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Chain Lightning > Lightning Bolt at 80 for MW5 even for 1 mob...
Damage at 80 715-815 (plus SP)
Damage at 80 973-1111 (plus SP) first target (70% of damage to sec target and 49% to third target)

They scale differently with Spell Damage, so Chain Lightning won't hit as hard on a single target as Lightning Bolt will.
There's a reason Enhancement Shaman will ONLY use CL on an aoe pull (if they don't suck anyways).

Quote from the second page of this very FAQ:
Chain Lightning - 112% (64% + 32% + 16% on each "jump" respectively)

Lava Burst - 57.14%

Lightning Bolt - 79.4%

Pay attention to how Chain Lightning breaks down. It has 64% SP scaling on the first target, while Lightning Bolt has almost 80%. Big difference.
Updated Coefficients
Damage credit goes to the excellent Enhsim code:
- unleash elements flametongue & frostbrand
- searing totem doubled, added timing
- magma totem cut by 33%
- earth, frost shock dropped slightly
- flame shock (removed the number of ticks as it varies greatly)
- lava burst increased slightly, may be slightly different measuring methodology
- lightning bolt dropped by a full 8%
- chain lightning (less dmg on first hit, less droppage on jumps, 5 total jumps with glyph)
- fire nova (dropped by a good 33%)
Credit for healing coefficients:
More changes:
- Separated coefficients into Healing and Damage for more readability
- Healing surge dropped 20%
- Healing Wave added
- Healing Rain added
- G.Healing wave dropped a full 80%
- Chain heal dropped WAY down, used to start at 134%
- Earth shield dropped WAY down, used to be 56% per proc
- Riptide added
- Earthliving weapon HoT added
- Cleansing waters added
- Unleash elements Earthliving added
- added strength/attack power conversion
Resto haste? Crit and spirit are last priority? Beta-Resto-Shaman has TERRIBLE mana regen. If we go for all haste, we'll be spending 10000g a week on mana pots...

Our regen is not that bad. I swapped out a bunch of spirit gear for haste and I'm gemming intellect atm.
If the guide is for 80 and not 85, then the resto gearing and reforging priority should read: haste>crit>int>spirit>mastery.
You're right, fixed.
I haven't seen any consensus over whether spirit is better than mastery, even at 80. Mana isn't a problem at 80 at all, and while heals are huge relative to health pools, mastery kicks in when you really need it. Really it might end with "spirit = mastery" at 80 but it's so far down the priority list that you're unlikely to get that far anyway.
FYI, according to EJ, int is valued over crit. The resto priority in the FAQ looks to be correct for 80 now.
Sorry, but this is annoying me

Could you please change, in the gem section, 'intelligence' for 'intellect'. We are all intelligent people because we've chosen the right class to play haven't we :)
Sure. I never noticed I (technically) had it wrong. Been using that for years.
This is a very useful guide. My concern is this:

Gearing Resto
1) Haste > Int > Crit > Spirit > Mastery

We all know haste is king for resto shaman at 80. What about at 85? Is this still going to be the case? And why does resto mastery stink so much? I know when I first saw it my thought was that we had a mastery that rewards you for sucking as a healer.

My understanding is that at 85, when tanks have 200,000 HP or more, We will need the "deep healing" from our mastery because we'll still be dropping 40k heals on a tank with a 200k HP pool, so the "deep" healing won't be wasted. If so, does it make our mastery less terrible?

I know this guide is for 80, not 85, but it would be interesting to see the level 85 version, since most of us already know how gameplay works at 80 by this point.
Yes, mastery and spirit are much better at 85 with much larger health pools and heavy mana constraints.

Resto mastery is very difficult to quantify as a stat weight, but I'm sure they'll come up with something.
So far one of the best Shaman info i have read so far, thank you very much
Newbie question here: What is the specific reason Elemental should avoid the Glyph of Lightning Shield?
You really aren't telling everyone to go reforge everything to haste and if it has haste reforge to crit... That is an entirely ludicrous claim, you want some crit and if you're going to reforge stuff to haste you're probably giving up spirit or crit, yes PtFlea it is last priort SPIRIT SHOULD BE LAST PRIORITY. If you run out of mana stop being noob... I can easily 2 heal Heroic 10 man PP and maybe losing 10-20K mana. Stop spamming; start healing. The things you are saying here though some of them are ridiculous.

Although, I do agree that haste IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT I wouldn't go reforging out all my Spirit to Crit since the change will be minimal and you'll be losing lots of spirit. At least not until you know you can handle it.

Most your gear will have Haste, so that wont be probably most of it wont have crit though. Instead of reforging your equipment from Spirit to Crit, there is some alternative equipment that will have Stam, Int, Crit and Haste instead of Stamina, int, spirit and haste then you'll be getting it in an equal value.
Very much looking forward to seeing your take on a talent tree. :D
What is the specific reason Elemental should avoid the Glyph of Lightning Shield?

Elemental can never go below 3 charges by dealing damages to attackers anyway. The glyph doesn't do anything.

Stat weights and reforging suggestions are meant to be broad guidelines, not rules that fit every situations. If you're at the level of sophistication to run the enhsim, binkenstein's guides, etc, on your own, please do so. You're not the audience for this FAQ, you've graduated.

I don't plan on posting talent trees. I didn't do it for 3.x with 51 point trees, and it's much less necessary for 4.x with 31 point trees. Proper talent choices are extremely obvious and cookie-cutter now. It's pretty difficult to spec wrong.
Good Guide, wish I had something this well written when I started my Shammy.
Very nice reading thanks for taking the time to put this together
Good Guide, wish I had something this well written when I started my Shammy.

If you started playing in the past 3 years, you did-- I've maintained the FAQ since early 2007 on the old forums.

Unfortunately it looks like the policy is not to give stickies on the new forums (nobody has one), so I might move it to a web host or just retire it entirely. We'll have to see what they do after the switchover, which was originally scheduled for today.
Reforging Elemental
1) Reforge to 17% spell hit, from either hit rating or spirit.
2) Reforge all your Hit/Spirit (over 17% spell hit), Crit and Haste to Mastery. In that order.
3) Reforge any remaining excess Hit/Spirit and Crit to Haste.

1) Sounds like you're telling us to reforge hit and spirit to... hit?
2) You tell us to reforge everything left to mastery... but in
3) You tell us to reforge remaining stuff to haste... what remaining stuff if it all went to mastery?

The info is good, but the wording is somewhat confusing.
Overall great post, thank you.
RE: Elemental Glyphs

Lightning Shield should not be used.


Reforging Elemental

1) Reforge to 17% spell hit, from either hit rating or spirit.

2) Reforge all your Hit/Spirit (over 17% spell hit), Crit and Haste to Mastery. In that order.

3) Reforge any remaining excess Hit/Spirit and Crit to Haste.

Poorly worded.

Your priority is as follows:
1) Make sure that you are at 17% hit rating by reforging crit into hit/spirit
2) If you are over the hit cap, reforge any excess spirit/hit into Mastery
3) Reforge any remaining pieces into mastery. If an item has crit and haste, reforge the crit to mastery. If it only has haste, reforge that to mastery.
Edit: Nevermind. Just started a shaman and I was under the false impression that some stats worked differently for shamans than they apparently do.

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