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@Alysandir - 10/10

While I'm not a huge fan of that particular set, you have really pulled it into a very cohesive and strong appearance... The sword and board combo really ties the tabard into the look, and it brings everything together very strongly. Bravo!

Very cool set for a Draenai, and the tabard matches really well. 10/10 *I poboly would only give you a 7 if you were any other race wearing that set.*

I love the Stormwind Guard look. 8/10. Would be 10/10 if that sword matched the gear better. Great job!

The crown caps it off. 8/10
Well your character is covering herself like shes naked, but I know what the set looks like. Its a set im thinking about getting.

The helm is a bit off to me though

I like the way the grey, plate of the helm matches the grey of the pauldrons, cuirass, etc. I use a belt to help match the set - unfortunately the shield detracts from any cohesion.

Digging your set, though. The hood adds flair and character - 9/10
6/10 Color is okay, would say you need a new helm.
6.5, boots don't really match the set and I'm not the biggest fan of the colours... sowwy :(
@Gerardbutter - 6/10

The look is somewhat all over the place, the shoulders are a little too loud for the tabard, the gauntlets are a little too dark for the rest, I like that the tabard ties into the skin color, and there is potential, but it's just too scattered, at the moment.

(This is my Tank set, the DPS set is my preferred look, had it in here at the top of this page.)
long time no see :)

7.5/10 not a fan of lowkey transmogs myself, I like it loud and in your face
10/10 that looks epic on a cow
6/10, too simple for me, and the Axe looks... not so great, but you got a nice color scheme
At first the helm look out of place, but it's pretty close to accent color on armor - well done! Sword's green clashes a bit, though.

Stylish choice in armor the hateful/deadly paladin model is great, I would recommend the boots off the WG vendors or running 10M Vault for the offset, and your chest needs to be swapped out. Other then that it's a good start.
8/10, the sword and shield match perfectly with that set, as well as the tabard gives a nice presence to it. The boots could match better, and I am thoroughly apposed to that helm. heh I would like to see a better matching cloak as well.
I love your set 10/10, Very well put together and not a cookie cutter set... like mine.

I know my boots are off. NO luck in the drop yet for them. I also don't see this set very often around hence why i like it.
like you already said, very cookie cutter and kinda blah =( good luck getting boots though!

I do love a nice dark Paladin. I don't think priests should be the only ones allowed that interesting duplicity.

Edit: Wish I could change my pose so my outfit could actually be seen...
@Avvo 9/10
You look like you have killed many dragons in your day
never been a fan of massive helmets but the rest goes together pretty well. Bonus points for cleavage.

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