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9/10, great work on the Sunwell Knight armor, I'm just not a fan of that sword with that armor. The Twinblade of the Phoenix almost makes more sense with that set. Or an axe if you can find a decent one.
As far as the actual matching of the set goes, I like it. I just have a problem with how off it looks that you just have random skin showing on your arms. I also feel the cloak could be better.

i like that guys ^
@ Chiri

You don't actually have a transmog on to rate.

edit - I take it back you mogged your cloak to something that doesn't match your pvp gear at all so 0/10 on that.
8/10 Rhad

Just not sure about the sword, seems too orange. I'm surprised some of those pieces go together as well as they do. Very nice. Awesome choice on the hair style and color. =^)

I'm posting again because I have this holy pvp set scheme I'm interested in getting some feedback on. PLEASE NOTE: the axe i'm using doesn't show for didly in the armory pic. Here's what it actually looks like: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/29165

I'd still like to replace it with that Klaxxi archaeology axe. But fire with fire works tho... right?
Nice twist on the T12 there. :) 9/10
@jeanne 9/10 I'd like to see the helmet with that set too... It goes well together...
I'm always changing my moggs...does this helmet look goofy on me?
While a lot of pieces are a bit off, I think it all goes really well together. Definitely like the set.


As far as the helmet goes, it's one of the only helmets that I really like on tauren. Don't think it looks very goofy at all.
Trying out a new tank mog after getting a drop

@ Shiralia: 9/10 I like the it, one off for the helm being a bit random.
Interesting. It is new or at least not over used. And it matches. Ill give it a 10/10

Mine is kinda overdone, with the T6. Because our T6 boots dont match the set anymore (it matches the Sunwell set), I found the new crafted 458 pvp SHOES matched quite nicely.
6/10, very mediorce and general set imo :D, would give you a 7 if your legs didnt look so skinny :(
Hrmm.. a lot of different shades of reds in there. I'll give it a 7.5/10
not bad, like the shield and shoulders but think you can get a better main hand. 7.5
10/10 Alucion
Amazing set. Weapon is a little small but it's still good.
@Bionix - 8.5/10

The armor looks great, and while Quel'Dalar is a beautiful weapon, it just clashes a little with the color palette of the armor xmog.
<--- has best paladin Transmog.
sakurachan 5/10 not enough asians in you..
I like the basic Footman look but the sword stands out too much for it.

As for mine, this helm is what i wear when im not doing anything, its disabled when i put a plate helm on.
9/10, I like that, very cohesive and the tabard really helps to bring it together.
I never do these, but I'm feeling saucy today...let me have it...

@Nobleshield: Good color coordination in accessories; only thing out of place is the red cloak with the blue secondary color. 9/10

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