Hey fellow Shadow Priests!

This isn't where I parked my Bentley. >.>
2 years now :)
Sad to say I haven't been able to level a priest past 26 until 4.0. It was terrible trying to level pre-cata patch. Mana and damage was terrible, no shadowform until 40...it was just damn miserable. It is so much more fun and easy now I can finally do it without wanting to kill myself. So yeah, /played is at about 6 days or so now I believe.
Started playing shadow about 2 weeks after TBC came out. Got to 70 holy, because surge of light was still broken from TBC beta at launch
...so long that I honestly have no idea how long.
Since 2.0 went live. Tried to play shadow in Vanilla but the guild wouldn't let me :(
Off and on between 3 different priests for 6 years.
Since the start of TBC!
I remember being shadow when AQ40 was released. I've been on and off shadow since then.
about 5 years, I got away with being shadow in Vanilla because I was the raid leader =]
Shadow's always been this girl's main spec since I made her... wish I remembered when that was! Must've been 3 1/2 years ago.
I think i am around 3 years or so.
2 years. Currently half way between holy and shadow at the moment. I think it largely has to do with dpsing for 6 years in a raid envirnment, may try something different in Cata.
Got bored of my pally, hit 80 in July. Been shadow since Shadowform was available as I leveled. This is my main for Cata, I'm just going to undergo an operation to make me shorter with pink pigtails.
5 Years and still loving it

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