Druid leveling guide (updated for 6.0)

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12/03/2012 04:18 AMPosted by Lissanna
Unless they've changed displacer beast's stealth mechanic at some point, level 2 animals could still break my level 85+ characters out of displacer beast's stealth. It didn't take you out of combat with the NPCs you were fighting.

They must have because I leveled 85-90 with it and it would always port me and i would then enter a stealth mode that seemed equivalent to my regular Feral-enhanced Prowling ability. Only ever had a problem if I ported into a mob, as there is a slight delay after the port b4 stealth (though the port doesn't break stealth so this isn't so much of an issue when I was already Prowling). With glyph of prowl and a simple macro I was able to keep stealth up nearly permanently, open with ravage on every target with little to no down time, and had terrific movement and placement utility.
/castsequence [nocombat]reset=10 Prowl,Displacer Beast
/cast [combat]Displacer Beast

One thing you said is correct: DB does not take you out of combat; but I did still find it useful for making an escape. Port 20yds and stealth-dash gives me a great head start and helps me avoid pulling more mobs in an already sticky situation.
I stand behind Displacer Beast as an excellent talent option for Feral leveling.
If you are in travel form (after level 16), then wild charge will port you 20 yards away (and has half the cooldown of displacer beast). So, there's no real benefit to using displacer beast as an escape versus using wild charge + travel form as an escape. Wild charge also gives you the feral charge mechanic for leaping to your targets in cat form.

Displacer beast would need to be a threat/combat drop when leveling to be of increased benefit over the combination of movement abilities given to you by wild charge.
Your argument has now changed from "the stealth breaks too easily" to "druids need another escape method". We have powershifts, travelform, instaflight, defensive roots, self-healing, 2 sprints, and an on demand tank mode and you're arguing that extra escape CD+positioning > extra stealth CD+ positioning?

Look, I think all talents in the first tier have their benefits for leveling. I also think that posting "bad for all specs" in your guide is misleading. Ultimately it is your guide and you will do as you please.
I'm currently Level 32, and I was wondering where you would put Savage Roar in a Feral Rotation for Instances?
12/09/2012 04:35 AMPosted by Lynnaru
I'm currently Level 32, and I was wondering where you would put Savage Roar in a Feral Rotation for Instances?

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to keep Savage Roar up from the beginning of short trash pulls. Investing a couple points after opening with Ravage usually works fine, and if it falls off you can use another point of SR to help you finish leftovers. For longer boss fights, however, it's best to save up 5 points before using SR so that you can focus on dpsing without worrying about it falling off. You may need to alter between 5 point SR and 5 point Rips before you get the boss down to 25%, then use Ferocious Bite instead of Rip. A third option, and my personal favorite is to get the Glyph of Savagery This way you can use SR BEFORE you Ravage, and after every Rip or FB, without ever using up Combo Points!
A third option, and my personal favorite is to get the Glyph of Savagery This way you can use SR BEFORE you Ravage, and after every Rip or FB, without ever using up Combo Points!
The Glyph option sounds good to me, thanks!
Was looking at all the guides for info as I swap to Guardian for the 85-90 stretch and beyond. Just wanted to say that your table of contents is quite useless in general.

Keeping the same words from the ToC at the header of each section will allow CTRL+F to move straight to that segment.

Or since you did use a different post per section, you can link directly to the post for a clickable ToC, like:
Guardian: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/969937119#8
I've been meaning to go back and update the 5.0 guides with formatting and such. However, the MOP expansion came out right around the time I was graduating with my doctorate and starting a new job, so I've been buried under 60+ hours of work most weeks for the last year or so. I'm on a week vacation this week, so I may be able to actually devote more time to getting everything updated. For 5.0, I had to settle on copying & pasting from the blog version just to have something semi-functional.
Best of luck with your PHD. What is your degree in?
12/25/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Adsila
Best of luck with your PHD. What is your degree in?

I graduated this summer with a PhD in developmental psychology (I do autism research).

Okay, I fixed my table of contents. :)
Thanks for the guide:)
Very helpful for me. Im resto and wondering if I should do quests or dungeons?
02/07/2013 07:28 AMPosted by Airstorm
Very helpful for me. Im resto and wondering if I should do quests or dungeons?

Restoration is a healing specialization that isn't really intended to do questing. You should be doing dungeons with a restoration spec. When you can get the dual-spec feature and have two specializations, you can pick up feral or balance for soloing quests.
I've been attempting to level from 85 to 90 as balance and it has been agonizing, hair pulling out-ingly frustrating. I am actually leveling 8 toons to 90 right now from 85, as I have 2 90s already. In other words, I have every class leveling in MoP except monk. I can honestly say my balance druid is by far and away the most difficult to do solo questing. It isn't even close. My warlock and Deathknight are effortless. As is my mage. The other's like my rogue and warrior aren't even that bad.

I have attempted the rotations above, but I am just losing hope. I still have 2 levels to go and I just don't get it. It makes me want to bench my druid. I just want to heal at 90 already! Every single mob is a challenge. My roots break so easily, and my dps is so poor I can't kill anything in less time then it takes them to get me to 50%.
Hi Anastasia,
I would recommend holding off on leveling characters until the XP nerf in 5.3 that will make leveling in general faster. Giving up and going feral also works if balance isn't holding up for you.
I was considering holding up for 5.3, but I don't know when that will be. I am leveling 10 toons to 90 now, actually I have 4 already, the other 6 are 89. So I am just going to finish.

As for balance, I did end up giving up on it. I'm not sure why I can't level in that spec, but it was just agonizing. I am even leveling a discp priest out in the zones no problem. With balance, I am just having too hard a time killing mobs.

Luckily there are 408 iLevel Vendors in the high level zones, so switching specs wasn't that bad. I recommend anyone having trouble with balance in MoP zones switch to feral. it is so much easier.
Great report. Two minor things.

(1) I think Improved Faerie Fire is more than just "situational." It's always useful IMO. But ultimately, Typhoon is just too valuable to pass up anyway. I agree with your general premise of "root 'em and shoot 'em" because that's really the kiting mechanics for a Moonkin and Resto, which brings us to the next point.

(2) I think it's possible to solo-quest as a Resto, as long as you maintain the same kiting principles as the Moonkin. You can't charge a mob, of course, so you have to pick off the ones on the edges, and then just as you say, (a) root them, (b) Faerie Fire (debuff), (c) Moonfire (DoT), (d) Wrath 2 or 3 times until the roots break, and (e) re-root, and repeat the Wraths while keeping the DoT up. Since roots are a central piece of the rotation, I like the Roots Glyph for improved speed time, and I do think that the .2 speed improvement is worth it. If the attacker gets into melee range, Typhoon them back and re-root them. Mobs: If a second attacker approaches, root one and cyclone the other, and then back way while dropping HoTs in preparation. When the cyclone ends, use the normal rotation, except that since you cannot apply two sets of roots, you will need rely on Typhoon (in a direction facing away from the other rooted attacker, so as not to unroot them) and Cyclone, in order to manage them. Cyclone is basically a fancy stun, that allows you to run to kiting range while applying HoT's on the run. Reapplications of roots on the one, and cyclone on the other, might be necessary, and if there are three attackers or more, then one needs to be rooted at a safe distance, while another is cycloned, so that the others can be FF'd & DoT'd, and then click Hurricane (presuming that your own Barkskin and Ironskin and HoT's have been applied. This is a kiting class, so the kiting skills must be practiced.
Thanks Lissanna. I've been playing wow moP for about 4 months now and this is very helpful answered a lot of questions I've had.

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