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4.3 Changes

As always please let me know if I missed anything.

- Glyph of Chain Lightning is now in the standard elemental glyph set, since elemental needs it to AE.
- Added note that GoCL should be switched out if you choose to use CL on single-targets. This is being heavily theorycrafted now, but even its proponents say it's only a ~300DPS difference.
- Switched resto glyph of earthliving to the standard set as nobody in 378 gear should have major mana issues, and the new 5mans/justice points provide 378s.
- Changed "how to AE" to fit 4.3 for enhance and elemental.
- Removed reference to static spellpower buff on FT weapon
- Removed the much loved "Dude, where's my cleansing totem?!". Not exactly a FAQ.
- Riptide HoT spell coefficient * 1.5
- Changed Lava Lash to note that it now benefits from the Flametongue Weapon imbue's 7% spell damage buff.
- Added "Enhance - Elemental Precision vs Reverberation" section.
- Changed Flametongue section to note that 5-7% spell dmg (FT weapon) and 2% crit (glyph of FT weapon) do not stack when dualwielding. Dualwielding glyphed FT used to work, although you would only do it to AE.
It is affected by the 50% offhand damage penalty just like a normal offhand attack.

regarding lava lash.

'charges your offhand weapon with lava, instantly doing 312% (on my shamans) of that weapons damage increased by 40% with flametongue. (so something like 350%, unless the extra 40% is multiplicitive.. which my guess is no)

so i got bored and took a look. i havean enhance shaman using the tremendous tankard of terror. the 'offhand damage' is 1600-2000 so if you consider thats with the penalty then its actually 3200-4000 base.

3600* 3.5(which is 350%)= 12600 which is pretty close to what my lava lash lands on target dummies. and given weapon damage ranges, seems accurate.

take some assumptions here: assume it does use the 50% damage reduction of offhand (so 1600-2000) and also assume the 40% is multiplicative. this would make lava lash do 437% of the 50% reduced damage, averaging out to about 7900, which is not nearly what i pull with my lava lashes.

just napkin math but worth putting out there. (unless theres some other factors im not seeing) (and i watched my procs, i have fluid death on but full stacks keep it equal)
I just checked out the Simcraft sourcecode, which was based upon the post from EJ linked below. That post is dated but basically accurate, except that the improved lava lash bonus is now baked into lava lash.


I believe you're forgetting two important very large multipliers-- the glyph of lava lash (20%) and the enhance shaman mastery, which is anywhere from 35-45% elemental damage, depending on gear. Also elemental precision, but that's only 1-3%.

If I made my calculations without the offhand damage penalty, I predicted numbers way higher than my shaman's lava lash actual performance on dummies in game. Including the 50% damage penalty, I got very close (<5%) to actual lava lashes in game.

Thanks for the feedback, and please let me know if I got the numbers wrong anywhere. I spotchecked it very quickly myself.
Gearing Elemental1) Spell hit to 17% (1742 hit rating, 1639 for Draenei). Remember that 1 point of Spirit = 1 spell hit rating. Spirit is better than hit rating as it also provides mana regeneration.2) Intellect > Spellpower > Haste > Mastery >> Crit3) Gem Intellect.Reforging Elemental1) Reforge to Spirit until you reach 17% spell hit.2) Reforge all Hit/Spirit (over 17% spell hit), Crit and Mastery to Haste. In that order.3) Reforge any remaining excess Hit/Spirit and Crit to Mastery.

I can't help but criticize:
a. Spirit=/= more MP5 during combat, and out of combat you could just use a drink. So I think the whole "Spirit is better than hit rating as it also provides mana regeneration" is not useful, actually it's a bit irrelevant.
b. "Reforge to Spirit until you reach 17% spell hit.2) Reforge all Hit/Spirit (over 17% spell hit), Crit and Mastery to Haste". You should never reforge out of Mastery to Haste, and with the 4pc. its actually opposite.
c. Also, Glyph of Lava Burst is a DPS increase over Glyph of Lightning Bolt. Even when there is movement requiring you to use Glyph of Unleashed Lightning. Personally, I havn't encountered many Situations where I couldn't get a Lava Burst off when it procs, and when/if I do, Spiritwalkers Grace is off Cooldown for it.

You may want to fix those 3. I didn't read the rest; so there could be more broken facts. Also, I would like to assure that this wasn't meant in a mean way. I just wanted you to fix it for all those learning.
I always welcome constructive criticism. That's what this thread is for.

a) You're right in that it's mostly irrelevant, but spirit is slightly better than hit due to the out of combat mana regen. I changed the wording to cover that.

b) Other sources including the EJ guide argue otherwise. Are they wrong? Can you substantiate that?

c) The FAQ is not intended to cover all gear and skill levels. If you perform better glyphing lava burst on movement fights that's great, but I hope you can see how that wouldn't be good advice for all players.
Thanks a lot for making this!
holy crap thats a lot of detail, very helpful tho so thank you.
Thank you for this thread. It helped me work out some issues with my Elemental spec on my poor little shaman.
Updated for the 5.0.4 pre-MoP patch.

This is very much a work in progress so please let me know if I'm wrong anywhere.


- Glyphs totally changed. Most item links will be wrong until the wow armory updates.
- Stat weights totally changed. All generated using L85 T13H simcraft profiles.
- Gearing changed to reflect stat weights, expertise giving spell hit.
- Enhance priority changed, MW5 LB moved up.
- Moved up unleash elements priority w/ Unleash fury talent also (which you should be taking as enhance)
- Removed references to obsolete stuff like flametongue totem, imp icy talons, MW coming from a talent, stacks of MW talent to take, etc.
- Healing stream now raidwide
- How Haste Works updated for 15% flurry
- All spellpower coefficients updated to 5.0 values
- Ratings conversions updated to L85 5.0 values
- Links updated to 5.0
- Added talent choices section
- removed reference to item links being wrong as 5.0.4 is out
- removed reference to lava lash critting at 100% as all spells/abilities crit at 100% now
- removed reference to fire nova in elemental's "how to AE". Elemental no longer has access to fire nova.
- Changed chain lightning scaling to match GC's post here
- Changed chain lightning scaling again based upon datamined beta values

Just a reminder, please don't reply to this thread complaining about nerfs, etc. It really is all about updates to the FAQ.
I might have missed it, but for restro you say the cap is 916. I have no problem with that, but what happened to the 2nd hast cap of 2005? Or did they totally change something that i missed?
There are several haste caps; I don't try to explain each one as this is supposed to be for frequently asked questions and nobody asked about it.
Wow, with these stat weights you almost need to get new gear for enhance..have way too much hit on my gear.
Hm..Very lovely guide, but even when i pull out all I can, can't seem to do much dps, even now. Seems to have lowered after this patch up. Even managing to figure out the rotation myself and rearranging by this and others guides. Not sure what else to do to get up there or am I the only one having a hard time.
08/29/2012 01:38 AMPosted by Ssvegeta
Wow, with these stat weights you almost need to get new gear for enhance..have way too much hit on my gear.

I was feeling the same way before a Firelands run yesterday, fiddling with reforging. Took a while to find a setup that got me just a teense over the expertise cap without going way over. I was conflicted a little though as to hit, however, wondering if our much greater chance to miss would impact much, especially since echo now, perhaps even moreso at 90 with unleashed fury. I was a sucker and left some extra hit in there, but then I've never minded extra hit (I never went too over the spell hit cap, but I never minded an extra half percent or so since it helped with white swings).

In the end, I think I came out about the same place I was before, perhaps a bit less. (some fights were better than others, and some had different issues that affected performance)
Yes, enhance needs a LOT less hit to cap now.

In 4.x you needed 540 expertise rating and 1742 hit rating, for a total of 2282 rating points. Now you need 901 expertise and 901 hit rating, for a total of 1802. That's a full 480 rating points saved to reforge to mastery or crit. It's kind of a pain in your old 85 gear, but this is a Very Good Change.
For the people that wonders what are the hast cap for resto spell scroll donw on the blog i will link and there a tab to show you those caps. Be ware that there 2 rows one is with the 5% haste that is buff from elemetal shaman, shadow priest and moonkin. the other row is the 5% haste buff plus the talent Ancestral Swiftness. enjoy

just one question how are totems susposed to work now because if we can't drop all 4 they're useless? Please tell me how this will better myplaying or do I forget them alltogether?
At this point we get one funtional totem and three that just take up space and do nothing.
I just don't understand what your going for please explain it to me.

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