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08/25/2013 11:24 PMPosted by Healgazm
that helm creeps me out @_@

The transmog was basically built around the helm and weapon.
I like making mix-and-match sets, rather than just using a full old tier. That helm was a bit of a challenge, since it doesn't really match much; Pally T8 and Cata blues worked well enough though.

(Don't rate me, rate Healgazm)
that helm creeps me out @_@ but you are a female space cow so you get instant cool points from me so 8/10

7/10. Very... yellow. The weapon and helm don't match the rest of the set, and I think it would better on a human, but okay overall.
7/10 - Never been much of a fan of the Firelands set, but everything matches pretty well for the most part.
@Cadmús I like it, 9.8/10. The red on the sword :/
@ cadmus

8/10, looks good on a belf
@Koudo 9.5/10, so bright! And I know what you mean about the sword, and I hate how Blizz won't show particle affects on these profile pics. But, this sword has a natural purple aura around it, and it sheaths in the back. I can deal with a little red if the purple glow is covering that, and taking away the glow from the Jade Spirit enchant.

@Kyfera 9/10, also bright. Did a good job matching up the yellows, I would like to see an accent color outside of the tabard though.

Too bland for me, but good job matching the shield. The sword is boring though

Nicely matched 9/10

Well I stand corrected. You brought up a good point. The Blizzard armory does limit what one can see. Once I brought your profile up on a site that allowed visuals to show, it drastically changes everything...



I like that set but the helm always kills it for me for some reason. 8/10

I like it! Looks very interesting - I like how you match the little purple pieces on your gear with your weapon. I like the tabard as well.

I can not decide if I like that head-piece or not. However, it do look nice to your set and considering the fact that I have been spending a decent amount of time debating whether I like the head-piece or not I must give your transmog a 10/10. Nicely done!
08/25/2013 11:08 PMPosted by Tarski
Set just doesnt look right on a BE. And sword honestly does not match. =/

Ahaha, I love it. 9/10

Pity you can't transmog in that rose-in-the-teeth item from Love is in the Air.

I did not even think of that item for helm x-mog. But yea, it doesnt work. The only helm i have been able to find that even remotely matches the set is the Helm of Hungering Darkness from the store, but it just doesnt look right with the set and to far extended on a Tauren. If anyones got any ideas, let me know, i'm desperate for a matching helm.
If anyones got any ideas
Faceguard of Determination (quest version: Helm of Infinite Visions" Only one I can see that matches, maybe someone else will have more suggestions

You look like a fire demon warrior not a paladin. IDK I'm not LOVING it. I don't hate it but def not loving it.
Matches well, 10/10 :D
6/10. I've never been much for a mix of themes, and the colors are kinda going everywhere.

@Angelista 9.5/10. Not a fan of the helm, but chestpiece is awesome, along with the bikini bottoms.
9/10. I wuv purple colourful things.
wow.. I'm the first non paladin to comment..
@Cadmus I like the eye patch 9/10
8/10 cleadus u look like the leader of the zandalari except you're not a troll..
Nice classic knight look 10/10

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