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Punni the totem drops went back to the way they were in TBC (I didn't play during LK). You put them out one at a time or have a macro that you punch that will drop them one at a time. For Enhancement Searing totem during most trash pulls then throw down the new Healing Stream totem the new Air totem that seems to have taken the place of Windflurry totem hold off unless you know you have 5min between mobs and bosses I have noticed with the 5.0.4 patch that our fire elemental now hits pretty hard and suggest using it for boss fights.
Good info, Helped me a ton
For Enhancement isn't haste > crit now with Fire Elemental's melee attack speed scaling with our haste?

That thing hits like a truck...
I just re-ran stat weights in simcraft. Haste beats crit at 90 but not at 85.

T13H @ Lvl 85
Agility: 4.17
Hit/Expertise: 4.46
Mastery: 2.40
Crit: 2.21
Haste: 1.98

T14H @ Lvl 90
Agility: 4.43
Hit/Expertise: 4.63
Mastery: 1.87
Crit: 1.63
Haste: 1.71

Edit: FAQ is now updated for Level 90.
need to remove windfury totem seeing as it doesn't exist anymore.

also you can't DW earthliving anymore since it's a resto only imbue.
Thanks for the corrections, I made the changes.
i got better results as a wf fast mh and ft slow oh mainly b/c of unleashed fury wind
10/10/2012 02:22 AMPosted by Harlaownfate
i got better results as a wf fast mh and ft slow oh mainly b/c of unleashed fury wind

Unleash Wind and Stormstrike deal weapon damage, so slow weapons are better. Also fast weapons scale inversely with the 3 second Windfury Weapon internal cooldown. The attack speed buff from Unleash Wind, like Flurry, is weapon speed independent.

You may have seen better results with a fast mainhand, but that was just the random number generator kicking in with a very small sample size.
Using flametongue you do 7% more total damage. Nothing else even remotely compares to that.
My ele sham is poop now thanks blizz for putting us on the bottom of the pile, and wth did u do to dks they are doing massive deeps now
and how come my pets abillitys in cunning and ferocity been made poop now wtf!?!
Thank you very much for taking the time for putting this together. I am going to be making a Shaman soon and this FAQ will help me greatly.
I'm a little skeptical of some of the tips you have for restoration. It seems a little misleading.

Level 90 talents: Primal Elementalist is perfectly viable and possibly even better than Fury in a 25 man setting.

Glyph of riptide is listed as mandatory without the t14 4-set? And no mention of the glyph of totemic recall?
The only fight I would consider the glyph of riptide on is Garalon 10 man, and even still it is far from mandatory and really nets no major increase.

Also, while I don't personally disagree with your stat weights, a strong argument can be made for stacking crit rating this tier, but there is no mention of that.
This is intended to be a quick FAQ, not a high-end raiding guide. I don't explore every permutation and situation. That's what the links at the bottom are for.

If you think anything is actually wrong, please let me know and I'll change it.
5.2 Updates

As always, please let me know if I missed anything and I'll make the change.

- Removed glyph of flame shock from elemental glyphs
- T90 talent choice for enhance changed to primal elementalist
- changed chain lightning coefficient as it doesn't drop damage
- added lava beam coefficient
- new lava burst coefficient and mechanics
- updated EJ guide links

There's some indication that elemental mastery is the best single-target choice for enhance (EotE still wins on AE), but simcraft isn't fully updated yet so difficult to say. If anyone has theorycraft or sim output please do pipe up.
you are awesome thank you
Thanks for the solid FAQ.

I'm wanting to do a bit of theory crafting for my enhancement shaman, but can't find reliable information about the behavior of the GCD and what affects it. (ex: how much haste it takes to lower it, does it count melee haste % or spell haste %, do flurry or similar effects lower it, and on and on) Got any good references? Or perhaps a combat-log addon that shows partial second timestamps, because the base one isn't cutting it.
Base shaman GCD is 1.5s. Melee GCD cannot be reduced. Spell GCD is reduced by "real" haste (haste rating on gear and bloodlust) and spell haste (the 5% haste raidbuffs, like Elemental Oath). Flurry is just attack speed, not haste, and thus does not affect the GCD. And finally the GCD can't go lower than 1.0s, unless you're a rogue.
Very odd, I can beat on a target dummy, and even with 7 buttons in a row, they happen in ~7 seconds checking the timestamps, you'd imagine the last one would go off 9 sec after the 1st. (none of them are totems, I know they have a 1 sec gcd).
And this was testing with no gear on for haste, just weapons.

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