Resto 85 PvE healing guide (v. 4.1)

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What professions are considered 'best' for resto healing, for level 80 and then again for level 85?

I like to plan ahead and stockpile mats for power leveling prof's at level cap. I'm considering enchanting / inscription.
I don't really do recommendations for professions.
I just wanted to point out that 24.12% isn't enough. Around 1008+ haste rating (30.71% ish) gives the full benefit of Rejuvanation and makes Regrowth cast at/or below the GCD.
I would liked to have seen the spec that doesn't go into Master Shapeshifter in here.

It would be good for those who feel like they don't rely on tree too much.

The mastery explanation is nicely done. gj
I would liked to have seen the spec that doesn't go into Master Shapeshifter in here.

It would be good for those who feel like they don't rely on tree too much.

fyi, master shapeshifter affects caster form as well. there is no reason not to take master shapeshifter afaik.
Master shapeshifter is supposed to still give you the healing bonus when you are out of tree form, so it's always worth taking.
Hai Liss!
a great guide that im gonna try to follow to the letter. thank you Lissanna for all the work you did to come up with this. time to do my homework (smile)
I love the guide since I'm having to kind of relearn a few things for healing. However, I'm playing around on Beta and a few things come to mind to keep in mind.

Some talents are getting changed from what they are now.
Revitalize goes down to 2 points (instead of 3)
Swift Rejuventation goes down to 1 point (instead of 2)
Malfurion's Gift is unlinked from Fury of Stormrage (2 point savings effectively)

Nature's Grace will grant Haste off of Regrowth, and mana even at 85 with full tier 359 (and having a base 101k mana on a premade without Furor) still goes pretty fast.

So, here's the 'baseline' talent tree I have right now. I debate between Furor & Nature's Grace, but at least with Nature's Grace if you shave 3 points out of Resto (maybe Blessing of the Grove [2] & Nature's Swfitness [1]), you can move on to Genesis.

Nature's Grace x/3: You gain [5/10/15%] spell haste after you cast Moonfire, Regrowth, or Insect Swarm, lasting 15 sec. This effect has a 1 minute cooldown. When you gain Lunar or Solar Eclipse, the cooldown of Nature's Grace is instantly reset.

Genesis x/3: Increases the healing done by periodic spells and by Swiftmend by [2/4/6%], and increases your Moonfire and Insect Swarm by [2/4/6 seconds]
<3 Lissanna #2
Yifferia - I have to start over 100% from scratch for the new set of talents. I am aware of this impending doom, lol. My hope is that the talent changes will happen with 4.0.3a (and not today *crosses fingers*), which will give me more time to get it all sorted out...
Hopefully I'm not derailing the thread too much, but as we're discussing T11 builds, let me say that I really don't think Efflorescence will be worth taking over a regen talent. With the nerfs to AOE healing, it will be a very small amount of EH in most encounters (like 1-2%); and since mana is a bottleneck now, the freedom to cast a few more expensive heals should be worth at least that much.

I am looking at this build for 10-man healing at 85:
I'm leaning the same way, if Efflorescence stays as it is. At least while mana is an issue.

It's a shame, because I was really looking forward to Efflorescence.
FIne guide, but one suggestion.

Right now, Int > Spr for Resto druids as a regen stat. Revitalize and replenishment scale off of Int. Also, Socket Bonus' grant SP not INT.

For this reason I am NOT socket matching and gemming Int, INT/Haste, or Haste (depending on my nearness to 1016).

Consider an item with a Red and Blue slot, and +7 SP socket bonus.
Suppose you are at 1016 haste, and decide to gem INT in the blue socket.

Versus 10 INT / 10 SPR you have : 10 INT 10 SPR (~4mp5) vs 20 int

Which comes out to ~4mp5 and 7 spellpower vs. 10 spellpower, 180 mana, and .15% crit.

Its a no-brainer. Unless your gear is below Ilvl 230ish..youre better off ignoring socket bonuses and gemming some vairation of Int/Haste in your blues. To make up for the lack of blues use Ember Skyflare Meta, for even more benefit from Int. We don't need the MP5 folks
At some point, there is a limit to how long my guides can be. It's really impossible for me to be able to give people conditional things to do based on their gearing, spell rotation, day of the week, whatever. I have to give the most general advice applicable to anyone, and let people choose whether they will match color sockets or not. I'm preparing people for Cataclysm, where regen IS going to matter, and you will want spirit. It's easier just to get people starting to think in Cata terms, because it doesn't matter how you min-max for ICC in the next 2 weeks, honestly.

The 4.0.3a patch reduces the mana regen from revitalize, and Cataclysm changes 99% of what it means to be a healer. So, in some places in this guide, I have made decisions that favor level 85 more than level 80 just because it sucks having to re-learn a way of thinking.

In the end, people still have to think for themselves and decide based on their own situations, what will work best for them.
In anwser to the questions about profs...

For cata min/max is going to be

1. JC
2. Engineering
3. BS

JC and BS for the stat bonuses, Engi for the useful @*@%, plus the int proc on gloves is powerful, 80 int over time iirc.
96int averaged.

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