyman Cook] and get that skill up to 150... who knows what you will get from there!
[Bounce] Complete.

Come on Liquidmist only one more! Get [50 Exalted Reputations]

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