Resto 85 PvE healing guide (v. 4.1)

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great thread dude. great way to throw all the changes in with good explanations. I am sure the community thanks you! I know I do.

/bump because the tanking QQ is clogging up the forums and burying guides.
falling off the forums again...
We will want to use more Nourish & Healing Touch when leveling up from 80 to 85. Mana problems don't kick in until around 83 or so.
Just curious here: Is druid healing hard as balls when you first start? I just ran RFC and ran out of mana 3 times during the first boss fight. It's not like I can re-gear myself for more spirit, since we're all level 15 and taking what we can get.

If your tank isn't very good, and your party members are taking a lot of damage, it can be hard for lowbie resto druids to have enough mana.
Well, they're going to make some of the instances better in the next big patch somewhere down the line. Low level tanking & healing is tricky because no one really tests low level stuff...
Je ding
So I'm about to hit 80 and I wanted to know how different would healing be at 80 now to 85 in cata? I wanted to try druid healing since I've always been a priest healer but I have no experience. I figured when I hit 80, I should run a ton of instances and such to try and get used to druid healing.

From what I hear now, it's no longer just rejuv spam right? That's all my knowledge of druid healing unfortunately. However, with the changes to druid healing in cata, I don't have any habits I need to lose, so I guess it's good and bad.

What am I looking to cast generally? LB the tank then...? Do I always keep LB up? Or let it finish sometimes?

Should I bother practicing LK healing when Cata is just around the corner?
Level 80 healing is similar to 85, except that at 85, you have to use more Nourish & Healing touch.
Alright, so it would be beneficial to practice now. What am I looking at as my main rotation of heals? LB tank the put rejuv on people? Use swiftmend if needed? Is that it?
Thanks for the post!
Bumping epic thread.

Also, quick question:

What advice would you give to a black sheep druid who is looking at possibly healing tanks (trying to 2 heal some encounters) in heroic ICC?

Mostly the same advice I put in the tank healing section. Since they changed how raid lockouts work, I've mostly been running 25-man ICC, and not 10-man.
I've specc'd as of the cookie cutter spec on your updated post, (afaik it used to be a slightly different spec before 4.0.3a dropped?).

Regardless, these were specific points I had in mind:

1) Nature's Grace: 15% haste on 1 min CD for 15 seconds. Been debating the usefulness of this talent for the purpose of Nourish/Healing touch casts.

2) Taking 2/2 Malfurion's Gift for extra OoC's for Healing Touch spam to help with the mana. 4% seems like hardly anything though...worth taking? I'd be dropping Nature's Cure & 1 point in Furor for it.

3) What would be tradeoff in terms of viable GCD usage, if I was to be spending time to use Nourish on the tanks to a) keep LB rolling b) reduce CD on Swiftmend vs. using those GCDs (+ cooldowns) to spam Rejuvs or Wild Growth. The way I see it, GCDs would be more precious in 25 mans than 10 mans, as there is more of a scope to cover raid members with Hots. However, in 10 mans, there isn't as much raid wide damage, nor are there that many bodies that need to be covered. I find that a judiciously cast Wild Growth + 2-3 Rejuvs are enough to keep people alive, especially when it is followed by an Efflorescence during periods of heavy raid aoe. So..yeah, wanted your opinion on Nourish spam vs. just refreshing LB with LB again.
The 4.0.3a "cookie cutter" spec is something new. I'm setting people up for leveling up to 85, rather than worrying about the optimal ICC build. While leveling up to 85, my "cookie cutter" 80 spec feeds in perfectly to branch into any of the level 85 specs I listed.

At level 80, you won't use nourish all that much. You will, however, start using more nourish as you level up to 85. In some cases at 80, just refreshing LB with LB is better than refreshing LB with Nourish.

Nature's Grace starts to be more useful at 85, especially if you are using it to unlock the Balance Tier 2 talent that reduces mana cost of your spells.
Thank you so much for this, I was considering dropping this character because I couldn't wrap my mind around things. You made it easy to understand :)
For resto, not that much changed between 3.3 and 4.0, really. There are even more changes coming when we level up to 85. It's not that hard; it just takes time, patience, and practice!

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