Celestial Cloth

Is there any reason to continue with Imperial Silk? I've made 4 bags each for my gathering toons and still have 53 left. 10 bolts of cloth for Celestial cloth = a lot of bolts to discover all the new 5.4 patterns.
I pretty much quit with the imperial and have just been stockpiling the bolts.
If a royal satchel sells for more than 480 windwool cloth, then it's worth it.
The silk will still be used for the Spellthreads everyone will want to use for leg enchants when the new raid gear starts rolling in.

Otherwise, no, you're probably good to quit if you don't want to try to sell bags.
Thank you for all the replies. I don't like the hassle selling the bags and prefer to reserve some cloth for my leg enchants and make others for the AH. It's going to take a few weeks to stock enough bolts to prepare and I still have time. All my farms will be harvesting cloth and leather full time.
will you be able to make celestial cloth with spirit of harmonies also ?
No. At least, nothing from the PTR indicates so.

Celestial cloth will have 2 patterns to make it, the first is a daily cooldown that costs 10 bolts. The 2nd also costs 10 bolts but in addition a Sigil of War (or something, I probably have the wrong name. It's the Blood/Haunting Spirit equivalent for disenchanting Siege gear) that has no cool down.
Does the daily celestial cloth craft share a cd with imperial silk?
oh ok ty

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