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Most of you have probably already figured out this pet isn't very easy to find. Thankfully, there's been a huge amount of collaboration within this community as you've shared your experiences and successes.

For those of you who haven't found the Unborn Val'kyr, definitely check out's page for information about where you can find one. And for those of you who have one, tell us about your Pet Battles experiences with her!
Love my little Slant (Valks nickname)

Use it for Beasts of Fable and run it with ghostly skull, sporeling sprout for some pretty fun pvp battles
I love this pet so much I had to go out and get three. <3
I named mine Agatha, in loving memory. Long live the Banshee Queen.
While everyone was camping Icecrown and Storms Peaks on the day of the patch, I decided to fly around Northrend to see if it spawned in the other zones.

I'm in Howling Fjord flying around and suddenly my NPC_scan goes off. There she was, in the northeast part of the zone just south west of Baleheim.

Wowhead's info was still sketchy, mainly filled just Icecrown, Storm Peaks and Zul'Drak spawn points. I posted the Howling Fjord spawn along with a screenshot and server info hoping to help more people get their Valks. A while later, my post had a bunch of replies saying they got theirs thanks to my post. People even made level 1 alts thanking me because I helped them get their Valk.
I named mine Weeping Angel. Don't turn around, don't look away and don't blink!
Still searching for my elusive Valk! I dont care about quality or breed, if you find one and wouldnt mind spreading the love :D, hit me up! John#2780
Pet Tracker was great for the spawn points, wish I had multiples to get thru Fables faster
A favorite of mine, been using it since the day I got it.
Love this pet too...wish I could find a guild that was for pet hoarders like me to exchange information and help each other .
I got mine without even planning to look for her! Just lazily flying around Northrend on an alt, and lo and behold. There she was, in Zul'drak. Didn't even give me a hassle to catch! A quick stone upgrade and a few levels later, she's the PERFECT little companion for my shadow priest with Glyph of Shadowy Friends!

Now, my sister had a different encounter with her. She was actively searching for one, but no luck, until! One showed up. She yelled "there she is!" so I ran to watch. This was a heart pounding battle. Her pets were a bit overlevelled, so there was a risk of smacking her too hard. And then, when she was in the low %, the box just kept missing! I believe it was 3 rounds of boxing failures. And then, BOOM! Unholy Ascension. PERMADEAD. Knowing that unlike other battle pets, she does not respawn if you forfeit a battle, my sister left the area heartbroken. Never getting a Val'kyr, it seemed...
...until, 10 minutes later, she found another one! Yep. Two Val'kyr in 10 minutes. Pretty lucky! This time, the boxes didn't miss that hard, and she was caged carefully away until the other creatures were dealt with under the poundings of Personal World Destroyer.

As a battle pet, I love using her last resort suicide move on the round she's "undead" after dying. It feels like cheating to get a pretty nasty debuff on your enemies when she's supposed to be dead!
When I battle other players using her, my favorite counter is Peddlefeet. With his arrows of pure love, he uses the strongest emotions of the living to counter her dark necromantic powers. His stun is really nice to stop her in her tracks if she tries to sacrifice herself during her last round in this world!

Her description mentions that she is "unborn" because she has not vanquished a creature of great nobility yet. I hope that through our travels together, one day she will fulfill her destiny by helping me defeat an enemy of great importance, and become a "born" one, all grown up and proud. Of course, that will be a a time of sad farewells, as she'll move on to bigger and more important things. Still, I hope she does not go to work for either the remnants of the scourge, nor for the Forsaken! I would rather use Exorcism on her if she ever tried that!
Had to name mine Xena, idk how many times she died in that show but it just seemed to fit.
I went with naming mine Valhalla, seemed fitting.
I went with naming mine Valhalla, seemed fitting.

Same here!
Really cool pet, strong in pvp, and resurrects critters which is super neat.
Pet Battles ruined Pet Collecting.
Am I really the only person who took the opportunity to name their pet "Val Kilmer"?

Also, slightly broken vs. Beasts of Fable... but you won't see me complaining about that.
Are you guys ever going to fix the bug that causes it's name to hover way above the pet?
I love the Val'Kyr. Awesome looking pet, cool idle animation (resurrects critters), great sounds and extremely useful on the beasts of fable daily's.

I have 2 x H/H and 1 x B/B Named Cruelty, Malice and Suffering.
I finally found and caught one of these elusive buggers for the first time a few days ago after searching for quite a while. She was only a common, but since she had the h/h breed that I wanted I immediately upgraded her to a rare with the flawless battle-stone from the longest day achievement that I'd been sitting on. XD

Been playing with her for a a day or so now and I absolutely love the unborn val'kyr! Haunt is probably one of my favorite spells for pve if you have a stall strat set up for it so she doesn't die with the enemy pet. The emerald proto-whelp works great for this combo since it can just shield and sleep for 3 turns while the dot ticks without taking any damage due to emerald dream's massive heal.

Also, although I don't think it really needs to be said if you've ever fought against a player with a val'kyr, unholy ascension wins pvp battles(although this ability is not specific to the val'kyr like haunt). Send her out, doom and do as much damage as possible with one of her primaries, then UA when your undead passive kicks in and most of the time your remaining pets will completely steamroll over the rest of the debuffed enemy team.

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