All the old post gone?

Wow, was gonna check up on some of the older post such as stickies etc

And we have to start all over again ?
Thats right!
A fresh start, for a fresh game.
Wow, this must sux for those ppl who put so much effort writing those detailed guides. Hopefully they will have backups XD
from scratch!
That's pretty amazing.
they would have to rewrite them once we hit level 85 since everything should be balanced when we get to that point.. so either way they are screwed.
but what about the beard post?
but what about the beard post?

Oh god the beards!!!!
I for one welcome the change

but the old forums are still there, and I'm leaning to believe that Blizzard will migrate everything from there to here. Makes no sense just throwing away 5 years of content, for good or for bad
The old forums will remain up for a while for a cut and paste session, though tbh, the game has changed a good deal so 90% of those guides are no longer relevant to the state of the game.
Yeah, they're gonna have to redo them anyways for the most part, it's not a terribly big deal.
Can't find the source, but several weeks ago, a blue post read something like:

New forums going up. No threads or stickies will be copied over.
Old forums will stay up for a short while. Save any threads you want to save.
That's pretty much it. You'll have to copypasta anything you want to save.
Both forums will be active at once for a short while.
My PvP Guide omnomnom
But yes really the old posts were completely out of date. With the changes to defense etc its best for a fresh start.
but what about the beard post?

Reposted, expanded, and some of the best stuff by other people copied over as well

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