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12/22/2010 12:01 AMPosted by Ghettrdun
I'm an Enh. Could you explain the reforging logic of changing all my hit and crit to spell hit? And mastery? I get mastery on 70% of the gear I get now. Is there something I'm missing? I thought I was doing good but now I'm confused
many thanks,
Foshyzzl, bronzebeard

There is no such thing as spell hit. Hit rating affects melee and spell hit. For raiding you need 17% spell hit (which is just hit rating) to never miss with your spells. So you want 17% hit for your spells, 26 expertise then mastery > crit > haste > hit (after the spell hit cap), because mastery affects lava lash, LB, CL, searing totem, and all of your shock spells it's pretty sweet. I don't remember the exact rating amounts but those are all in the OP.
Lots of great info here. With the non-functioning search feature of the forum, it is so sad this drops off the front page and is frequently lost. Shame on Blizz for not getting the Sticky feature working after all this time.

1) First get to 17% spell hit (1742 hit rating, 1639 for Draenei) and 26 expertise (540 expertise rating, since we get 8 expertise from Unleashed Rage).
2) Agility > Mastery > Crit > Haste > Hit (until hard DW melee cap at 21%) > Intellect

Current simulation suggests this advice is not "the best".

Adding stat A is frequently done at the expense of stat B by choosing a piece of gear, a gem, an enchantement or a reforging over another. Focusing on hit and expertise gear at the expense of all other choices in order to reach those caps will actually cost you DPS.

The only no-brainer in enhancement gearing is Agility. Depending on your current gear, even something like Strength can outperform the same number of points in hit, expertise or mastery (yes, even below the spell and dodge caps.)

Hit, Spell Power, Intellect and Strength are all clumped together in terms of affect on DPS, point-for-point. This is why we are now seeing more "unintended" gearing and spec setups as people find the time to experiment.

Until Blizz comes to their senses and fixes the huge dependence on spell damage, there won't be clear "best" stats other than AGI.

I would change the advice to say that once at the spell hit and expertise dodge caps, the value of these stats really drops. No need to go out of the way to "get" these stats, but make sure you don't exceed the caps.

The best advice in the OP for enhancement is the attack "rotation". I tried a bunch of different priorities and the one listed here is, by far the the one that pumps out the most DPS.
Gearing Resto
1) Int > Haste > Mastery > Spirit > Crit
2) Gem Intellect.

Reforging Resto
1) Reforge everything into haste.
2) If the item already has haste, reforge to mastery.
3) If the item already has mastery, reforge to spirit.

This is very, very wrong, please correct.
Haste is terrible beyond 916, spirit is way more important than mastery at low/mid gear levels (where most people looking at this FAQ will be), etc. No offense, but it looks like you wrote the resto sections from a wrath perspective, not a cataclysm perspective.

And Glyph of Healing Stream Totem is essential, certainly it's more important than Glyph of Chain Heal for the majors.

11/05/2010 6:22 AMPosted by Slant
- For Enhancement, you want a slow mainhand with Windfury and a slow offhand with Flametongue. Fast offhands are not viable as Stormstrike and Lava Lash are instant non-normalized attacks.

Partially correct. Right now dual Flametongue offers significant damage improvements over Windfury/Flametongue. However this may change, as it makes Windfury Weapon useless.
I'm not keeping the FAQ up to date since Blizzard isn't stickying posts in the new forum. If I was, I would respond to your criticisms directly-- I believe both recent critical posts have merit.

Post-sticky (finally) updates.

Note: I am not addressing FT/FT with a spellpower weapon mainhand at this time as the devs have indicated they're going to nerf it.

- Added lightning shield to major glyphs for elemental
- Changed elemental gearing/reforging priority to emphasize haste over mastery and drop crit
- Changed resto gear/reforging priority to note the 916 haste rating softcap as theorycrafted here:


- Added resto haste softcap to stat caps @ 85 section
- Changed unleashed rage to eliminate the "this is 2 talent points and also grants expertise" bit. The new forums only allow 5000 characters per post and it was unnecessary information.
- Updated totemspot elemental URL to

perfect helped me so much!
So when you have enough gear to do heroics, are you supposed to have all these stats caped or does it take time? Because I have only one piece of heroics gear and have some green items on my main and im sort of close to these numbers.

My Stats
Expertise = 26
Hit =8.70 (1054)
Crit is 17.02 (601)
Haste (4.51)
AP = 5978 [

My numbers were way below this and i was doing fine in heroics, even when I was not expertise caped or half way hit caped. So now that I reforged all my crit into hit will I see a dramatic increase? Also I was wondering if I am on the right track because when reading this I was slightly confused and took me awhile to understand. It totally changed my perspective on my class.
Heroics don't have level 88 bosses, so the caps are much lower. The melee soft cap is 6%, spell cap is only 6% (versus 17% for a level+3 target), and expertise cap is 24.

In other words, you're wasting expertise and hit rating if you're not raiding on that character. Reforge them to something else, preferably mastery.

I just added this to the FAQ as having two separate stat caps is definitely confusing.
Great Post !!!
I was thinking that Blizzard could make Unleash Elements refresh the flame shock debuff on target, like t10 4 pieces bonus this could be great ...
01/10/2011 1:22 AMPosted by Huntin
FT/FT caster main hand is better now.. update your Info plz.

Of course you're right, and I resisted putting this in the FAQ for some time as the developers have clearly indicated they plan to nerf it. However, that change isn't even in the 4.0.6 PTR yet, so who knows when it's going live, and FT/FT is better now. I put it in the FAQ.

Talent specs are pretty obvious now. I don't really see it as a FAQ. There are very small advantages to the "proper" spec (3/3 in elemental precision instead of putting the third point in acuity, for example) but those are really out of bounds for this document.
I typically see conflicting information regarding enhancement stat preferences, specifically on hit. Can someone explain this? For example, most blogs/posts suggest only spell hit cap before moving on to other stats, while this post suggests a LOT more hit.
01/12/2011 10:59 AMPosted by Heavy
this post suggests a LOT more hit.

Where does it say that?
this post suggests a LOT more hit.

Where does it say that?

Woops, this post was intended for the "Gearing up" thread. But, I'm sure you can help, Slant. In the gearing up shaman sticky, he suggests dumping everything into hit until you hit the melee soft cap:

When gearing for entry level raiding as Enhancement, you'll need to keep a few things in mind. We need hit rating. Lots and lots of hit rating. So much hit rating, that you'll likely need to reforge all of your early gear for hit, and after doing so, you'll still very likely be short of your caps. You need 1742 Hit rating, to be exact (1639 for Draenei.) Hit and expertise combined, we need more total rating to cap our active abilities than anyone else. We also need 541 Expertise rating (451 as a Dwarf with Maces or an Orc with Axes/Fists), making it a total of 2283 rating to hit a boss with our strikes and spells without fail... assuming you're behind the boss. And you should be.

However, everywhere else suggests just shooting for the spell hit cap, then expertise cap. Thoughts on that?

1742 hit rating is 17% spell hit, which is the raiding spell hit cap.

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