540 Holy Pally LF Guild

Guild Recruitment
Current Experience 12/12 Normal 3/13 due to guild being fail. Have Legendary Gem and Cloak
*Classes I Play
Main - 540 Holy Pally w/ 525 Ret OS and 520 Prot OS
Alt - 505 Resto druid
Alt - 485 Mistweaver Monk
Alt- 480 Resto Shaman

I hold myself to a higher standard, constantly seeking to outperform others and be the best I can while keeping myself updated on all classes I play. I have been a long time player, since Vanilla, and I've been raiding since the start of Wrath and healing since ICC.

Currently I am seeking a guild that's looking to push into SoO and the next expansion with force. I want to see heroic bosses dead and as little focus on normal mode progression as possible. I am sick of having to kill normal bosses that I can kill in my sleep.

For those that will require them, I have WoL as I run them myself every raid. I bring my own flasks, pots, and if necessary I can provide my own stat food.

As I mentioned I hold myself to a high standard, I expect the same out of the people I raid with, I don't want to be a part of a guild full of slackers, I'm trying to elude that as is. Also just as an after note, I do have Officer and Guild Leading experience as I have been an officer and founder of my current guild.
Fluff and Blood on Burning Blade (PVP) is looking for a high parsing rogue and mage or holy pally for core 10m position. Below are the basics please contact us for more information. This is a full time raid position for pushing hard into Siege of Orgrimmar 530+ilvl will be required, as well as viable leveled professions for min/maxing your toon.

Our goal is to finish 5.3 strong and to push even harder and rank higher for 5.4. In the short time this guild has been around on Burning Blade (2 years) we have ranked higher than the tier before. We have built a strong guild and plan on continuing to grow and push our members to be better each time we play.

Raid days and times:
Fri/Sat - 8pm - 12am EST
Sun/Mon - 7pm - 10pm EST

Currently 11/13HM

[H] 25m
Progression: 11/13 H T15, 6/6 6/6 4/4 H T14
Server: Gorefiend
About us: Vex was formed in early BC. Notable accomplishments include Server first H Madness, H Grand Empress, H Sha of fear
Raid Times: Mon, Tues, and Wed. 730pm EST to 1130pm EST

Currently recruiting:
Death Knight [DPS]
Disc Priest [1]
Boomkin [1]
Warlocks [2]
Mage [1]
Resto Druid [1]
Mistweaver [1]
Shadow Priest [1]
Holy Paladin [1]

We accept applications from any skilled player regardless of the classes listed! If you think you'd be a great addition to our team and wish to set up an interview or just generally ask questions, don't be afraid to add us to your Btag or find us ingame.

GM Btag: Miu#1977
Btag: Illwrath#1891
Officer Btag: Battlecawk#1684

GM: Maheala
Ingame: Throwthydots
Officer: Handjabs, Cutebunnyirl, Perkynips

Skype: consnafrath or carrotyface

Website: vexgorefiend.enjin.com

Or speak to any of the readily available members, simply /who Vex while on Horde side Gorefiend and message anyone on the list for an officer.
Rubber Ducky Society 10/13H is recruiting a Holy Pally for a core spot.

Raid Times 1030-130 EST- T/W/TH

If interested add Snipehealz#1234
We are currently in high need of a holy pally, progressing on heroic Dark Animus.

<Black Cell Faction>

25m Horde Guild on Crushridge -- Established in February of 2005, under the same leadership.

Our WoL: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/185111/

Wowprogress Link:


Schedule: Server time - LA Data Center

Tuesday: 5pm - 9pm PST (8-12 EST)
Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm PST
Thursday: 5pm - 9pm PST

We do not go beyond these hours ever unless there's a unanimous decision for 1 more pull.

T15: 25 ToT: 10/12 H
T14: 25 MV: 5/6H HoF: 3/6H ToES: 4/4
T13: 25 DS: 8/8H (2/8 Pre-buff)
T12: 25 FL: 6/7H - 2/7H Pre Nerfs
T11: 25 BWD: 5/6H BoT: 2/4H ToFW: 1/2H


High: Looking at all who are interested.
Medium: A bit more stingy specifications, ie. gear/experience level almost the same as ours.
Low: Looking for someone on an even keel with us.

Death Knight: Low
Druid: DPS Feral High
Hunter: Low
Mage: Low
Monk: Low
Paladin: Holy High
Priest: Low
Rogue: Low
Shaman: Resto High
Warlock: Low
Warrior: DPS High

While we're looking for specifically these classes, good, solid players are encouraged to speak to me directly, or apply on our website listed below.

Most importantly I'd prefer an applicant to have these 4 things:
1. A stable internet connection and computer.
2. Updated giant blaring noise mod whether it be BigWigs or DBM.
3. Consumables: Potions, Flasks, Food
4. Being able to acknowledge mistakes and learning from them.

*Microphone for Ventrilo is also a positive*

If this sounds like your kind of thing, contact an officer listed below and apply at http://blackcellfaction.guildlaunch.com/

If you're looking to contact an officer on Crushridge, people to contact would be:


Nightkingbc / Freshdead / Wrinkles / Duwork / Woodyhoss
Hey Dann,

Immortality is currently looking to recruit a few more members to our 25m team for the start of 5.4 and you look like you'd be a good fit. Our raid schedule is 8-12 EST (7-11pm CST) Mon-Thurs but we are currently discussing dropping to 3 nights a week.

<Immortality> is a 25man Alliance raiding guild on US- Skullcrusher since November 23, 2004. We were the first guild in the world to assemble Thunderfury and down Doom Lord Kazzak. Since then we've progressed through each tier but are definitely less hardcore than our original vanilla days. We ended up 10/13 in ToT and are now taking a break to rest up and enjoy the end of summer before 5.4 lands.

Feel free to join us at http://immortality-sc.enjin.com/ or catch one of us in game to chat.

Hey there, we're a new team that has goals similar to what you describe. We're just trying to finish off the last 3 pieces to our 12-man roster, and an HPally is one of them! (We have both tank spots taken care of.)

Besides myself and co-gm, we're mostly returning players with strong past experience. We've gotten 9/9 gold with our very first group of players in a 4.5 raid night-period. We did ToT-N this week with all ~500 ilvl toons, and got 11/12 in 3 nights again with people who hadn't seen it on normal mode yet - going to finish off LS on Monday. I can just tell with this group, we're going to clear Siege very, very fast.

More below! I'm online now if you'd like to chat.



Reckless Abandon is a new 10M Semi-HC raiding guild on US-Kel'Thuzad with a leadership core that has W-500 experience. We are presently finishing off the final spots on our roster and will begin raiding the week of 8/20. The players we have brought in thus far have been trialing in Gold Challenge Dungeons, and have played well there.

Tues-Thurs 9pm - 1230 am server (8pm - 1130 pm pst) w/ Monday as a cleanup day during progression

We plan on keeping a tight roster, and will never recruit for the bench. Our goal is to be pushing for heroic clears by our second full tier together. We will keep an enjoyable and laid-back atmosphere, but will bring accountability and ensure everyone is pulling their weight to justify their roster spot.

If interested, please visit us at http://recklessabandon.guildlaunch.com/. If you have any questions, add an officer at Gruuv#1705 or Measurange#1361.
I am going to spare you the guild spam. :) I would much rather chat in mumble.

Hello! <Shattered Oath> (US Emerald Dream) is a long-time high-end 10M raiding guild that is seeking a healer. We are currently 11/13 H and have high hopes for SoO and beyond. We raid T/W/Tr/Sun from 7:30-10:30 CST. If you're interested or have questions, add Zython#1341 to Btag, and we can chat.

sun mon and tues, 9/13 heroic 25 man team looking for a h pally for immediate spot.

add me on gucci#1524
Hey Dan, we're in dire need of a Ret/Holy Pally such as yourself, and able to give you a full time permanent raid spot for every and all progression boss fights. You seem like a very competitive person, so I'm not sure what type of raid environment you prefer as far as how intense the atmosphere is while doing encounters. I can assure you we offer the most relaxed raid environment with minimal rage, and a close knit group of people. There is rarely a dull moment in vent. If you've watched many youtube videos of different guilds killing different bosses, you'll notice how intense and serious they make even the most easiest bosses sound by the way they communicate with each other. Our style is the complete opposite, we tread lightly, have fun, play well, and in the end get things done. The guild is stable as a whole, raiding since BC, doing hard modes since ICC. We offer outstanding raid leadership, and competitive players to test yourself against.

With a late start in heroic progress we are 5/13h 10 man ToT, with 8/13 experience. We have made alterations to our progression group, leaving only 1 more spot to be filled. You. Our group at the moment is looking as strong as ever, and would love to make it that much better by having you. No application necessary, no logs necessary. Help us go ham in 5.4's SoO. If you're interested add me on realid. moonie#1817

<Reloaded> Alliance
Kel' Thuzad
Tues-Thurs 9-12EST
Occasional Monday cleanup when everyone can make it.


We've completed 13/13H-25 Throne.

Our raids are Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun 7:30pm-11pm EST.

I've been with the guild since 2002 in Everquest, and have known the then-founding officers since 1994 on a text mud. I'm one of the few people still around from our #1 world Ragnaros kill in vanilla.

You can contact me in game, I would be online as Kresge/Glayde/Imax/Moomins.
My RealID is Glayde#1541

Some of us also idle in IRC which can be reached at http://chat.stratics.com/sponsoredchat.html

Once you connect if you use the java client, you need to type: /join #ascent
This will enter you into our channel.

If you're familiar with IRC (IRC has been a mainstay for us since the EQ days) we're at #ascent on the stratics network : irc.stratics.com 7000

Fun fact: my authenticator ran through the washing machine and it worked fine until I lost it!
(edit to fact: I just did it again this week march 7th, it still works fine!)
(new edit: lost it now, but im sure it still works wherever it is!)
Hey Dann,

If you're interested Seriously Casual (13/13H 25 on Sargeras Alliance) is looking to add another solid holy paladin to our team. We raid M-TH from 8PM-Midnight. If you're interested you can check out seriouslycasual.org or contact myself (Erase#1990) or Ashex (Ashex#1540).

Good luck!
Hey Dann,

Idk if you have found a new home yet, but if you are still on the hunt.. check out my guild <Fire is a Haste Buff>.. we're a mature, friendly, and very tightly-knit group that runs progression focused late night 10-man raids.. one of our raid teams - Team GK - is currently 3/13H.. we run late night wed/thurs (11:45pm-2:45am EST) and sun (12:30am-2:45am EST).. the team is comprised of competent and experienced raiders that like to have fun in a casual but progression focused atmosphere.. we are currently looking for a capable pally or druid healer to round out our roster.. you sound like you'd be a great fit.. we are looking to finish this tier strong and push hard in T16 and we'd love to have you with us.. so pls take a look at our recruitment thread below, and if you're interested hit us up in game, thru RealID, email us at fireisahastebuff@gmail.com, or visit our website at fireisahastebuff.com.. we'd love to talk to you! cheers!

Hey Ðann,

Mustachioed Mayhem is a semi hardcore 10m on Kilrogg, looking for a healer to beat our current trial. 4/13 this tier, but like you previous group, we arent happy with that, and know we can push for more and be competitive. We are actively recruiting better and more punctual raiders to reflect this. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 PST.

Most of our roster consists of long time heroic/hardmode raiders, we think we can offer you the progression you seek. Don't want to give you a wall of text, but we are really interested in talking with you, and mM is the right fit for you.

<Riot> of Sargeras is currently 10/13H and looking to add a strong Holy Paladin to our 25M Heroic Progression roster. We raid Wednesday/ Thursday/ Sunday. If this would fit your availability, you can visit our website at http://iloveriot.com for more info and our app (as well as videos of past kills if you're interested in seeing our raid environment). You can also contact any officer on Sargeras Alliance- Trevanian, Warmlettuce, Zpriten, Miasma, Aryielle, Tellara, Rabid, or Mikel with questions.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hey dan hit me up, Vampeal#1817
Guild Info:
Last Chapter - Semi Hardcore
loot council
tuesday, thursday and sunday 8:00 to 11:15pm est
server: Zuluhed PvP (new york server cluster)
website: www.lastchapterguild.com

Looking For:
2 healers
4 ranged dps
1-2 tanks
2-3 melee dps

We are looking for better progression in 5.4 so raid spots are potentially open if people in our current roster can be outperformed. If you feel you can learn and perform mechanics, look up fights beforehand, maintain a positive attitude and stay focused for the 9 hours that we raid each week, please feel free to app or add Kamari#1205 and deslock#1271 for further information.

We also have a 10m that started recently that isn't as serious as the 25m but still expects it to get into heroic content. The 10m consists of alts of main raiders and some others who don't make it into the 25m. We are looking for all roles to fill out the 10m as well. The 10m has been going on Wednesdays and Saturdays 8 to 11:15pm est.


If you're looking for fun raiding on a small time sched. KSP's 2nd run may be for you! We're currently 5/13H even though we started late into the patch. We only raid Friday and Saturday 10m-2am EST. If you'd like to chat, my bent is Innocence#1262


About Us:

Bacon Pancakes is a Semi-Hardcore 10-man progression group from the guild <Icon> on Proudmoore. Our goal is to stay “ahead of the curve” while we push into relevant Heroic content, and to have fun while doing so.

Current Progress 12/12N - 5/13H

Schedule: Pacific
Thursday 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Current Recruitment Needs;

We're looking for an exceptional resto druid/resto shaman with experience in heroic Throne of Thunder, to join us as a core member of our 10 man raid group; this spot will be carrying over into SoO. While we would prefer a druid or shaman, if you feel you are an exceptional healer then do not hesitate to contact us, as we are always looking for skilled players!
If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about raiding, the best way to contact us, is using in game methods, such as battle-tags, or dropping us a mail!

Richard (Gradius#1540)
Chlöë (Chloë#1405)
Impetus (Impetus#1790)

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