Resto 85 PvE healing guide (v. 4.1)

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Lissanna makes the best guides. :)
Thanks for your concise guide and your continuous support of the Resto Druid way of life!
nice guide here is somthing i have found out btw i am no longer using innervate or any potions they are just un needed best way to get mana regen is keep your lifebloom on the tank even if you dont tank heal keep it there for 1 that will always keep your replenishment up and 2 lifebloom seems to proc revitalize ALOT whitch in my case that is giving me aroudn 1k mana every 4 seconds with just that. so somthing to try i dont even use lifebloom to heal i just use it for the mana regen so anyone having mana issues could try that out
Remember to explain to your raid group that the green circle with LEAVES floating in it = good happy life time, not death. Stop running out of it

I had a note about it, but these forums have a 5,000 character limit, whereas the other forums had a 9,000 character limit, so I had to cut a couple things out of a couple of posts to get it to fit.

Part 4. Talents

Talent specs for level 80 resto:

Here is a fairly cookie-cutter spec for level 80, where you have 3 talent points to put wherever you want:


A raid-healing rejuv-oriented level 80 spec would pick up 2 points in blessing of the grove and one anywhere else like this (2/0/34):


Or, you can max out Furor instead of Blessing of the Grove (2/3/31):


Since a lot of healers have realized a few truths about nourish/HT@ 80, mostly that even with high haste they are just too slow, most people do not use them at all. Adding to that fact is both that we have more then enough mana/regen to spam regrowth for longer periods of time then we ever will be able to at 85, and that just refreshing the LB stack with a new LB is quicker and better then trying to do it with a talented Nourish.

That said, for your 2/3/31 build, as an alternative to it, I'd like to suggest the movement of 4 points:

1) 2 points out of the First tier talent "Naturalist", and into "Blessing of the Grove"

2) 2 points out of "Empowered Touch", and into "Swift Rejuvenation"

This way you can have both Furor and Blessing of the Grove, and all you are giving up is features on spells we hardly use.

It may be worth noting that given the 2 for 2 point exchange in each case, a druid could utilize 1 above and skipping 2, or vice versa. It is also worth noting, that at 85, you will begin to use Nourish/HT again, most just do not right now (@80). Only a suggestion for "Talent specs for level 80 resto:"
Thank you for the concise guide Lissanna. Reading your guide inspired me to play a druid way back in Wrath and I'm still moving right along with it.


A fresh stack of waffles for my favorite druid...well, other than me of course. =D
Just started healing and tanking with my druid (from being Cat DPS for years) and this helped me immensely. I pretty much followed everything this said and I've been healing heroics with a problem and with crappy gear. Thanks so much!

I second the stack of waffles.
You know, technically waffles are what we feel to trolls. I'm just saying.

They don't deserve waffles. Why would we want to feed trolls anyhow?
They don't deserve waffles. Why would we want to feed trolls anyhow?

Way back in the day, posting waffle recipes in the druid forums was how people responded to troll posts (a play on the "don't feed the trolls" saying).
Great guide (again), and I'm sure you are planning to do this anyway, but could you include a table of haste and extra-tick breakpoints for our HOTs?
They don't deserve waffles. Why would we want to feed trolls anyhow?

Way back in the day, posting waffle recipes in the druid forums was how people responded to troll posts (a play on the "don't feed the trolls" saying).

I guess you learn something everyday.
Something I wanted to point out about mastery... it's actually fairly easy to use it, even when raid healing, if you tweak the way you heal a bit. For example, if you're not mindlessly spamming rejuvenation on the raid, you can use wild growth on a batch of people that just took a hit and add rejuvenations (or even casted heals... blasphemy, I know) on top of that, bringing them back up extremely quickly. You can also use regrowth for raid healing at the moment, since mana really isn't an issue, and use the heal over time it provides to activate your mastery. It sees more use in focused healing, true, but that can apply outside of tank healing if done properly.

The other thing I'd like to mention is that 15% haste for 15 seconds (Nature's Grace) is well worth a global cooldown in a pinch and is a very nice 1-minute cooldown, particularly if you compare it to similar talents from other classes (even if they don't cost you a global to activate). Even at the haste cap, it still affects your heal over time ticks and your healing touch, bringing the cast time of the latter down significantly. Granted, there are better places to spend the points right now, but it's far from useless for resto druids.

Edit: The Entangling Roots glyph adds a 5 second cooldown, not 10.
Great thread ..I am dusting off my resto lol
I have a question about thorns use also on the tank..seems bugged to me.
My issue stems from a run a few days ago in HFoS , I was thinking war tank I will thorns him on the pull to help out with his agro...since we had trigger happy dps in the group.
Well every time I did this the mob turned to I am puzzled if I am using this right ..or its buggy ..or am I completely borked in thinking to thorn the tank on the pull.

ok big fat edit im a retard...I misread the use of thats why the mobs hated me /facepalm

ok no more thorns on tanky
Nature's grace isn't worth the points at 80 because it costs you points that are better spent on other talents. At 85, it will proc off regrowth which will make it better than it is right now.

The mastery isn't that great at 80, but gets better at 85 (and will actually be itemized at that point).
Fantastic guide Lissanna :P
I actually find that Thorns is a big help on pulls since they damage has been increased by ~100x. If you glyph it (Maybe not worth it, but hey) there's barely a CD. Plus, every mob hitting the tank takes ~1k damage (depending on Spellpower, I think), so it's giving the tank that much more threat.

Thorns does not add to your damage count/threat, but mobs will pick up on you casting a spell. Casting it mid-pull isn't really recommended. Either do it about 3 seconds pre-pull or after the tank has gained a significant amount of threat.
Great guide! :)
ty... this guide help me a lot ..

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