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I was running ToT earlier and randomly I ended up getting this message from "Blizzard" but they were talking about some random stuff regarding that I needed to like "Prove" that I am who I am on this one website which wasnt in any way what sounded like a Blizzard website.

I mean, the website ended in .tk ... It didn't sound like a real professional website and doesn't Blizz always say that they'll never ask for your information or something like that?

I sent a ticket to Blizzard just in case. I mean, I don't mind showing some ID and such, but... did someone try to do something via my account? I mean I have an authenticator for those reasons as my account has been hacked before but fixed. And it's not like I do anything weird. It's the same stuff I always do. So I'm a little confused and worried that either someone was trying to get into my account or that someone was trying to trick me into giving out my personal information.

Has anyone else dealt with this before?
You'll know when Blizzard is actually contacting you in game, because it will be very obvious, separate window, their text will be blue etc...

When you get tells like the one you received the best thing to do would be to right click the name of the character and report>spamming

Scammers often do this in hopes that people will visit the website they linked and enter their information. As long as you did no such thing you're absolutely fine. It's just a phishing scheme.
A Blizzard employee will always have a the Blizz tag in their name, there is a support site on how to tell the difference between an employee, and a phish scam.


Right click on the name in chat, and report it as spam.
Right click those and report them for Spam. They're a very old attempt at trying to get you to visit a malicious website.

Those are definitely fake whispers and are NOT from Blizzard.

I hope you didn't even attempt to visit the site, but if you did, you'll want to run a full gambit of anti-malware and anti-virus software.

If you didn't, you have nothing to worry about. They haven't done anything to your account. They just want you to think that they did. If Blizzard want's to ban someone, they do it and then force them after the ban to prove they are the owner.
Before I Report > Spam, I usually whisper them back with things like "Free Tibet!", and "Taiwan will be independent forever!", hopefully that will make them sweat a little lol

Yeah, report spam, don't go to the site at all, go on with the World... of Warcraft!
Umm Foul...this isn't really the place to post that sort of comment...none of the wow-forums are really a place for that.

I'm sure you found it amusing, but it violates the forum Code of Conduct the same as sending phishing messages in-game does.

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