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9/10. gold and red. I dig it!


I like the color choice, though my only criticism is that the gems in the shoulders & helm would match the other gear pieces, if possible
Soozadin 8/10
Shield doesn't really match the gold look.
9.5/10 Bionix. Very nice set. I don't really like the sword, but it goes well with the set.

Major points for originality, I like the use of very dark shades in the shoulders and the tabard fits well. Weapon is a little bit of a clash but interesting.

8/10 weapon doesn't match too much, not does the tabard. But a good set, I like this version better than the blue one.

I'm trying out a new dragon paladin mog. Still need to get a couple of pieces though.
Awesome set, love Quel'delar but the pants and shoes look a little too dark compared to the chest and shoulders
Hi. ;)

Love the set, especially the blade. Had that blade before I faction changed, so it holds a place in my heart. Helps that I also like the vengeful set.



It all fits pretty well. Not too big of a fan of T7, but it still looks great in my opinion.

Astaeri 9/10. Most of the set works great especially with the draenei skin color but you need to change the boots.
9/10 Bionix. While I'm not a huge fan of the Firelands helm, this set you've put together works very nicely. Everything goes.

I just threw this one together tonight. Trying to think of a new weapon to use.
@ Bionix 9/10 great matching with the weapons, fiery/demonic feel sort of diablo-ish good job.

@Ripley 8.5/10 excellent use of what in my opinion is poorer looking armor on their own but you've made it look great as a set. Looks like a great deal of thought went into it. An awesome original transmog.
8/10 a good evil version of pally..
@Frosch you sir look classic i give it a 10/10

I'm trying to get the Moroes boots they just won't drop :(

Looking good Jeb. Good luck on the boots drop. =^)
AHHH!!! My ex-wife!!! Oh wait...

9.5/10 for best use of that helm. I'd rather see a different weapon, but you have a truly unique set going, and a low cut top, so that got you extra points.

I like how the sword matches the rest of your armor.
@Jenlazera 8.5/10 Solid set have you considered using the fel iron greatsword?
@Jenlazera 8.5/10 Solid set have you considered using the fel iron greatsword?

Didn't even know teal judgement was a thing
Love that set except for the helmet. I think it floats a little too high on male Belfs

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