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Whatever has the best stats.
Updated for 4.1.0.

- added item links to glyphs
- modified "how to AE" for elemental and enhance for the new fire nova and earthquake
- removed fire nova note from searing totem as it no longer applies
- removed mention of HoTs from deep healing (resto mastery) as it now works with all heals
- removed spellpower coefficient from earth shield section as it's already in the spell appendix
- dropped earthshield coefficient by 20%
- added note about resilience having diminishing returns to Skills, Stats, and Ratings at 85 section
- changed links to new EJ guides for elemental and resto
Why can enhancement shamans role on polearms . Enhancement use to be good for 2 handers do why can't enhancement get the descision of getting to use 2 handers. Plearms give the exact necessary skills for a 2h enhance. Or why not give some 2h agility. Also why should primal strike and stormstrike share the same cool down. Especial if you want to go 2h because then u only have one melee attack move besides windfury proc. Duel wieldig you only have lava lash and stormstrike. It could be better for enhance if u could use primal and sotrmstrike both or if u made laval ash even usable for a 2h
Stat Caps
Raiding Melee Hit (Specials) = 8% - 6% from Dual Wield = 2% = 240 Hit Rating (120 Draenei)
Raiding Melee Hit (Autoattack) = 27% - 6% from Dual Wield = 21% = 2522 Hit Rating (2402 Draenei)
Raiding Spell Hit = 17% = 1742 Hit Rating (1639 Draenei)
Raiding Expertise = 6.5% = 26 Expertise - 8 from Unleashed Rage = 18 Expertise = 540 Expertise Rating
Heroic Melee Hit (Specials) = 6% - 6% from Dual Wield = 0% = 0 Hit Rating
Heroic Melee Hit (Autoattack) = 25% - 6% from Dual Wield = 19% = 2282 Hit Rating (2162 Draenei)
Heroic Spell Hit = 6% = 615 Hit Rating (512 Draenei)
Heroic Expertise = 6% = 24 Expertise - 8 from Unleashed Rage = 16 Expertise = 481 Expertise Rating
Resto Haste Soft Cap = 916 Haste Rating (788 Goblin)

As a dual wielding enhancement shaman, what is the cap for hit rating in PvP?
4% spell hit. Enhancement passives already cover yellow melee hit.

What about white melee hit in PvP?
Shamans shouldn't gear for white hit, but it would be 24% (including 6% from the enhance passive).

Thank you very much for your quick and helpful responses! =)
Question for you Slant, when I click into your armory profile, it seems like you haven't played your shaman since February. I'm just wondering if you have another shaman or if the updating to the FAQ is purely academic for you now? I'm looking to talk to a knowledgeable Enhancement shaman about intricacies (like elemental precision and reforging to spirit over hit) and I like to know that the person I am talking to is doing their research in-game and not just simming. Thanks in advance!
Also, please change your wording in the faq under the respective imbues to list them as such. Currently, they are listed as "The best enchant for ..." which may give beginner shamans the wrong idea that imbues replace enchants.

On the same page, it may behoove (get it? i'm a draenei) you to add a section on weapon and armor enchants for shaman.
I don't think the imbue vs. enchant thing actually confused anyone else, but I changed it regardless.

I link to the EJ and totemspot guides, they go into item enchants.

The shaman hasn't been my main since vanilla, but I've kept the FAQ updated continuously, every patch, since march 2007.

If you see anything that you feel should be corrected, please let me know.
oh my god how the hell can someone right so much about one class in wow!!!!!
Should I be getting more than 6-7k dps in my current gear?
I was wondering if you guys could help me. I'm having trouble getting to the hit cap / Expertise cap just on reforging. Is it just a gear issue? Do I need to get more 353 / 359 gear to achieve hit and expertise caps through reforge only, or is there something I'm missing?
It's just a gear issue. Enhancement needs more hit/expertise than most other specs since it needs to gear for both spell hit and expertise cap. Only fury has it worse; they gear for dual-wield melee hit (24% after their 3% spec passive).
Alright, so should I gem for agility and miss the caps, or use gems to hit the caps and then gem for agility? Thanks for your help.
Always gem agility.
Serious good info there. So good I'm confused and can't make use of it without further reading :) I'm hoping this will help me out. Thanks for the # crunching.
just curious, if I was a healer with a 353 healing mainhand/shield, could I replace the shield with an offhand item or even a healing staff of similar item level to full effect?
Shields are only really needed in PvP for the armor. If something has a better stat trade off in PvE, take it. However, keep in mind if you get a staff you won't be able to get the +40 intellect offhand enchant.

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