Unholy blight

Death Knight
i was at the dummy and notice that unholy blight not ticking every 1 sec and only hitting for 1 damage off a 3700 death coil is just my lvl or is it just me
I'm not sure that Unholy Blight necessarily has to tick its damage ever second on the second. It merely says it does 10% of DC's damage over a 10s duration. 10% of DC damage isn't a whole lot, even at 80. Unholy Blight, in my experience, is lucky to tick for over 100 as I recall, but I haven't used it in a while.

So lets say DC hits for like 5k damage. 10% of that is only 500. Divide that by 10s duration, and you're looking at 50 point ticks. Such a powerful DoT, huh? Honestly, I'm not even sure why the DoT component exists on the talent--it's so utterly useless.
I'm glad the new forums could be christened with their first Unholy Blight 1 damage ticks thread.

UHB is sometimes bugged on target dummies so that it only does one damage per tick.

As for the usefulness, if it said "increases death coil damage by 10%" I'm sure lots of people would think it was great. That's essentially what it does, but because it's a DoT instead of direct damage, people think it sucks.
If I remember correctly, if the target dummy that you're on has 1 hp, that's how much it hits for.
(I could be wrong though)
UHB works like BCB and Necrosis did(before their removal). That is, they were bugged on a target dummy, and only did 1 damage(regardless of HP).

It's not you, its the target dummy. Go DC a mob somewhere, and watch for ticks, if you don't believe us.
Generally this happens when the target only has 1 hp to begin with, such as all of the non-boss dummies.

For some reason UHB and the old Necrosis are unable to do overkill damage or something similar to that. They can't do damage that exceeds the max HP of the target.

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