Rate that Transmog!

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7/10 @ Konanasaurus

I like the color scheme, and the sword's sweet, but that armory pose just doesn't help you any. The boots seem just a might bit off, but that could be from the awkward pose.

Quick note on mine...Glove drop RNG hates me. I cannot get that big green slime to drop my gloves.
@Elandimete 9/10
You just need the gloves :)
7/10. Need a more "pally" type weapon. Love the hat.
Link, since Armory is being annoying:


Shoulders, shield, and sword don't match.


Tabard doesn't match too well.
@ Repentaheart:

Looking good in gold, 9/10 :)

I tried changing my helm, hopefully it fits with the rest of the set.... seems the one thing thats hard to find that works for a tauren is the helmet....
9/10 Very Knightly, and a uniform choice of colors to boot! Well done.

9/10, I miss that look. Colorful without being obnoxious.
Simple, i like it! 10/10 never had to patience to get that set
9/10 looks great, very fitting. I think it needs a helmet though

Looks decent and matches Ard, just always thought that armor set was a bit bland is all

I have a feeling it really is a 10/10 but Blizz should upgrade armory for loyal subs so we can present our toons in the most flattering of poses. I really love that set on Ardalas as well 9/10.
6/10 Average. I don't see the appeal of boring and small 2h'ers.

I cannot transmog since I'm only 64; but take it for what it is.. Bandages show off a battleworn look; as well as a Tabard with the sick !@# cross on it.. Templar-esque look.
Had yours been a mog it would of been a 10/10 for me. but alas it isnt

Need to get to 1800 asap to look like it!
I like that set, needs boots and weapon to match. 6/10

My new set finally updated in the armory. Thinking of a traditional hammer to go with it.
7/10 Abwat, Looks well thought out, just not my style.
I would rate mine a 8/10 just because it took along time to get.
@ Cloud, 10/10 very dark paladin. I never really cared for the helm and shoulders of that set, you did well.

@ Rethero, I don't rate those that rate themselves. Cheers :)
@ Pallyofkillz

05/31/2014 02:06 PMPosted by Pallyofkillz
I cannot transmog since I'm only 64

I could TM several levels ago

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