Fresh New Take on the Paladin Class

So I was thinking about all the changes that have been made to my favorite class lately and I had some ideas. Quite frankly, I'm tired of the old "holy crusader" theme and feel like we need a revamp.

The following is just a rough draft, I'm open to comments and criticism.

El Paladin Nuevo
Guardians of the Tex-Mex cuisine, paladins bolster their allies with delicious aromas and flavors to inspire their friends on the battlefield. In combat, they can wield massive cooking utensils, stun their foes, destroy bland food, and ignite their fellow adventurer's palates. Paladins are a support class designed to outlast their opponents when it comes to bringing the flavor.

Some Paladin abilities:
Avenger's Nacho - flings a crispy corn tortilla chip at your target's mouth, silencing them and interrupting for 3 sec.

Con Quesocration - covers the land beneath the paladin with a delicious melted cheese sauce (deals damage and slows attackers)

Chipotle Strike - An instant strike that harnesses the power of smoked jalapeno

Sacred Duty - a private ritual that takes place after a hard day of adventuring

Hand of Salsa - delivers a spicy jolt to a party member, reducing their threat by 2% every 1 second

Taquito Verde - An instant weapon attack that causes a percentage of weapon damage. Consumes all applications of Holy Guacamole to increase damage dealt

(yes this has been a <s>shameless</s> delicious repost)
Neither clever nor amusing.
Nice. I think we have a few of those at our local Mexican joint.

quoted for truth
....... Add an interesting story to your post and it might not get such bad reviews. As of the moment.... extremely sad.
This is what the dislike button was made for......


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