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The irony of this is what exactly am I gonna say about your look that I wouldn't then have to say about my own? Nevertheless, I'll try to be impartial :)

Love the weapon to go with the "dragon knight" motif. I always loved that sword anyway.
Your tabard is perfect fit. Love it.
Props for not having another effing plate-kini.


I've always found those shoulders to be a bit underwhelming. For being part of the "colossal dragonplate set" they're kinda small. I think it's a sizing issue for me personally but either way I'm not a giant fan of them.

Overall: 9/10.
Really like my latest but can't see 80% of it due to the current pose. =\
Jirek: 7/10. I'd score higher but I'm just not a fan of the fire dragon xmogs. Too warrior for my taste. Great color matching though.

Ysra: 8/10. I like your color matching as well, nicely done and original too! Kinda makes me think of a Paladin that is starting to go dark. The Ebon Blade tabard also reinforced that thought as well... lol.
Err... a rogue sneak to pally's palace! Kill da rogue!!!

Anw I give u 5/10 for ur xmog
lagolas: boots and the axe seem to be for color scheme but other than I like it 7/10
7/10, I think the wrathful gladiator's pieces are overused, personally.
nice id give you 9/10 super purple goes good on your toon
minus the weapon awesome mog
8/10 @Valanos. I can appreciate the attempt, and I've done a few like that myself, but I've always felt that with Paladin gear, when it has a gem in it, that the remaining pieces should also have some kind of gem associated with it, or at least have the same gem color as an accent. The weapon could probably have a better match to the gear as well.
@Cadmus: 9/10. There's absolutely nothing that doesn't work within the set. This just happens to be a subjective analysis of the gear, and in my opinion the colors are too muted. Otherwise, it looks great and matches great as well :D
7/10 for original mog
7/10 for the blending of the original mog
5/10 for the over-all-look of the mog

end score:

@Dhargrim, 8/10. Goes well with your name too imo.
8/10...I totally dig this! You look like a brutal man-tank. I say grind some dailies and get the Argent Tournament crusader tabard; it's a more detailed version of what you're rocking now. You have a cool and original look. The tabard makes me remember you're a pally, too.
8/10, Baram.

Always been a fan of T4 but never the helmet, so I love seeing different helmet choices. Personally went with the Exalted Argent Tournament helmet back in the day, but I like the intricacy of that one. The sword just rubs me the wrong way though. It doesn't really look like a weapon, so much as a prop.

The armor is a bit brown compared to the green in your shoulders, which are too green to pass with the rest. If you're looking for something to match those, I reccomend the savage saronite set. Lightsworn battlegear aside.
9/10 Good match on the weapon, still not a fan of that helm.
6/10. Matches well, but.. not fitting of the Paladin class, I find. Makes me think of a warrior.

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