Cataclysm Holy Basics Guide (4.3)

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so mastery, comfy/goal %? reforging.. crit<mast or? i socket for bonuses using purified, artful, reckless, brilliant, but i see others stack straight int, comments? i love my priest, she's my main, but there are times i still feel fail, what am i doing wrong? or is it the other healers not helping enuf? i dunno. of course it looks good on recount to be top again, but when the raid wipes time after time because of silly mistakes or such massive aoe dmg i cant heal them up in time, it makes me a sad panda. i understand the mechanics but for instance when i go oom on the blue platform in throne too soon im like wtf put the fail priest on the yellow one nao and get a druid over here. i have one of each of the healing classes and have an easier time healing on the rest. i dont want to give up on my priest, and havent yet, but sheesh whats goin on? what do i need to change?
~bummed out priest in need of input <3
btw Aliena, spectacular posts =) my hubby is leveling a priest nao, instead of constantly explaining this and that i told him to go here and read up, *do ur homework* XD
What is your opinion on the 10/31/0 holy build?

With disc getting shafted on the cost of shield and the effectiveness of the shields way up, the possibility of holy using bubble quite a bit more may be viable.

For instance:

EDIT: Nevermind...
I read this two months ago as a starting point, and I read it again and feel that there are some oversights.

First is that Binding Heal, according to calculations for HPM that I have read, rank it quite high. Now that Binding Heal will activate Serendipity, I can't think of many reasons NOT to cast it if the priest has also taken some damage. Binding heal is one of the best direct heals in our arsenal. I don't meet many priests who have it as a main part of their arsenal.

Second is the stat priorities. Crit and haste are throughput stats, I'm surprised they are listed as better than spirit. I am beginning raid geared and raids I have done, still value regen very highly. Throughput has not been an issue on any boss encounters so far, even tank healing.

The guidelines I followed are Int (obviously), Sprit for regen, and then Mastery as the best throughput stat. Holy priest only needs enough haste for 12.5% raid buffed, which is 4.5% - 7.5% raw haste depending on points spent into darkness. This will get the additional tick on renew (which is of questionable utility with rolling renews), getting a second tick of renew would seem almost impossible unless someone went crazy with haste, and they would end up very mana inefficient if they focused on haste to the exclusion of crit and mastery.


1) Binding heal is king.
2) Int > Spirit > Mastery > Crit (With enough haste to be 12.5% raid buffed)

I have not personally done the theorycraft on these stat priorities, but I can feel the difference in regen with +/- 250 spirit (Ghost Elixer) and am hesitant to give up any of it.
This thread should be updated or unstickied.

Lots of useful information, but lots of it is outdated and/or no longer accurate.
This thread should be updated or unstickied.

Lots of useful information, but lots of it is outdated and/or no longer accurate.
What do you find outdated or no longer accurate?
Quick question Aliena, how much do you find yourself using heal in 10 man raids? From your profile, you're well into heroic modes now, but as I transition from heroic 5 man healing to normal mode 10 man healing, I'm having a bit of trouble maintaining mana and spell choice. I was hoping you could take a quick look at what I try to use and see if I'm doing anything horrible that drains mana quickly.

For AoE: I keep PoM and CoH on CD and use PoH as a filler, with renews if I need to move. This burns my mana quite quickly... but on fights like magmaw(lava spew) I'm not sure what else to do. There is the regen phase where no damage is going out, but it's still very tight on my mana by the end of it.

Single target/Tank healing: I try to stick to using heal as much as possible, but I inevitably end up being forced to use greater heal(or flash heal in emergencies). Is Greater Heal more mana efficient when it heals it's full amount than heal? It seems that holy word--> greater heal is designed to help me top off tanks/low people relatively quickly, but this also puts a good strain on my mana bar.

I try to stick to the new mana efficient style of cataclysm healing(as opposed to wrath's spam flash heal) but I end up finding myself in situations where 2-3 flash heals are required to keep a raid member from dieing.

Any advice/criticism/suggestions(from any holy priest with experience 10 man healing) would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Hrm. Perhaps not so quick of a question. Sorry about that.
I don't actually do 10-man raids... ever. Since the lockout type got changed, I exclusively do 25-mans.

Magmaw though, I use PoM/PoH/CoH during AoE and use the regen phases to.. well, regen. Hymn, Conc Pots, Trinkets, Arcane Torrent, Sfiend... ideally we have a shaman available for mana tide as well.

Can't say I get much of a chance to use Heal when I tank heal (although that's usually as disc) - the raids we do have too much incoming damage.

Mana will get a lot easier as your gear level increases. Just stack spirit and int til you get more purples and then make it a gradual transition to other stats.
I'm not sure why I thought you had done 10 mans.. sorry about that. Maybe one of the video guides on tankspot.

Thanks for the advice.
Personally(in PvE), I find haste to be a huge waste, moreso than crit.

ONLY if you find yourself behind in healing, or always playing catchup, then take haste.

If your healing correctly, you need 0 haste, and each point of haste is a complete waste of stats. 1 extra renew tick isn't even worth it, considering shakra either keeps renew up, or increases its healing by 15%

The only stats I aim for are int, spirirt and mastery. Int/mastery = by far best stats for throughput, and spirit sustains that throughput.

Also, many of the spells holy uses are instant cast (Renew, PoM, CoH, Guardian Angel, Chakra, Holy Word: Serenity), meaning that haste won't increase their throughput (renew is a special case). Spells that do benefit from haste (Flash heal, G Heal, Heal, B Heal ...) are only used situationally. I only use flash heal when I get surge of light, which also does not benefit from haste, and by stacking enough spirit/int, I can chain cast Heal without losing any mana, so I can chain cast Heal instead of trying to use it or Flash Heal when a tank takes a sudden drop, but these sudden drops rarely occur with chain casting of Heal.
(sorry if the above is unclear, im not a wordsmith)

Lastly, in my opinion, stacking 12.5% haste for only 1 spell (renew) is a terrible waste of stats. Haste increases throughput of healing on a TIME basis, but mastery increases throughput of healing on BOTH A TIME AND MANA basis.

This is all just my personal opinion.
Thanks Sin'Dorei cousin!
A few things I found "out of date" :

-For wrist enchants you don't mention the new +50 Int to wrists
-For talents: I have a bit of a disagreement with some of your point allocation:

1) This one may just be opinion, but I find Serendipity a waste of points compared to some other places they can be spent. Reason being:
[Average Heals derived from my recent averages in WoL reports using my current spec/gear] {+22% HoT from Mastery}
Flash Heal Average: 19175.4 {4218.6} [TOTAL: 23,394]
Greater Heal Average: 25942.3 {5707.3} [TOTAL: 31650]
Binding Heal Average: 13835.8 per target (27671.6 Total) {6087.8} [TOTAL: 33760]
Prayer of Healing Average: 6784.6 per target (33923 Total) + 3396.5[Glyph] {7463} [TOTAL: 44783]

Situation A: FHeal, FHeal, GHeal : Total time 1.4+1.4+(2.33*0.8) = 4.7 Seconds. Mana Cost: 5765+5765+(5559*0.9) = 16,553 Mana. Total Healed: 23394+23394+31650 = 78,438
So 4.74 HpM && 16688.9 HpS


Situation B: GHeal, GHeal : Total Time 2.33 + 2.33 = 4.66 Seconds. Mana Cost: 5559 + 5559 = 11,118 mana. Total Healed: 31650 + 31650 = 63,300
So 5.69 HpM && 13583.7 HpS

Situation C: FHeal, FHeal, FHeal: Total Time 1.4 + 1.4 + 1.4 = 4.2 Seconds. Mana cost: 5765*3 = 17295. Total healed: 23394*3 = 70,182
So 4.06 HpM && 16710 HpS

What I'm seeing with situation B is you can keep decent enough throughput while having MUCH better mana efficiency - OR if it is an "oh noes" moment, situation C offers better HpS for a little less efficiency than the 2/2 serendipity situation A.

Moreover it's a huge waste of mana to force yourself to cast 2 inefficient heals and 'bounce' your 20 second buff in order to have a clutch hasted GHeal in your pocket...

The same logic applies to PoH: We use that mostly during heavy aoe healing phases, and there's no time to afford 2.8 seconds between each to toss out 2 flash heals for a faster PoH - you could precast two to speed up the first one... but why not just time it so it lands with the first splash of damage? Then the cast speed of the first PoH is irrelevant anyway.

Likewise: the value of the 'State of Mind' talent in my opinion has dropped severely since chakra states have been extended to 1 minute. It used to be nice to ensure 100% uptime, but I have yet to find myself missing it. Knowing which state you need for which phase of a fight makes the extra 6 seconds completely unnecessary.

I recommend a talent build like this for Holy at the moment:

I find desperate prayer very useful after it's buff, it saves me mana from having to cast binding heal. Also I tend to like surge of light, I tend to see it proc around 3 times per fight, sometimes more or less depending on my rotation - which is roughly the equivalent of an extra mana potion in terms of mana use. This also lets you take much more goodies from the early shadow and disc trees.

Also, I think you severely undervalue Renew after it's buff. Fully talented, and if you put 3/3 into mental agility, and you put up inner will, the HpM it pumps out is incredible - combined with a coordinated full renews on a small team, plus sanctuary, plus spamming PoH/CoH for AoE healing phases, you can see insane HpS for relatively acceptable expenditure of mana.

Just some thoughts...
@ poster above

Chakra will soon be a permanent buff until you dispel, so state of mind becomes even more useless.

And as for the haste talent in the shadow tree (darkness), in my opinion I find haste to be useless. You would see better efficiency and no real drop in throughput by respeccing those talents into mental agility and serendipity(this one especially due to surge of light).

I hate haste and find it incredibly worthless.

Just my opinion

I am gonna respec though out of the chakra talent per your suggestion. If you know the fight, choosing the right chakra isnt an issue, so the talent sucks

I agree with you on haste to a point: The extra renew tick is worthless if you only ever use renew on a tank and you're refreshing that renew.

However, I often will toss renews out to low priority healing targets who need it, because mine currenty ticks for... 2885.9 * 5 ticks = 14429.5 + 3174.5 from Echo + 1443 instant effect from talents = Total healing 19047 for 2730 mana with my current build, potentially 3% less if I was fully invested into mental agility.

That's almost 7 HpM for a GCD versus without the extra tick...

11546.6 base + 2539.5 + 1154.7 = 15240.8 which would be 5.6 HpM.

And the haste softcap for the 5th tick is very easy to hit with 3/3 darkness and gear you already have - you only need 515.4 rating assuming you have the 5% raid buff also - versus needing 915.0 rating if you have 0 points in Darkness...

If you use renew at all in your rotation, even if you just maintain it on the tank, it ticks more often with the haste softcap - there's really no reason not to get it.

Now, once you hit 516 rating, then yeah I don't think getting any more haste is really worthwhile.

Edit: Also can you link a source about that permanent Chakra? I haven't checked recent notes, but last I read Devs really hated that concept - did they flip-flop?
That's personal opinion, I find Serendipity has a good amount of uptime and comes in very handy esp. when a fight switches from a tank-healing into an AoE heavy phase. However, it's definitely less of a must-have than it used to be. I don't see how it's outdated though, what I said about Serendipity still applies even if it's not the grail of all talents.

RE int to wrists - good catch.

As far as the haste thing goes - Mastery is good to a certain point, once you start outgearing the encounters you do, most of it will be overhealing. Even when I reforged into mastery and had 18% of it, only about 11% of my healing were Echo of Light. Now that I reforged out of it and am sitting at 15%, the same applies. Still 11%, but I now have faster heals.

Haste isn't so much "for that renew tick". It'll affect every single spell you cast, and I prefer more throughput via faster casts over more overhealing from Mastery.

RE chakra - Yes, correct. I imagine they'll do away with State of Mind anyway.
Eventually, as you get more geared and into deeper raids, the Haste on items will simply be unavoidable.

I think I am learning that my suggestion for mastery vs haste is more of a pre-raid to early raid suggestion, where getting out heals fast isn't as big of a concern due to easier fights and the gear they require.

Your method allows for a instant cast spell to help heal dps, and then you can quickly focus back on the tank, which makes 100% more sense in higher level raids, but not nearly as useful in heroics and early raids, where tanks dont dip in health as often.

Yeah I can see how the renew would be good for jsut tossing on a dps to help lift em up a bit, but Heal (which can be cast conintuosly and still allow mana regen) works just fine in heroics and early raiding. Also, if I were to place a renew on a DPS, jumping back to give him a Heal or Serenity every 11-13 seconds makes that extra tick of renew unneccesary. It does make every tick happen closer/faster, but I doubt if that will EVER be the difference in keeping someone alive. Given this, the Haste softcap should be something more of a bonus once you get better geared and cant avoid getting haste.
Aliena, if this is current, your reforging/gemming is all over the place.
Huh? I reforge exclusively to haste, yellow is int+haste, red is int, blue is int+spirit. How's that all over the place?
Loving your guides. Love watching your tankspot videos, because as a holy priests I know exactly where I need to go.

I noticed you don't seem to put much emphasis on use of renew? When I'm raid healing thats a major portion of my healing outputs (usually top 3). As holy priests I feel that that is one of our major advantages over discs, they has the bubble, we has the hot.

I suppose it could be an opinion thing, but in the AoE heal chakra, I keep on inner will, hit up the majority of the raid (eg. After an AoE ability) with a renew, pop down a sanct and uses CoH and heal (when needed to manage the raid. If I'm managing my own mana regen abilities with the other (normally two other) healers in the raid's group regens, I'm usually at a manageable level before the next lot of burst damage.

Is that not viable??

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