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Ahh good catch, totems are indeed 1.0s, a relic of the time before patch 3.2 when call of the ancestors was added.

If you want to measure the GCD, I believe OmniCC can do it. There are other addons too.
Updated for 5.3.

- Changed Elemental glyphing
- Lava Burst spellpower coefficient
Just have a quick question about a macro that I've been using.
Is combining Stone Bulwark Totem with Sham Rage an efficient macro for damage reduction?
5.4 Updates
- Unleashed Fury is now competitive for Enhance
- changed Enhance T60 choice, all 3 are basically equal
- changed talent choices for elemental, unleashed fury is a strong talent now, T60 takes EoE now
- updated enhance stat weights
- removed note on T14 set bonus under resto stat weights
- added glyph of lightning shield to enhance survivability
- noted that glyph of fire elemental totem no longer syncs cooldowns for elemental
- modified enhance simple priority slightly, it did not have UE without UF talent
- chain heal no longer loses 30% per jump
- fixed chain lightning (glyphed) coefficient
- added glyph of chaining to resto choices, quite nice now with a 2s cooldown
- changed healing rain spellpower coefficient
- changed fire nova spellpower coefficient
Nice Info
so ive been wondering what should i expect my attack power to be as a ilvl 535 at this point in the game
i really wish blizzard would give enhancement shamans the ability to control a pet if we want. make it a glyph talent something i mean the give it to mages so why cant shamans bind elemental fire elemental to fight with them...
Updated for 6.0.

- Removed Weapon Imbues section, replaced with Weapons
- updated talent choices, glyph choices
- updated gearing
- mentioned the resto haste softcap no longer exists
- updated AE
- updated ability priorities
- updated maelstrom weapon proc chance
- new section: elemental totems
- removed sections on weapon imbue details, since you can't choose a different one
- changed "how haste works" to remove references to Flurry
- removed ref to purification for resto, as it no longer exists
- updated all coefficients
- updated stat rating conversions to L100
- Added note re Versatility in gearing section.
- Changed stat weights where they were essentially equal to put Versatility first.
- Lava Lash spreads Flame Shock to 6 targets in range now, not 4.
- Noted that this info pertains to L100
- Added elemental mastery note to enhance talents
does anyone else think wind lash looks really stupid compared to storm blast
Thank you Slant for putting all of this information in one place. Very helpful.
It sims lower. If you're in a fight with a burst phase, could make sense to pick it. I'll add a note saying that.

Enh T17H w/ASwiftness: 29921 DPS
Enh T17H w/EMastery: 29304 DPS (-2.1%)
Enh T17H w/Echo: 29001 DPS (-3.2%)
Ok so question. I am noticing that you cannot find some of the passive ability on your spell book like you used to. I.E at level 10 a enhancement shamman gets 10% crit bonus but after that you cannot find it. or you cannot find that your auto attacks do damage like you have a weapon embu added? why?
Yes, lots of passives were removed so new players don't get overwhelmed when they look at their spellbook. I don't like it either, but there's nothing to be done.
I just came back after 5 years, I am pretty lost so the basics are eluding me.. can someone clear this up:

1) Searing Totem active and in range of your target.
2) Unleash Elements (with the Unleashed Fury talent)
3) Lightning Bolt - With a 5 stack of Maelstrom Weapon. Use Chain Lightning only if >1 target.
4) Stormstrike
5) Lava Lash
6) Flame Shock - Only use if the DoT is down.
7) Unleash Elements
8) Frost Shock

1 and 2 I get..(now)
but am I supposed to auto attack until Maelstrom wep procs then lightning? Why wouldn't I want Flame Shock as an opener with its rolling damage + healing return on a single pull?

Additionally, I took Elemental Blast instead o Unleashed Fury, should I respec that?

edit- i'm only level 92 and leveling at a slow pace, and need a rotation for the mobs im encountering
You follow the list in order, evaluating conditions for each one. The priority is for sustained DPS, so yes of course you can (and should!) put up Searing Totem and Flame Shock when you're running towards the target.

Flame Shock glyphed healing is pretty minimal. In T17H the FS DoT would heal ~900 health per second, which comes out to be around 0.5% health per second. It's better when you multidot with LvL, of course, but not super important while leveling.

Yes, you should spec out of Elemental Blast. Unless you love using it, of course. Remember this is supposed to be a game!
Good info +1
Great information, just wish it were more organized. Really disorienting going back and forth between all 3 specs every paragraph. Was eventually able to find what I was looking for though, thank you.
So has anyone figured out how to not do absolutely awful dps yet?
I really enjoy some of the new mechanics that they introduced to shamans in WoD I really hope we get reworked a little more seeing that we are at the very bottom of the list in Damage Dealers with Enhance and Elemental also resto seems to be in a odd place as well. here are some of the seems I am seeing.

Heroic Dungeons
Warlords of Draenor T17P 630 ilevel Patchwerk-style
Warlords of Draenor T17N 665 ilevel Patchwerk-style
Warlords of Draenor T17M 695 ilevel Patchwerk-style

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