Borean Patrols ((Test Thread))

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(( Time to see if this home is truly worthy! Now where were we. ))
Vimmi Spannershield slid her helmet onto her head, the fabric doing little to comfort her, as the cold still crept past the near-tattered cloth. It relaxed her however, the howls of the wind and less than humane cries of sick and twisted animals were blocked out, leaving just her own thoughts to hear and consider.
At this moment it was all she needed, her own thoughts, and some time to sort them out.

<<(( Now... We can let this fall to the bottom. I was under the impression that these forums were merely a test of the new system....

... What? Don't look at me! ))
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((Now we just wait to see if it'll get deleted or not. Post soon.))

Also, hello sexy DK troll.

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Carnatia Spiritfield flew overhead as a bird. Her purple wings steadily guiding her along the rough wind currents. She could feel exhaustion starting to take over. Having flown for a few hours, it was almost time for a break. The Druid started heading towards the ground. There wasn't much cover on the ground to protect from the elements but she landed and he body twisted back to her tall Night Elven self. She walked for a few minutes and managed to find a tree. It was better than nothing. Scavenging up some twigs and grasses set out to make a fire to keep her warm. She had ti started in no time. With the fire started she took off her bags and took her staff and placed it on the ground. She sat by then and breathed in deeply and sighed. She needed this break.

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((Hello Carnatia, i believe this thread was made by Commander Spannershield AKA Meep as a test on the forums before realizing this wasn't so much a test as just the new forums our real thread is still in the old forums with a OOC in both this new forum and the older one, great post though so if your interested you should have a look though you'll have to talk to meep for further details on most of it :P)

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