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Roan 9/10 ! wow thats one of the best paladin transmog i've ever seen !
6/10 the concept is good, but the colors don't match up very well. Especially with the competing greens and blues with the silver and gold that takes the most focus from your helm and shoulders. The legs and boots don't match up too well with it either, mainly because of their colors.
8.5/10, don't like the eyepatch for some reason, but the rest is sweet ;)
8/10 Change the sword.
I like the irony. 7/10

I didn't count the sword. It's too off putting to include.
8/10 for cheating with cloth =P
8/10 Everything matches and I like that you're going for a more dkish look, it makes a nice change.
8/10. Nice job. The sword doesn't match though. Find one to match the blue of the shield and you are good to go
9/10 Great sword for that set, and good job collecting all of the pieces. Cloak doesn't really work though, and the set is kinda cookie-cutter.

In my holy set for now.
nice clean transmog, well put together 8/10
@Tarski you look like a raid boss. epic. 10/10

@Healgazm. Always been a fan of that set 8/10

I kinda like the bogus alien look with my current armour. pvp set looks alot better however which I cant change atm at work :(
@ Vnath

7/10 your weapon and tabard feel out of place.
8.5/10. Would a 9 if you can find a matched helm!

I'm not a fan of the helm, but it looks good on a Draenei.

As for mine I'm still working on it. Looking for a good helm and a matching weapon. This axe looks better in-game than in does in the Armory. Glows white with a hint of purple.
9/10, love how the tabard matches.
Nice set the tushui tabard gives it a nice clean look, 8.5/10

Bestowing negative points because you're transmorging away from Tryannical on a Horde. That's just blasphemy! That set is gorrrrrrgeous!

7.5 otherwise. I bet the shield's breath goes great with the sword. But boots aren't so great, there are better, and no cloak. Booo!

Alright STOP! Bikini Time!
I am no fan of the plate kinis. But I cant let personal tastes stand in the way of your creativity.

It looks damn good. A real head turner. Even matches. I feel like you are heavens dominatrix.

you looks bad !@#. looks strong and creative. 9.5/10
Eldry, this is one of the better Firelands mixes I've seen. I still don't like the weird face in the hood though.


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